Thursday, March 31, 2011

~ How to do French Tips at home Professionally ~

Hello Lovlies,

How are you doing.I hope all of you are having a great time and having fun upgrading your wardrobes with colorful lawn prints.The summers are finally here for us.With the arrival of summers we look forward to a change the transition everywhere!!!

 Today I want to share my thoughts with you about Nail colors.Though at certain times I fall in love with different  nail colors & I am a huge nail art lover but the transition of weather seems to bring a change in me as far as Nails are concerned.I want to have French Tips.They look so chic & seem to compliment every dress you wear in summers.Nail colors seem to have a limit then as it feels awkward to wear Red Nail color with a Pink dress !

  So Girls its the time to bring on the nicely shaped & manicured nails:)

To start with first I want to share with you lovlies a bit of history of French Manicure:

“The idea of the French manicure look came to me while I was starting ORLY back in 1975. Movie and television directors wanted a versatile nail style to compliment a Hollywood star’s entire onset wardrobe. They were looking for a singular look that would coordinate with the numerous wardrobe changes actresses had to make in one day. Once I started having the movie star stylists paint the nails with a white tip and a sheer, the celebrities loved it! I realized the most elegant, universal nail look is a natural nail look.

                                                                                   Jeff Pink
 There are different versions of history of French Manicure over the internet,the one i shared with you is the one I liked best :)

Finally lets get to the point to my nicely done French Tips


1. White Nail polish (I used Medora in FRENCH MANICURE)
2. Natural pink or tranparent nail color (I used Rimmel 3 in 1 Base,top coat & Strengthener)
3.Nail polish remover
4.Nail file or a nail buffer
5.Hand or cuticle cream (optional)


1. Start off with cutting any chipped nails ,buffer your nails using a nail buffer to have a smooth & clean surface.Shape the nails with the help of a nail file moving in  one direction.

2.Usually for french tips flat ended nails are great but if your nails arent big enough then you can shape them up in the shape of a crescent too.

3.For the base coat apply the transparent or natural pink nail polish.Paint a light coat horizontally on the nail.This doesnt has to be very neat.Coat till the end of the nail where you have to apply the white color.Leave for a couple of minutes to dry completely.

4.Now lets aim for the important step:The white color.For a square effect paint a straight line across the tip of the nail.For a rounded effect follow the curve of the nail.If you own a French Manicure set there are some strips in it that can be helpful to paint the white line.But it is recommended to do it manually keeping a steady hand.Try to work it fast as it will come out neater if you can work into the drying thin layer.Let it dry.

5.To seal the tips & to get the complete look end with a top coat of  transparent or natural pink nail polish.Let it dry completely for atleast 10 minutes.

6.Use a Qtip or a brush to clean any stray polish from around the nails with the help of a ail polish remover.

So we are done .

Here is a result of these steps that I applied:

I hope i explained clearly and you girls will be able to create this easy to do at home French Tips.

Have a great Summer , Stay happy Always.

Thanks for reading,any comments & feedback is appreciated.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

~ For All my Desi Girls : Home Made beauty fixes ~

Hello Lovlies,

How are you girls doing?I have been going through some old magazines lately ad have found some stuff good enough to be shared .I sometimes in my free time really love to try different remedies at home & Trust me they are worth the try.

As our daily lives today tend to be very busy and the ladies sometimes are buried under household chores,we shouldn't forget to give ourselves some quality time.For those of you who cam't venture far from home and rely solely on your beauty sleep to bring you gorgeous,glowing skin,say hello to these home-made beauty tips.


Use a pinch of turmeric,one teaspoon of red sandalwood powder and gram flour powder.Once the paste is made use it while bathing,this will reduce any sun-tan and make your skin glow.


Mix citrus fruit and lemon juice together and apply it to your face twice daily.This will help prevent your pores from opening.A tomato can be used for citrus fruit if they aren't in season.


Make a paste using almond oil and 1 and 1/2 tsp of cucumber juice.Dip a piece of cotton wool into the mixture and place it onto each eye covering the lower eye as well for 5 minutes.Wash your face with cold water.You can also apply mashed mint leaves around your eyes to fight dark circles.


Mix together glycerin and castor oil,apply on your lashes with an eye lash brush and keep it on overnight.Applying a little bit of olive oil to your lashes will also thicken them.


Mix yogurt and Multani mitti( available at any superstore) together, keep it cool for two hours.Then apply to your hair to purge dandruff.Plain yogurt can also be used to repress this problem.


Glycerin.lemon juice and rose water once mixed can abe applied to feet before going to bed.Repeat daily for best results.


Make homemade oil by boiling Henna & neem leaves, in mustard oil until the neem leaves almost get dissolved.Let it cool and then filter.Apply it to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it off.


Mix salt and lemon together and apply it onto yur teeth .Leave for 5 minutes.This will help get rid of the tartar and make your teeth shine.
The white part of an orange peel if rubbed onto teeth is also effective for a healthy ,white shine.

What is better than to have all the needed products that are used for homemade remedies in our reach.A visit to the local superstore and we can get all these and all these products are very available and affordable.

I hope some of you girls will want to try these and even if a couple of them are effective then what else is needed:)

                         Thanks for Reading,

                             Stay Happy Always ,



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~ Rabeeyah's Blog:100 Followers Giveaway ~

Hello Lovlies,

Its celebrations time on Rabeeyah's Blog...yipee..

Rabeeyah is giving out this Sigma F80 - Flat Top Kabuki brush. It is an amazing brush to blend your liquid foundation, cream blush and much more. Sigma has amazing range of brushes and they are all of very good quality. Brushes are the key to good and flawless makeup! :) 

          The giveaway is INTERATIONAL & will end on 23rd April 2011.

                               Thanks & Stay Happy Always,



Monday, March 21, 2011

~EOTD : Rusty Brown Eyes ~

Hello Lovlies,

How are you girls doing.

Today I am sharing my latest eye make up with u:). I did it last night using my Glamorous Face 48+48 Eye shadow palette that I really adore.Its one of the best things I own

Okay so now for the Look that I created:Its a Rusty Pink & Brown look created by using a couple of shades marked here in the palette.
My Glamorous Face 48+48 palette

The colors that I have used are all from the Matte side of the palette.I started with applying some eyeshadow primer to the eye lid.On the upper lid I used the Rust shade and blending it with the Black in the outer corner to create a V & darker effect.Then add the brown to the upper crease and lid area.The more the blending the greater the effect.Then added some more Rusty Pink shade to inner and middle lid area so that a bit more color is visible.When you want the color to show pat the shadow slowly with the help of an eye shadow brush.Added some more Black in the corner V & the lower lash line.
Added white to the Brow bone as Highlighter.
Finished off with a coat of Rimmel 123 Mascara & Maybelline Studio Gel Eye liner.
Here is the look.

I hope u girls like it.

Stay Happy Always,



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Glamorama's Make up & Beauty SIGMA Giveaway :)

Hello Lovlies,

I got a big news for u :Glamorama Make up & Beauty is hosting Sigma Beauty Make Me Up Kit Giveaway ..

Winner will be selected using .. and Winner will be announced on 21st April , 2011.

Enter this lovely Giveaway here :

                        Thanks ,



Friday, March 18, 2011

~Review: Maybelline Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner ~

Hello Lovlies ,

How are you girls doing?Well today I am sharing with you a product that I have bought for a couple of months now and have been using it since.

I am very fond of Kohl pencils and since the Kohl rimmed eyes came into fashion i have been addicted to eye liner kohl pencils and liners.Black is always my first choice .

Recently while on a trip to D.watson I saw a banner about this Maybelline Gel eye liner.I really wanted the product for myself as for quite some time i have wanted to try a gel eye liner.I asked for the product and it was already out of stock so I had to wait a week or so for it and luckily on my next trip I found it.


What Maybelline says about this product:

Now gel reinvents liner:              

• Oil-free formula holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base

• Smudge-proof and waterwproof for 24 hours

• Most intense line for lasting drama   


• Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested

• Contact lens safe

It comes in a nice packaging and is available in 4 different shades i.e Black,Brown,Charcoal & Eggplant.It comes with a small eye liner brush as well.The price is Rs.850.

                                                     The Banner on Maybelline site

What I have to say about it :

Ok girls now First of all to tell you I have oily skin and some pencils liners easily get smudged after some time and dont leave a defined look after some time of applying it.With this product i havent got any smudges and it stays in place for a very long time.The other good thing is that its very pigmented and with the help of a little amount you can create quite a look.As far as they say that it stays for 24 hrs wo cares if it stays for full 24 hours or not.Even if it stays for a good period of the day it will work and definitely this stays on the eyes for more than 8 hrs literally and who wants more.The girls with oily skin must have noticed that the pencil eye liners are transferred onto the upper lid after some time creating a dark effect on the upper lid.This gel liner DOES NOT transfer at all and its one of the things I love best about it.It applies very easily too with the help of the eye liner brush.Though the brush that comes with it is also usable but i use my Luscious bent eye liner brush to apply it.As I am also a contact lens wearer I have had no problems or irritations with it.

My Liner with the swatch

Here are some pictures to show you what it looks like on the eyes after applying .

A closer view of the eye : (Without Flash)   

You can see that it is very intense and Black.

Next is a pic with a complete look with eye shadow and mascara and a defined look created by Maybelline Studio Gel Eye liner .This picture is taken with flash.

I am totally in love with this product.I recommend it to all you girls who are looking for a good gel eye liner.Its a bit over priced at Rs.850 but then it holds 2.8 grams of liner in the pot.Girls with oily skin should definitely get this product as well.You can get it easily at any store that has a Maybelline counter.

If you have any questions and queries regarding this product feel free to ask me.

Stay Happy Always,



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~ When to Toss your Make up ~

Hello Lovlies,

How are you doing?For most of us the spring and summer is here and, with the season of spring comes the freshness and a time to start afresh.Starting afresh should also be considered when we girls look at our vanity tables and spot some products that have been sitting there for ages and still are there.Well their use can be harmful to us,so have a look around and see if you should toss somethings and get some new products.I read this article and felt like to share with all my lovlies.

Expiration dates are clearly spelled out on beauty products like lotions and creams but when it comes to make up they become harder to notice.The tendency to hoard make up is also greater.It's never advisable to use make up that is way past its shelf life.Bacteria accumulate which in turn causes irritations,rashes & acne.It's always a good idea to toss out make up that is past its prime.Here is a list of popular make up products and we are told just how long you can hold on to them.

LIP COLOR : 12 months to 2 years

Use a lip brush to avoid transferring germs from your mouth onto lipstick tube.And even if your lip gloss tastes like candy,don't lick your lips before reapplying!Pencil lip liners can last the longest if they are sharpened often.


A clear sign that your polish has gone bad is that the color has separated from the oil in the bottle or it has developed a tacky consistancy.

EYELINERS: 4 to 6 months
As with mascara,any make up used near the eyes can easily pick up bacteria,so its best to part ways after a short time,The only exception here is with pencil eye liners.If you sharpen them regularly,they can last up to a year or longer.

MASCARA:3 to 4 months
This product has a very short shelf life because mascara picks up bacteria from the eye area with every use,causing the tube o become a breeding ground for microorganisms. If your mascara gets dry before its "time" ( which may happen if you don't always twist the cap back on tightly enough), it should be discarded.

So reading this article convinced me to throw some of my out dated products :Yup & i am quite happy doing that.One more important thing is that when you buy a certain product do look out for this little sign i.e an opened lid on a jar.This shows the info about how long the product can be used after it is opened.For example I share a pic of my Artdeco lipstick and it sayd 24M that means it can be used for 2 years after I opened it.

Stay Safe & Beautiful:)

I hope this article is helpful in some way or the other.Thanks for reading girls.



Monday, March 14, 2011

~ A new NOTD ~

Hello Lovlies,

I hope that all of you are doing great.Start of another busy week.

Sometimes in the middle of a busy week you want to relax,for me a bit of relaxation comes from painting & then Nail painting as a smaller but more interesting art:)

Today i am sharing with u a Nail Art i did in the middle of last week using my Medora French Manicure White for base, Rimmel Pop Rose & Avon 013 for design.
For the nail art first paint your nails with two light coats of White nail color.Let them dry.

Clean any nail color from around the nails with the help of a Q tip or a swab dipped in nail polish remover.
Next take the Rimmel Pop rose and dip the polish brush in color and add a Pink dot in the centre of the all the nails.
Let it dry.
Next take the other nail color and add irregular polka dots around the pink dot in the shape of a flower.
Let it dry completely before applying a transparent Top coat.
This looks great on the nails specially in spring!
I hope you girls like it :)Have fun!

Stay Happy Always,



Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: L'oreal White Perfect Soothing Cream

Hello Lovlies,

How are all of you doing?I have been having a couple of busy days so couldn't do any post.Though I missed writing posts.

 Today I want to share a beautiful product with all of you.This product caught my eye recently in a weekly magazine.I read about it and it appeared that I was convinced to buy it.So next time I went shopping it was on my Top-List.

It is L'oreal White Perfect Soothing Cream Night .It is also available in Day as well but recently I have been looking for something to apply just before going to sleep .So I luckily found what I wanted & I should tell you I completely love it.
L'oreal White Perfect Soothing Cream Night:

The Loreal Team says that the White Perfect Soothing Night Cream contains cell restoration combination formula, strengthen skin's resistance to UV and enhance the whitening power while restoring. After fully restoration through the night, your skin will have an adequate preparation to again UV damage for the next day! Immediately, skin reveals an even and transparent complexion. Texture is optimally and durable moisturized, suppler and softer. Day after day, skin is smoother and more radiant. After 4 weeks,complexion is more transparent and uniform, brown spots are visibly clearer.

What I have to say about it:

Usually when we try a new product we generally have to wait for a week or two to see the results of the product.But when i started using this cream,i felt the effect from the very first application.It gives the skin a very soft and smooth feel immediately.If you have noticed lately that your skin has a paler/yellowish color and a duller effect to it than usual,this might be the excellent product for you.A couple of days back I felt that my skin was in need of some freshening up,so i was in search of such a product.I have been applying it for the last 4,5 days and My Skin tone has brightened up and feels refreshed as well.

I am looking forward to add this product to my fav products list as well.It really is a product worth its price,as Mehrbano Sethi AKA creator of Luscious cosmetics,says that buying skin products is an investment,so I would say that if you want to get your inner glow back in a few days with a smooth and visibly rosy skin then this is the right time for the investment:)

                                     It has a lovely lavender color and a lovely scent to it.

A blob of cream on my cheek

                                                        After i have rubbed the cream.

 Its price is Rs.1050 for a 50ml jar.

I definitely love it myself and find that it gives me a feel good sensation too.I am happy using it.

 Thats all for today.If you have any questions regarding this product feel free to ask me.

             Stay Happy Always


Monday, March 7, 2011

~ My EOTD for today:Using 3 of MAC eye shades ~

Hello Lovlies,

How are you girls?How was the weekend?I hope you all are having a great time and enjoying life and learning Make up:)

 Well so am I.Today I am sharing my latest Eye make up with you .I did it for a family dinner.It can also be done if you have to attend a Wedding and are looking for something that is not too bright but subtle.This look can be worn with all the wedding colors like Gold,Maroon,Copper,Blacks :)U can add some glitter eye pencil to enhance it more.I have kept it simple though.Ok so for this EOTD i have used a shade out of my MAC palette that is TEMPTING,& the other two shades are MAC CRANBERRY & MAC Carbon.

I have used an eye shadow primer as the base,on the upper lid area to the crease I used the shade CRANBERRY ,For the darker effect in the corner V, I used the shade CARBON,I must say that Carbon is a must have out of MAC shades and investing in it once can pay you back for a long time.It gives a depth to the outer part of the eye and is also great for smokey eye look.

Now blend the Carbon in the corners to the Cranberry in middle lid area.Take some amount of Tempting and  fill the outer crease and the upper lid area with it,blend nicely.Now again take some cranberry and pat it on the lower lid middle area and towards teh inner corner of the eye.In the end apply a bit of  Tempting to the inner corner of the eye.Use a Highlighter color to enhance the eye brows.Finish off with a black pencil on the lower lash line and the upper lash line.Apply 2 coats of Mascara.

Here is what the end result looks like.
How do you like this look?Feedback and comments are always appreciated:)

Stay happy always,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

~How to get The perfect Red lipstick done in 4 easy steps~

Hello Lovlies,

How are all of you?Those of you in the Desiland would be looking forward to a great happening weekend with your families.Parties,Dinners etc & Most of all looking good :)Applying a good lipstick is the most important secret of the "Looking good "Factor.

Have you sometimes
wondered how those Celebrities have those perfect Red Lips..Well I think they get it with the help of a make up artist:)

But you can still get those perfect red lips at home too by applying some simple steps.I have somewhat achieved what I wanted and you can too ,just try these at home.We would need the following things.

1.Liquid foundation or concealer:I have got the 17 Concealer Cream
2.Face powder: I have my DMGM Face powder.
3.A red lip liner:I have one from Italia in Red.
4. Red lipstick:Mine is Rimmel's Lasting finish in ALARM.
5.A lip brush:a simple lip brush by ETUDE.

 Lets get to the steps now:

1.First of all apply some liquid foundation or dab some liquid concealer on your lips.

Try to cover the whole lips with a small amount.Let it try before going to the 2nd step.

2.Next apply a thin layer of powder to your lips.It can be any facepowder that you use.

3.Choose a lip pencil that is similar to the lipstick you want to apply later on.
Using a lip pencil is important here as bleeding red lipstick doesnt give a neat appearance.

4. Get a lip brush and start applying lipstick from the middle of the lips towards the 
outer edges.Always use a small amount on the brush to apply.Hold a tissue in the middle of the lips and press together,now apply 1 2nd coat in the same procedure to ensure the long lasting lip color.

So,here is the finished result,I am also still in the learning process.

Still,they say If at first you don't succeed try try again.:)

I am sure following these simple steps would help you.
Do share with me anything you want to.

 Have a great weekend & Stay happy always :)



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