Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My EOTD for today:Rainbow Eyes

Hello Lovlies,

 How are all of you?Its been raining since early morning here in Islamabad.I love Islamabad and specially when it rains it looks even more beautiful...sometimes an appearence of a rainbow in the sky after the rains adds even more beauty to the skies so now proceed to what I have in store for you today ,some days ago I did this make up look inspired by rainbow colors for a contest by one of my fellow bloggers  from Karachi.I used my Glamorous Face 48+48 eye shadow palette that I got from Karachi on a recent trip after I saw a review about it by a fellow blogger from Karachi as well .I ll share my look with You lovely people today.

    The colors that I have used are marked in the picture above ,I have used all the colors on the upper lid as well as the lower lash line .These colors that are used are Makhmally/shimmery  on the upper side and those on the lower side are Matte shades.The shimmery shades usually should be applied with the help of your finger or a wet brush.I created the effect of a Rainbow on the eyes merging the colors into each other.Here is what the end look was.

How do you like this look?Feedback is always appreciated :)

                                                               Stay Happy always.


  1. very pretty look :) love it - great job Areej :)

  2. Thank u Sara Its because of you I have this lovely palette :)

  3. Very informative. Please write more so that we can get more details.

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  4. Thank u Chippa Ok i ll write more :)

  5. beautiful Areej awaiting many more looks :)

  6. Thank u so much Yes i ll do some more soon :)

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  8. Love the palette! You did it justice by creating this rainbow look ;)



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