Friday, March 18, 2011

~Review: Maybelline Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner ~

Hello Lovlies ,

How are you girls doing?Well today I am sharing with you a product that I have bought for a couple of months now and have been using it since.

I am very fond of Kohl pencils and since the Kohl rimmed eyes came into fashion i have been addicted to eye liner kohl pencils and liners.Black is always my first choice .

Recently while on a trip to D.watson I saw a banner about this Maybelline Gel eye liner.I really wanted the product for myself as for quite some time i have wanted to try a gel eye liner.I asked for the product and it was already out of stock so I had to wait a week or so for it and luckily on my next trip I found it.


What Maybelline says about this product:

Now gel reinvents liner:              

• Oil-free formula holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base

• Smudge-proof and waterwproof for 24 hours

• Most intense line for lasting drama   


• Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested

• Contact lens safe

It comes in a nice packaging and is available in 4 different shades i.e Black,Brown,Charcoal & Eggplant.It comes with a small eye liner brush as well.The price is Rs.850.

                                                     The Banner on Maybelline site

What I have to say about it :

Ok girls now First of all to tell you I have oily skin and some pencils liners easily get smudged after some time and dont leave a defined look after some time of applying it.With this product i havent got any smudges and it stays in place for a very long time.The other good thing is that its very pigmented and with the help of a little amount you can create quite a look.As far as they say that it stays for 24 hrs wo cares if it stays for full 24 hours or not.Even if it stays for a good period of the day it will work and definitely this stays on the eyes for more than 8 hrs literally and who wants more.The girls with oily skin must have noticed that the pencil eye liners are transferred onto the upper lid after some time creating a dark effect on the upper lid.This gel liner DOES NOT transfer at all and its one of the things I love best about it.It applies very easily too with the help of the eye liner brush.Though the brush that comes with it is also usable but i use my Luscious bent eye liner brush to apply it.As I am also a contact lens wearer I have had no problems or irritations with it.

My Liner with the swatch

Here are some pictures to show you what it looks like on the eyes after applying .

A closer view of the eye : (Without Flash)   

You can see that it is very intense and Black.

Next is a pic with a complete look with eye shadow and mascara and a defined look created by Maybelline Studio Gel Eye liner .This picture is taken with flash.

I am totally in love with this product.I recommend it to all you girls who are looking for a good gel eye liner.Its a bit over priced at Rs.850 but then it holds 2.8 grams of liner in the pot.Girls with oily skin should definitely get this product as well.You can get it easily at any store that has a Maybelline counter.

If you have any questions and queries regarding this product feel free to ask me.

Stay Happy Always,




  1. Great review areej ! its quite popular in other countries and i am glad its reasonably priced. cant wait to pick it up when i visit city next month

  2. Thanks Sarah :) I m in love with it :) Coudnt get a MAC here but am very happy with this one :)

  3. luvly, sure m gonna get dat soon

  4. Great product and nice review Areej

  5. @ Cinderella & Fuchsia :Thanks Dears :)

  6. I ve been meaning to give this a try.Nice review:)
    Can any one tell me where to get it in Karachi?

  7. Shahtaj I guess u can easily get it from Naheed,agha's or Ebco at Forum Mall coz they all would be selling Maybelline products:)

  8. greatttt , m definitely going to grab one :)

  9. your eyes look so beautiful with this. Love the review <3

  10. Areej, i used it for a week or so but it got in to my eyes and it smudged from the inner corner within an hour or so. do you think i got an old piece? it's get stuck on my lenses as well:s

  11. Great post & review. I've been considering gel eyeliner for the longest time and I love ur look <3 Great color payoff,easy to work with,great pigmentation, and DOES NOT smudge or fade throughout the day.Thank You Areej for posting :)



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