Saturday, March 5, 2011

~How to get The perfect Red lipstick done in 4 easy steps~

Hello Lovlies,

How are all of you?Those of you in the Desiland would be looking forward to a great happening weekend with your families.Parties,Dinners etc & Most of all looking good :)Applying a good lipstick is the most important secret of the "Looking good "Factor.

Have you sometimes
wondered how those Celebrities have those perfect Red Lips..Well I think they get it with the help of a make up artist:)

But you can still get those perfect red lips at home too by applying some simple steps.I have somewhat achieved what I wanted and you can too ,just try these at home.We would need the following things.

1.Liquid foundation or concealer:I have got the 17 Concealer Cream
2.Face powder: I have my DMGM Face powder.
3.A red lip liner:I have one from Italia in Red.
4. Red lipstick:Mine is Rimmel's Lasting finish in ALARM.
5.A lip brush:a simple lip brush by ETUDE.

 Lets get to the steps now:

1.First of all apply some liquid foundation or dab some liquid concealer on your lips.

Try to cover the whole lips with a small amount.Let it try before going to the 2nd step.

2.Next apply a thin layer of powder to your lips.It can be any facepowder that you use.

3.Choose a lip pencil that is similar to the lipstick you want to apply later on.
Using a lip pencil is important here as bleeding red lipstick doesnt give a neat appearance.

4. Get a lip brush and start applying lipstick from the middle of the lips towards the 
outer edges.Always use a small amount on the brush to apply.Hold a tissue in the middle of the lips and press together,now apply 1 2nd coat in the same procedure to ensure the long lasting lip color.

So,here is the finished result,I am also still in the learning process.

Still,they say If at first you don't succeed try try again.:)

I am sure following these simple steps would help you.
Do share with me anything you want to.

 Have a great weekend & Stay happy always :)



  1. great post :) very helpful indeed.

  2. Thanks:)Yes I tried these steps too n have somehow improved:)

  3. Brilliant! Really very helpful tips i m definitely gonna to try dis its awesome :)Thank You areej for posting this <3 it



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