Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~ When to Toss your Make up ~

Hello Lovlies,

How are you doing?For most of us the spring and summer is here and, with the season of spring comes the freshness and a time to start afresh.Starting afresh should also be considered when we girls look at our vanity tables and spot some products that have been sitting there for ages and still are there.Well their use can be harmful to us,so have a look around and see if you should toss somethings and get some new products.I read this article and felt like to share with all my lovlies.

Expiration dates are clearly spelled out on beauty products like lotions and creams but when it comes to make up they become harder to notice.The tendency to hoard make up is also greater.It's never advisable to use make up that is way past its shelf life.Bacteria accumulate which in turn causes irritations,rashes & acne.It's always a good idea to toss out make up that is past its prime.Here is a list of popular make up products and we are told just how long you can hold on to them.

LIP COLOR : 12 months to 2 years

Use a lip brush to avoid transferring germs from your mouth onto lipstick tube.And even if your lip gloss tastes like candy,don't lick your lips before reapplying!Pencil lip liners can last the longest if they are sharpened often.


A clear sign that your polish has gone bad is that the color has separated from the oil in the bottle or it has developed a tacky consistancy.

EYELINERS: 4 to 6 months
As with mascara,any make up used near the eyes can easily pick up bacteria,so its best to part ways after a short time,The only exception here is with pencil eye liners.If you sharpen them regularly,they can last up to a year or longer.

MASCARA:3 to 4 months
This product has a very short shelf life because mascara picks up bacteria from the eye area with every use,causing the tube o become a breeding ground for microorganisms. If your mascara gets dry before its "time" ( which may happen if you don't always twist the cap back on tightly enough), it should be discarded.

So reading this article convinced me to throw some of my out dated products :Yup & i am quite happy doing that.One more important thing is that when you buy a certain product do look out for this little sign i.e an opened lid on a jar.This shows the info about how long the product can be used after it is opened.For example I share a pic of my Artdeco lipstick and it sayd 24M that means it can be used for 2 years after I opened it.

Stay Safe & Beautiful:)

I hope this article is helpful in some way or the other.Thanks for reading girls.




  1. Oh that is an informative post =)

  2. lovely post :) thanks for sharing

  3. Amazing post! It was really helpful :) Thank you Areej :)

  4. @Thank U Feminine,Sara & Rabeeyah:)Happy to know that it was helpful :)

  5. nice and informative post areej, but i cant toss my makeup, i love them sooo much :(

    though i will stop using them in the time which is mention in your post. but can not, can not toss them

  6. mmm Sidra I know i Love my cute make up a lot as well and its difficult to take a step to the trash bin but just imagining for a while what harm it can do to u can make it work...:)Otherwise if you arent goin to use it then thats no big problem:)

  7. mein nai kaha tha mein nahin phainkungi, but when i looked at my collection, i couldn't help it and i toss some of my VERY old things. :)

  8. oh acha u finally did Sidra Good for u :)

  9. nice post!

    and what abt eye shadows and blushes?

  10. Thanks Mehak,Blushers ,eye shadows and powders usually last for an year:)

  11. very informative, now i have to throw away my wedding makeup which i really love :(.....thanx 4 sharing :)

  12. Nice post as usual your all posts are very informative. What i want to share here is ...... unfortunately in pakistan mostly the beauty products don't bear manufacturing and expiring dates :(



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