Monday, March 7, 2011

~ My EOTD for today:Using 3 of MAC eye shades ~

Hello Lovlies,

How are you girls?How was the weekend?I hope you all are having a great time and enjoying life and learning Make up:)

 Well so am I.Today I am sharing my latest Eye make up with you .I did it for a family dinner.It can also be done if you have to attend a Wedding and are looking for something that is not too bright but subtle.This look can be worn with all the wedding colors like Gold,Maroon,Copper,Blacks :)U can add some glitter eye pencil to enhance it more.I have kept it simple though.Ok so for this EOTD i have used a shade out of my MAC palette that is TEMPTING,& the other two shades are MAC CRANBERRY & MAC Carbon.

I have used an eye shadow primer as the base,on the upper lid area to the crease I used the shade CRANBERRY ,For the darker effect in the corner V, I used the shade CARBON,I must say that Carbon is a must have out of MAC shades and investing in it once can pay you back for a long time.It gives a depth to the outer part of the eye and is also great for smokey eye look.

Now blend the Carbon in the corners to the Cranberry in middle lid area.Take some amount of Tempting and  fill the outer crease and the upper lid area with it,blend nicely.Now again take some cranberry and pat it on the lower lid middle area and towards teh inner corner of the eye.In the end apply a bit of  Tempting to the inner corner of the eye.Use a Highlighter color to enhance the eye brows.Finish off with a black pencil on the lower lash line and the upper lash line.Apply 2 coats of Mascara.

Here is what the end result looks like.
How do you like this look?Feedback and comments are always appreciated:)

Stay happy always,


  1. great look :) I love your palette :)

  2. @Sara:Thanks Dear,
    @Bisma:I guess some pix are from my sony cybershot bt the bad ones are my iphone its result isnt good.
    @Rabeeyah: :)

  3. That's a very pretty look :)

  4. Hey nice look
    can u please tell me from where you bought the eye shadows??n what was their cost

  5. Maryam as we got very limited variety in Pakistan of MAC cosmetics,My friend was coming from KSA so i asked her to bring these for me,This MAC Palette along with 4 eye shades cost me around 7000 Rupees relatively less for what we pay would pay in Pakistan.

  6. The kit was from KSA & the individual two shades i got from Islamabad.

  7. k thnks.ya i know its so sad we have such limited variety n prices are sky high.
    so wht was cost on individual ones that you got from isb??

  8. The price a year ba k was around 1800 to 2000 this year I hvnt purchased any from pak yet .it cn vary even in different stores in the same city.

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