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Second Cup made its way to the Capital’s F11 with a bang at a Red carpet launch hosted by Natty and handled by Islamabad’s most famous PR Guru Rezz Aly Shah of Rezz PR and Events . Located in the very buzzing coffee shops and restaurants lane in the trendy belt of F11 Market area, it’s a great addition for the coffee lovers. 

Second Cup started in specialty coffee retailing in Toronto, Canada in 1975 and since then has grown our offerings to better serve our Second Cup café guests. Over the past 35 years, Second Cup has expanded globally to over 400 cafés in 16 countries.

“Each cafe is uniquely designed to create a warm, inviting feeling in a contemporary setting that maximizes traffic flow and function, and complements the local culture. Our disciplined design and concept allow for modest customization to reflect the local culture and tastes of the host community that it serves. For our guests, the utmost in comfort and service underscore the Second Cup experience. “ said Mr. Asim A. Majeed Second Cup MD Pakistan

Our Vision is to be recognized and rewarded as a leading global Premium Café Brand. Our mission is to be the best café / coffee business as measured by customer preference, growth in units and regions. Said Owners of F 11 Branch Shazia Khurram and Mahvash Ghous
“At the very core of Second Cup’s success lies the passion for all we do and all we offer to our customers…and starts with the highest quality coffee beans you can buy. Most of the coffee beans we use for our coffees or sell to our customers are exclusive to Second Cup. We search the world looking for the best of the best…from the lush mountains of Costa Rica and Colombia, to the distant lands of Central Africa, to the exotic and enchanting island of Sumatra. Our exclusive coffee supply agreements link us to the finest estate coffee growers in these, the best coffee growing regions of the world. A continuing commitment to product development has kept Second Cup relevant and a great investment opportunity. In addition to cafés, our product line has also grown from simple whole bean coffee to premium coffees, specialty beverages, frozen yogurt, foods and merchandise items” . Said Owners of F 11 Branch Shazia Khurram and Mahvash Ghous


Thursday, May 26, 2016

~Cornetto Pop Rock Season 1 Islamabad Concert~


Islamabad, May 22: BB Events & PR & Empact Activations hosted the grand and majestic Finale of the national series of concerts for #CornettoPopRock. Still to come, are six music videos that will ignite the fans of Pop and Rock all over the world. The Finale concert hosted over 5,000 students from all over Islamabad who witnessed history in the making. The star-studded line up kept the audience roaring for 3.5 hours at a stretch. Anoushey Ashraf started of the show with the Islamabad auditions winner, Sami Qureshi (from AIR University), followed by rocking performances by Zoe Viccaji, Umair Jaswal , Noori and Ali Azmat. If that’s not enough, #CornettoPopRock showcased a one-of-a-kind light show that has only been witnessed in international concerts aboard. The biggest surprise of this star studded night was, the very popular Quratulain Baloch joining Noori on stage to unveil their QB’s solo track for #CorenttoPopRock. And that’s not all, #CornettoPopRock showcased 4 brand new tracks at this concert. Two solos by Noori, and Ali Azmat and two duets of ‘Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji’ & ‘Ali Azmat and Noori’. Never has Islamabad witnessed so much energy, enthusiasm and excitement! Visit us at for update information on the auditions, concerts and music videos.

#CornettoPopRock is a series of concerts that will take place once a year in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad specifically for university students. This year the concerts were held on:
* Karachi – 15st April 2016
* Lahore – 06th May 2016
* Islamabad – 21st May 2016

The concept behind this platform is to revive the pop & rock culture among the youth. The 2016 line up of performers includes maestros of the music fraternity such as Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori, Umair Jaswal, Quratulain Baloch & Zoe Viccaji. There will also be two specular wild card performances by Q from JoSh and the Pakistani superstar Ali Zafar.

The daring playfulness of Cornetto provides the young adults of Pakistan a much-needed platform to express their feelings and passions. Music is a form of art that gives expression to what cannot be put into words, as well as what cannot remain silent. Cornetto has been associated with promoting young local talent since 2008 when it partnered with leading bands to release songs, followed by Cornetto Music Icons and very recently, the much celebrated film Karachi Se Lahore.

Given the brand’s historic association with the music scenario in Pakistan, it is proud to announce Cornetto Pop Rock for the youth of the country, a platform dedicated to reviving music in Pakistan, armored with an ensemble cast of artistes unlike any other. Towards this end, university students who are also music enthusiasts looking for their big break will be taken under the mentorship of renowned music icons of the country and will be provided a chance to not only learn from them but also play with them.

#cornettopoprock is set to release 6 Music Videos in May/June/July 2016 which includes three duets and three singles by Pakistan’s biggest pop and rock idols. The duets include, for the first time ever the two rock legends Ali Azmat and Noori, the first international collaboration of Q from JoSh and Komal Rizvi, and the much-awaited Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji. The singles will include songs by Ali Azmat, Noori and Quratulain Baloch. The six music videos are conceptualized by Empact Activations and BB Events & PR and will be directed by the one and only Amaan Ahmed from Uncut Studios.

#Cornettopoprock will not only be showcasing the POP-ROCK culture through its music talent but also styling by Pakistan’s most renowned designers. The panel of designers includes Nomi Ansari, Deepak Perwani, Munib Nawaz, and Aamna Aqueel, with make up by celebrity stylist Beenish Pervaiz in Karachi and Juju from Tony n Guy in Lahore.

#Cornettopoprock opened its doors to university bands by providing them a larger then life opportunity to open shows in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Auditions for the bands were held in three cities; only to choose the most deserving talent to open the #cornettopoprock concerts. These university bands will be given the opportunity to share the stage with Pakistani legends and showcase their talent.

Pop Rock Generation wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the dynamic Mr Asad Malik (senior brand manager- Cornetto) who had the following to say on the occasion: “Cornetto is a brand that believes in helping youth express themselves. The most genuine form of this expression manifests itself through art forms – be it music, films, or other crafts. This year we have developed a very unique ‘pop rock’ platform which aims to rekindle the passion of music in colleges across Pakistan by combining the talents of some of the biggest musical stars of the country and giving college bands a chance to rub shoulders with them.”

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

~Review:The Body Shop Vitamin C Enegizing Face Spritz ~

Recently I shared a post with my dear readers narrating how I spent the Mother's Day at The Body Shop.Well it was an exhilarating day for me as we bloggers were gifted a 10,000 PRS voucher to spend at The Body Shop & buy our favorite products.Out of the products that I bought I have been using a couple of them since then and now I guess is the right time to review one of them i.e The Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz.

~A little introduction to the The Body Shop Vitamin C Range~
Deep in the Amazon, one of the world's most potent natural sources of vitamin C can be found: the precious camu camu berry. This tiny yet potent berry grows on the banks of the Amazon and is traditionally harvested by canoe during the rainy season. The camu camu berry has up to 60 times the vitamin C concentration of oranges.
Get Glowing!
 Hello Happy Skin!Give your skin a healthy-looking glow with a boost of moisture from our camu camu-infused Vitamin C range.
~Introduction to The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz~
Give your skin a healthy-looking glow with a boost of moisture from our camu camu-infused Vitamin C range.This portable, handbag-size spritz instantly refreshes the skin and enhances radiance.
Revives the appearance of dull-looking skin.
~My experience and Say about The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Spritz~
Since summer has stepped in recently I found myself a small spray bottle and filled it with rose water to spray on my face whenever I feel down or dull.Therefore when I came across this face spritz at The Body Shop on the Mother's Day ,I thought why not give this product a try.This product comes in a lovely tangy orange plastic bottle that has a spray nozzle and a transparent cap on top.The product is very easy to use as just have to keep at a few centimetres from face and spritz on.
This spritz has two main ingredients Glycerin and Camu Camu that provides moisture and hydration to the skin.This is an amazing product for those with dry skin but is also all type skin friendly.There are certain times in the day when you feel like your skin is not at its best.That is the time to use this product and get the boosting glow and brightness at once.It has a very citrusy scent.It at once provides the skin with moisture.Either you can use it early morning after washing your face or after your face is make up free.If the spray runs down your face lightly dab in onto your skin and let dry naturally.I usually use this product before going to the gym and or after I swim and shower so that my skin feels refreshed and bright.
This is not a toner or a make up fixing spray.Though you may spritz it after you have applied face powder to achieve the natural dewy looking skin.I have currently replaced my rose water spritz with this one.I am loving this product so far.Its a good nourishing product for the skin and can help you maintain soft and gentle skin in the longer term.
Its also very travel friendly.I dont have to worry about the bottle leaking or anything as The Body Shop always maintains quality when t comes to packaging and product design
This product comes in a 100ml bottle.
Do you guys plan to buy this refreshing Vitamin C spray?
For more details visit their Facebook page!
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Friday, May 13, 2016

~L’atelier, Pakistan’s leading multi brand store launches new flagship store in Islamabad~

slamabad, 12th May5th, 2016: L’atelier, Pakistan’s premier multi brand store launches it’s flagship store in F7, Islamabad. The new store will be located at 13-V, 3rd Floor, Bangash Plaza, Jinnah Super Market (behind PSO) in F7, Islamabad.

Sarah Raza, one of the partners of L’atelier explains the choice of location. “We want to be positioned in a central and convenient location where a lot of our clients are already shopping, while still providing them the superior retail experience people have come to expect of L’atelier. Our motto is to provide a personalised service, exhibit the highest level of professionalism and provide access to fashion suiting every budget and every occasion.”

The store indeed keeps to L’atelier’s brand ideology, with indulgent interiors and French inspired aesthetic inline with previous store launches. The collection on display is a versatile mix of fashionable ready to wear options and exquisite formals as well as accessories to complement the look.
The new flagship store stocks over 40 designers from across the country and beyond. Designers stocking at L’atelier include: Farida Hassan, Silk by Fawad Khan, Unbeatable by Shehla Rehman, Rema Lux, Rana Noman, Mehdi, Velocity by Saadia Mirza, Ramira, Fashion ComPassion, Mahin Hussain, Chapter 13, Kross Kulture, Ayesha Khadeeja, Sarah Shahid, Hamna Amir, Mahin Hussain & Sarah Raza amongst many others.
The event will also showcase the launch of The Pink Tree for the very first time in Islamabad. This Karachi based brand is the brainchild of Mohsin Sayeed, Hadia Khan and Sheena Rizvi. The collection on display ranges from hand woven tunics in cotton and muslin, woven gotas, tie-dye block prints, silk evening wear and the limited luxewear collection ‘Muslin Lust’.
The event is organized by One and Only Islamabad’s Rezz PR & Events.
About L’atelier
L’atelier (pronounced la-tell-lee-yay), is Pakistan’s premier multi-brand store. Launched in 2010, it came as a much anticipated high end fashion address to the capital’s increasingly style focussed clientele. Entrepreneurs Ahsan, Sadaf, Sarah and Zahra Raza, wanted to create an ambiance of luxury and indulgence premised on French interiors and design. L’atelier’s motto is to provide a personalised service, exhibit the highest level of professionalism and provide access to fashion suiting every budget and every occasion. Taken together their vision is to provide an altogether superior retail experience. 
L’atelier focuses on presenting women with a versatile range of trendy ready to wear options, from everyday wardrobe choices to ensembles more suited to formal occasions. To complement the clothes L’atelier also provides a selection of jewellery, shoes, bags and clutches to accessorise and complete the outfit. The boutique stocks over 40 designers from across the country and beyond. Many of these have been introduced to Islamabad for the first time. The selection includes a rich cross section of design labels ranging from the most renowned houses of fashion to coveted upcoming labels.
Designers stocking at L’atelier include: Farida Hassan, Silk by Fawad Khan, Unbeatable by Shehla Rehman, Rema Lux, Rana Noman, Mehdi, Velocity by Saadia Mirza, Ramira, Fashion ComPassion, Mahin Hussain, Chapter 13, Kross Kulture, Ayesha Khadeeja, Sarah Shahid, Hamna Amir, Mahin Hussain & Sarah Raza amongst many others.
L’atelier thus sources a diversity of design aesthetics at a range of price points starting from as little as Rs. 1,000, to deliver their brand philosophy of providing a one stop shop for every woman’s every fashion need.
Through it’s e-retail store, L’atelier has made original designer wear accessible to the international market, delivering the latest collections in 5-7 days at exactly the same prices as available within Pakistan. The online collections range from the most renowned houses of fashion to coveted upcoming labels and are buyers can also shop by category: wedding wear, party wear, casual wear and jewellery.
The multi label store also provides a space for designers to hold exclusive exhibitions and trunk shows.  Finally, in keeping with its pledge to ensure client satisfaction and superior service, L’atelier offers an efficient alteration service and free personal shopping facilities for international clients who can rely on boutique staff to source a complete wardrobe.
 The partners of L’atelier strongly believe in social responsibility and sustainable growth as an integral part of their business and have thus committed to dedicating a percentage of profits to worthy causes every year.
 L’atelier is based at 13-V, 3rd Floor, Bangash Plaza, Jinnah Super Market (behind PSO) in F7, Islamabad and the team is available to contact at +92 33 3577 5033 and

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

~Event Rundown:Mother's Day Celebrations with The Body Shop Pakistan~

Mother's Day just passed by.Mother's Day is an occasion celebrated with love in the whole wide world and the efforts and sacrifices of a mom are appreciated.This Mother's day was very special for some Pakistani beauty bloggers as The Body Shop Pakistan went one step ahead of all other beauty brands and gifted some bloggers from the major cities a 10,000 PKR voucher to shop with their moms from The Body Shop on Mother's Day.This huge effort took many bloggers with huge surprise even me and we all were so happy.Thanks a lot to TBS Pakistan & the lovely people at Constantine PR who handle The Body Shop Pakistan's PR.You guys have always spoiled us bloggers with love and care and we always feel special with the things you guys do for us <3
Some bloggers were very lucky as they brought their mothers along to celebrate and shop on the Mother's Day.The moms were very happy and looked beautiful and glowing with the appreciation and  care.The Body Shop Outlet at Centaurus was oozing with excitement.The bloggers and their moms discussing what they wanted to buy from The Body Shop on their special day.

I went to redeem my Mother's Day voucher at The Body Shop Centaurus too.I said a special prayer for my mother May ALLAH bless her soul ameen.I am all I am today because of her efforts though at times I miss her badly.Its the biggest loss of the world.
my snapchat shot
I enjoyed my time shopping at The Body Shop to the maximum.I was so excited that I couldn't decide between some products.But then I picked some major things of my wishlist.These are the products that I got for myself.
The contents of my basket are:
~Dead Sea Salt Scrub from Spa of the World Range
~Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz
~Vitamain C Eye Reviver Duo 
~The Body Shop Bath Brush
The lovely couple from Constantine PR Aiesha and Najaf Naad e Ali were themselves their to say Hi and catch up with all the bloggers and mommies.They are so sweet MASHALLAH & indeed one of the cutest couples ever :)
Me with Aiesha and Najaf at The Body Shop Centaurus
Photo Credits:Najaf Naad e Ali

To sum up it was one of the best Mother's day I had in a long time and all credit goes to these awesome people.May ALLAH bless them for all the goodness & happiness they create for us all.
Thanks a ton once again!
Me,Sana,Najaf bhai & Nayab

Withe Sana and Fatemah at The Body Shop Centaurus Mall
The new range British Rose appealed a lot to me.Next time I ll make sure to get something from that range for myself.

So girls did you enjoy my post?
What did you guys get for your moms?
For more details visit The Body Shop Pakistan & Constantine PR 
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