Saturday, April 2, 2011

~ Haul from Lahore ~

Hello Lovlies,

How are all of you doing?Well Today I am doing a post about my latest haul from Lahore.I was in Lahore a couple of days back to see off my uncle & family to Canada.I paid a visit to Al-Fateh DHA .I was impressed by the variety of Brands & products they have there.Believe me or not I have not seen such a collection of MAC & BOBBI BROWN,ESTEE LAUDER,CHANEL  products on any other store throughout Pakistan.My eyes were opened wide after going through their collection of MAC Lipsticks,MAC lip & eye pencils,MAC Eye shades ,MAC & Bobbi Brown Lipglosses etc etc etc....

I wished that I could buy all of those lovely things,but anyways i ended up buying this stuff that I am sharing with you guys:)

Following is the list of products that I bought & their prices with them:

!.FREEMAN facial detoxifying mask in Chocolate & Strawberry ~ Rs.275
2.FREEMAN facial gel scrub Raspberry ~ Rs.275
3.Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum ( I didnt buy this myself so dont know the price :) )
4.BENEFIT Lipgloss in 9~ Rs.395
5.BENEFIT Lipgloss in 2~ Rs.395
6.STAGELINE Lipgloss in Shine Pink ~ Rs.575
7.MAC Lipstick in Girl about town ~Rs.1950
8.MAC 239 Eye shader brush ( These are Thailand made GRADE A replicas) ~ Rs.295
9.MAC 275 Medium Angled Shading brush ~Rs.350
10. MAC 219 Pencil brush ~Rs.350
11.LISA WATIER Powder brush ~ Rs.450
12.CLARITY Eye shadow brush ~ Rs.90
13.RIVAJ brush in R09 ~Rs.50

Ok so how do you like my things...Lets get to the details about some of the products..

First of all comes the MAC Lipstick called Girl about town.This is a lovely Hot Pink or you can say Barbie pink color that is going to be the color for this Summer as I have read in a couple of magazines.This is my 1st MAC Lipstick & I am totally in love with it.

 I ll show you how it looks when applied to the lips
I have always been a MAC eye shades lover & now it seems i ll be after their Lip colors .Though sometimes this Hot pink shade doesnt look too good with some skin tones but this is the shade that is bound to look great on everyone.

Ok so now I ll get to the lipglosses that I bought ...

The ones that are the same packing are from benefit cosmetics that is an American brand & the third one is from Stageline cosmetics.
Here i ll show you the swatches
     From Top to Bottom:
~ Benefit Lipgloss in Shade 9
~ Benefit Lipgloss in Shade 2
~ Stageline Lipgloss in Shine Pink
 The lipsglosses by Benefir are very fruity in fragrance & I am specially in love with the silver one its very shimmery & can be used to coat any lipstick.The other two are both lovely shades of Pink.

Now lets get to the brushes...Al Fateh really not only  ranks on Top of any store when we talk about cosmetics but also about the collection of Make up brushes whether replicas or originals.I got these ones.
The first three are MAC!! Dont be surprised ,they are Grade A replicas made in Thailand.:)

Lets have a closer look at them
 From Top to Bottom:
~ MAC 219 Pencil brush: Used for precision shading along crease,lid or lash line
~ MAC 275 Medium Angled brush : Used for applying or belnding eye shadow
~ MAC 239 Eye shader brush: Used for shading and blending eye shadow

Though these brushes are replicas but I must say that they are nothing less than originals.The fibres are soft to touch & dense to feel,the fibres are smooth & firm ,though i haven't used them for a proper eye look yet but i have tried blending and applying with it and I place these in my top brushes from now on.I am lucky to have found such great MAC replicas.

Next is a loose powder brush by  LISE WATIER.
Its round & tapered towards the centre & can also be used for precise application of Powder.

Next are two more brushes :
These I picked randomly, the brown one is by CLARITY its an eye shadow brush,2nd is by RIVAJ & i ll use it  to blend eye shadow along lower lash lines.

Now lets get to the toiletries ,I always go for FREEMAN products as I believe that they are really good & worth buying.These are two new products from them.
This is  the detoxifying mask with chocolate & strawberry extract that helps tone skin & diminishes the appearence of large pores.It also nourishes & moisturises.It has that heavenly smell of chocolate.

Next is a scrub by FREEMAN
 It says that the Rapberry & Aloevera extract gently clear away impurities that clog pores and reveals brighter & smoother skin.Its got a lovely Raspberry scent.
Next is the Citre Shine Anti Frizz Serum

 I have used this product and it is doing wonders to my frizzy hair just the way it says that it smoothes & seals cuticle for dry and frizzy hair.

So these are all the products I recently added to my Vanity table.

I hope u liked them,any comments & queries are appreciated.

                                         Thanks for reading.

                                          Stay Happy Always.




  1. Great Haul :) Lovely lipstick you got there

  2. Nice haul:)I too am really liking the MAC lipstick.Looks really good on your lips:)

  3. nice haul :) review love this chocolate mask :)

  4. Lovely haul and great review! Surprised that we can get that many brands in lahore :) woo cool!

  5. @Sara,Shahtaj & Jeeya : Thank U :)

    @Just4girls :Thank u,I was surprised myself :)

  6. Nyce...:)I so wanna try the mask that smells like choco...

  7. Amazing haul, that MAC lipstick looks amazing, such a beautiful color :)

    Xoxo Christine

  8. Thank U Shang,Saima & Christine :)

  9. Wow! Lovely Haul. We don't get MAC replicas in Karachi.

  10. nice haul..well the replica's aren't tht bad :)

  11. hey nice haul,im a fan of alfateh too its great store.
    i didn't knew benefit is available in pakistan,n did you got the mac brushes from the mac counters that alfateh has or just in normal cosmetics section???

  12. @Rabeeyah :Yes I havent seen the replicas anywhere in Khi or Isloo other than in Al Fateh :)

    @Sumitha :Yes the replicas are great in quality too.thats y they are Grade A replicas :)

    @Maryam:I found it in the Normal cosmetic section where they have a HUGE Collection of Brushes :)

  13. I will definitely be doing a NOTD with that nail polish, thank you so much for your comment <3

    Xo Christine

  14. lovely yaar i also have been there last week that was awsome.. its true they have much range of bobby brown and mac... brushes are so nice along lip glosses

  15. Areej, you have got a lovely blog, following you :)

  16. AOA!!! i m new to your blog..nice work..can u kindly let me know if al fatah in lahore is selling original mac products??i m desperately trying to know if i can get original mac products in lahore but no success ll really b great help to me
    stay blessed

  17. Brilliant effort very impressive post have lot of things to learn for still guy's have a look on to Laser Hair Removal In Lahore as well very informatic



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