Thursday, March 31, 2011

~ How to do French Tips at home Professionally ~

Hello Lovlies,

How are you doing.I hope all of you are having a great time and having fun upgrading your wardrobes with colorful lawn prints.The summers are finally here for us.With the arrival of summers we look forward to a change the transition everywhere!!!

 Today I want to share my thoughts with you about Nail colors.Though at certain times I fall in love with different  nail colors & I am a huge nail art lover but the transition of weather seems to bring a change in me as far as Nails are concerned.I want to have French Tips.They look so chic & seem to compliment every dress you wear in summers.Nail colors seem to have a limit then as it feels awkward to wear Red Nail color with a Pink dress !

  So Girls its the time to bring on the nicely shaped & manicured nails:)

To start with first I want to share with you lovlies a bit of history of French Manicure:

“The idea of the French manicure look came to me while I was starting ORLY back in 1975. Movie and television directors wanted a versatile nail style to compliment a Hollywood star’s entire onset wardrobe. They were looking for a singular look that would coordinate with the numerous wardrobe changes actresses had to make in one day. Once I started having the movie star stylists paint the nails with a white tip and a sheer, the celebrities loved it! I realized the most elegant, universal nail look is a natural nail look.

                                                                                   Jeff Pink
 There are different versions of history of French Manicure over the internet,the one i shared with you is the one I liked best :)

Finally lets get to the point to my nicely done French Tips


1. White Nail polish (I used Medora in FRENCH MANICURE)
2. Natural pink or tranparent nail color (I used Rimmel 3 in 1 Base,top coat & Strengthener)
3.Nail polish remover
4.Nail file or a nail buffer
5.Hand or cuticle cream (optional)


1. Start off with cutting any chipped nails ,buffer your nails using a nail buffer to have a smooth & clean surface.Shape the nails with the help of a nail file moving in  one direction.

2.Usually for french tips flat ended nails are great but if your nails arent big enough then you can shape them up in the shape of a crescent too.

3.For the base coat apply the transparent or natural pink nail polish.Paint a light coat horizontally on the nail.This doesnt has to be very neat.Coat till the end of the nail where you have to apply the white color.Leave for a couple of minutes to dry completely.

4.Now lets aim for the important step:The white color.For a square effect paint a straight line across the tip of the nail.For a rounded effect follow the curve of the nail.If you own a French Manicure set there are some strips in it that can be helpful to paint the white line.But it is recommended to do it manually keeping a steady hand.Try to work it fast as it will come out neater if you can work into the drying thin layer.Let it dry.

5.To seal the tips & to get the complete look end with a top coat of  transparent or natural pink nail polish.Let it dry completely for atleast 10 minutes.

6.Use a Qtip or a brush to clean any stray polish from around the nails with the help of a ail polish remover.

So we are done .

Here is a result of these steps that I applied:

I hope i explained clearly and you girls will be able to create this easy to do at home French Tips.

Have a great Summer , Stay happy Always.

Thanks for reading,any comments & feedback is appreciated.




  1. Great post areej! Your nails really do look professionally done ;)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)
    A while ago i bought a manicure pen, you just draw on the white on the tip of the nails, really easy and fun :)

    Xoxo Christine

  3. Thank U Madiha & Christine:)

    Christine why dont u do a post abt the manicure pen on ur blog?

  4. you did a really good job! thanks for sharing..

  5. yeah..its looks pro..Lovely!!

  6. Nice tutorial Areej. But the problem is I can never paint a straight line. :P

  7. Love it. I'm really hot on the french manicure!

  8. That looks soo pretty! Here's a French Manicure NOTD I did a while back! Check it out-

  9. Lovely post!xx

  10. you have got very pretty nails :)

    I have a tip: if you want to apply the nail polish really neatly with out streaking the nails, try using a scotch tape to cover the parts where the polish will not be applied that way, they stay clean :)

    For more tips an nail designs, you can read this:

    or visit my blog where I am trying to bring girls from different parts of the world together:

  11. Wow, you are soooo talented at makeup and nail design! what will a girl do in her free time.. paint nails :-D... Looks good.. I also keep on trying these soon..You did a grt job keep posting and give us some more tutorials ... ur tutorial really helpful... Looks amazing!!!



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