Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: L'oreal White Perfect Soothing Cream

Hello Lovlies,

How are all of you doing?I have been having a couple of busy days so couldn't do any post.Though I missed writing posts.

 Today I want to share a beautiful product with all of you.This product caught my eye recently in a weekly magazine.I read about it and it appeared that I was convinced to buy it.So next time I went shopping it was on my Top-List.

It is L'oreal White Perfect Soothing Cream Night .It is also available in Day as well but recently I have been looking for something to apply just before going to sleep .So I luckily found what I wanted & I should tell you I completely love it.
L'oreal White Perfect Soothing Cream Night:

The Loreal Team says that the White Perfect Soothing Night Cream contains cell restoration combination formula, strengthen skin's resistance to UV and enhance the whitening power while restoring. After fully restoration through the night, your skin will have an adequate preparation to again UV damage for the next day! Immediately, skin reveals an even and transparent complexion. Texture is optimally and durable moisturized, suppler and softer. Day after day, skin is smoother and more radiant. After 4 weeks,complexion is more transparent and uniform, brown spots are visibly clearer.

What I have to say about it:

Usually when we try a new product we generally have to wait for a week or two to see the results of the product.But when i started using this cream,i felt the effect from the very first application.It gives the skin a very soft and smooth feel immediately.If you have noticed lately that your skin has a paler/yellowish color and a duller effect to it than usual,this might be the excellent product for you.A couple of days back I felt that my skin was in need of some freshening up,so i was in search of such a product.I have been applying it for the last 4,5 days and My Skin tone has brightened up and feels refreshed as well.

I am looking forward to add this product to my fav products list as well.It really is a product worth its price,as Mehrbano Sethi AKA creator of Luscious cosmetics,says that buying skin products is an investment,so I would say that if you want to get your inner glow back in a few days with a smooth and visibly rosy skin then this is the right time for the investment:)

                                     It has a lovely lavender color and a lovely scent to it.

A blob of cream on my cheek

                                                        After i have rubbed the cream.

 Its price is Rs.1050 for a 50ml jar.

I definitely love it myself and find that it gives me a feel good sensation too.I am happy using it.

 Thats all for today.If you have any questions regarding this product feel free to ask me.

             Stay Happy Always



  1. hmmmm i think i should buy this one :) coz don't know why now a days my skin is going yellowish...thanks for sharing

  2. Great review. Happy that it turned out good :) thanks for sharing.

  3. @Sana:Yes you should def go 4 it as u wont be disappointed :)
    @Sara: Thank U:) Sharing is caring :)

  4. The Loreal Professional cream is non-irritating, very light, conveniently packaged, and of course, affordable.

  5. love this blog! you gave a really good and thorough review! It seems like a great product! i'm gonna look up dis product! Thanks for sharing :)



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