Sunday, February 27, 2011

My First Haul ~Infact A Mini Haul !

Hello Lovlies,

If you live in Islamabad you must be knowing that for most of your Cosmetic & Toiletries Shopping Only some places come to mind where you get a Full Variety of Different brands and products.One visit and you can grab anything you need and want for use...A similar place where I visit very often is D.Watson .I love to go to the branch in Blue Area as I have always been going there and know what to get on which shelve.So I went there lately and bought some interesting things and thought I would do a haul post about it and share with all of you .I would be sharing the price and small reviews about the different products.Any questions are invited.

So to start with Here are the things that I bought:

    Following is the list of Items and their prices mentioned,

1. FREEMAN bare foot foot scrub ~ Rs.310
2. FREEMAN toning body lotion    ~ Rs.300
3. NIVEA Happy time body lotion  ~Rs.300
4. RIMMEL blush in Tuscany ~ Rs.525
5. MAYBELLINE dream mousse blush in Pink Frosting ~Rs.840
6. FARMASI lip liner 212~ Rs. 195
7. FARMASI glitter eye pencil 410~ Rs.230
8.  4U2 STYX eye liner in green ~Rs 345
9. ARTDECO eye brow pencil no.6~Rs.450

I really like all the products i bought as I have paid quite some time in choosing from the vast range :)

First of all for quite some time I have been looking for a nice contouring powder ,I have also previously used Maybelline Bronzer for contouring but it hasnt given me the wanted result as it was a bit shimmery so it doesnt really look good on the skin and specially for the contouring..I finally got a very nice shade and product for contouring YES,it is quite suitable if you want a matte not to visible contouring with a natural effect.Here i have shown a swatch with the product u can hardly see the shade as it blends perfectly with skin .If you look carefully u can see the different shades.I know it is a Blush shade but i know it works well for contouring as well and specially when you cant find a good contouring powder.

Ok next comes another Blush,I have lately developed a lot of interest in Blushes but for the first time I bought this color Pink Frosting from Maybelline Dream mousse blush series.Its a lovely baby pink shade with a shimmery effect.Its actually a cute color,and teh frosting effect is also very visible on the skin.It is a nice shade for people with cool undertones.

Next comes in Liners,Firstly two eye liners,One is Farmasi Glitter eye liner in 212 shade that is a lovely bottle green shade with glitters,specially good to wear on Weddings:).Another is by 4u2 Styx and a green as well that would give the eye a bright open eye effect.Next is the lip liner from Farmasi,its a pink shade and can be worn with Pink or Nude shade lip colors.Last is the Art deco eye brow pencil,I dont like my eye brows very dramatic thats why this is the color for me .Follwing are the pencils:

And here are the swatches with refernce:

Top to Bottom:

~ Farmasi Glitter eye pencil 410
~ 4u2 styx eye liner in green
~ Farmasi lip pencil 212
~ Artdeco eye brow pencil 6

Next two products are Body lotion.The larger one is by Freeman & it is said to be a Toning body lotion with a lovely smell of coconut and guava and is good for firming the skin.Its use leaves your skin smooth and soft and helps improve the texture and appearance of skin.

The next Body lotion is Nivea's Happy time and its good to be kept in your hand bag :)Its leaves a feel good sensation on your skin and has a very fruity smell to it.
Next is Freemans' Foot Scrub that exfoliates and soothes rough and dry skin.Foot Products are good to be used more in summers when feet are exposed.Summer isnt far away then it....:)

So I hope u enjoyed reading my haul post and also the reviews and my thoughts :)If you want to ask anything comments are always welcome...

take cares & always stay happy



  1. Ive been using Maybelline's Dream Mousse blush(50 cloud wine) for quite some time now..i like it but now its gone shimmery..earlier it looked more natural when applied..Ive tried to look for the one without shimmer but havent found it..there are two more that I is Benefits's bene tint..its for cheeks n lips both..but its for someone with a very flawless n tight skin..the other one that i use on regular basis is Blush Bourjois(48 de rose brune)..its light n gives a very natural flush to the cheeks..I'm thinking of trying Mikyajy..has anyone tired their blushes?

    1. lại còn nở ra một nụ cười, Huyền Linh đan thôn phệ linh khí sẽ mang lại phẩm chất rất tốt.

      Một ngày sau, Huyền Linh đan đang thôn phệ linh khí cuối cùng cũng đã ngừng lại, mà lúc này xung quan h nó cũng tràn ngập linh khí.

      Thủ ấn trong tay của Nhạc Thành biến đổi, Vô Thượng Chân hỏa ngay lập tức được bao bọc, hắn một lần nữa luyện hóa Huyền Linh đan, hiện tại huyền linh đan mới thành hình mà thôi, cần phải có không ít nỗ lực nữa.

      Hai ngày sau ở bên tong Vạn Thú Lô, một khí tức cuồng bạo trở nên tràn ngập ra, cả Hạo Thiên Tháp bao trùm một mảng linh khí.

      Hiện tại Huyền Linh đan đã bao trùm thanh sắc quang mang, thanh mang chói mắt nhanh chóng thoát khỏi Vô Thượng Chân Hỏa mà bdongtam
      mu moi ra hom nay
      tim phong tro
      nhạc sàn
      tổng đài tư vấn luật
      văn phòng luật hà nội
      tổng đài tư vấn luật
      thành lập công ty trọn gói
      chém gió
      trung tâm tiếng anhỏ chạy lên không trung.

      - Thu.

      Thủ ấn của Nhạc Thành đánh ra, tựa hồ như hắn đã sớm có chuẩn bị cho việc này. Nhạc Thành xuất ra một mảng thanh mang bao bọc Huyền Linh đan vào bên trong, bây giờ Huyền Linh đan không thể thoát ra.

      Nhìn linh khí tràn ngập bên trong Huyền Linh đan, Thanh Đồng không khỏi hiện ra một vẻ tham lam, đan dược đó so với đan dược nó hăn hiện tại tốt gấp mấy chục lần.

  2. btw thanx for the info gonna look for the foot scrub..

  3. I like all the colors of the eye pencils. They are so cool.
    Nice haul Areej :)

  4. I started using the Freeman Barefoot foot scrub almost as soon as I got it... n i use it about once a week now.... i like it...its gritty texture helps to remove the dead skin from my feet.

  5. Saima I havent used Mikyajy blush bt i ll see if I can help u with some info.

  6. good to know Sana that u like it.FREEMAN products are good to use:)

  7. im just wondering is the toning lotion good for moisturizing skin? i dont want it to be sticky and heavy.. jus a light moisturizer.. and is the coconut smell very prominent? my husband hates the smell so dont wana get it if it does :P

  8. Zatz This is infact a very light one,absorbes very quickly feels a soft and cool sensation on the skin.Its coconuty smell isnt very prominent + you can always try before buying :)

  9. ohh yea hehe u can try before buying i love that idea bt can u really? mayb i can smell yea? i used to live in islamabad until 2 yrs ago :P and i used to do my shoppin at jinnah super.. nice to know ur frm islamabad!

  10. hey where do u live now?Offcourse u can always try a bit :) I live near Jinnah :)



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