Thursday, May 19, 2011

~ My love for MAC Eye Shadows ~

Hello Lovlies!

How are all of you sweeties doing?I am well too.

Today I have a special post for you : Its a Dedication : Dedication to my love for MAC Cosmetics & specially for their eye shadows.I am a total addict to MAC Eye shades..If someone ever thinks of sending me a Gift Please send me MAC Eye Shades :D

Today I am sharing my MAC Eyeshades/Pigments that I have collected for some time.Though its not a HUGE collection bt still I am proud of every single one :)

Ok lets get to My Collection now :
So here are the names:

Two of them are the PIGMENTS:

Eye shadows INDIVIDUAL Ones:
1. Amber Lights 
2. Sketch
6.Beauty Marked

Eye shadows in the the Quad Palette :
1. Top Row left is Tempting
2. Top Row right is Mythology
3. Lower row left is Humid
4. Lower row right is Honey Lust 

Lets Get to the Swatches now:

Different Finishes of MAC eye shadows
 ~ Frost - Its got iridescent frosty shine finish e.g AMBER LIGHTS
 ~ Lustre - smoothly pearlized; intensely frosted finish e.g MYTHOLOGY,
 ~ Matte -high color payoff in a no-shine matte finish e.g CARBON
 ~ Satin – satiny, demi-matte with a subtle sheen finish
 ~Veluxe - superfine pigment rich, silky smooth matte finish
 ~Veluxe Pearl - velvety soft metallic, overlaid with high-shine pearl finish
 ~Velvet - soft velvety finish with high color payoff e.g MULCH

How do I find MAC eye shades:

M·A·C Eye Shadow contains a special blend of ingredients to provide even application and adhesion to the skin.They are comfortable to wear & also have  vitamin E as an antioxidant.
I love the different textures and finishes of MAC shades.They are very long lasting and stay in place even without an eye shadow base or primer but when a base is used the colors come out even better.I am sure that MAC Cosmetics make the best eye shadows ever.Though they are priced towards the higher end like PRS 1900 TO 2100 at different stores bt all I have to say is that each one is worth the price & they speak for themselves when applied to the eyes.

How do I find MAC Pigments :

M.A.C Pigments are made of highly concentrated loose powder.They are said to be long lasting & are easily blended.Used along with a few drops of water creates a great finish.They can also be used as a base color for the normal MAC Eye shadows.But if I was given the choice i would buy simple eye shadows rather than pigments from MAC.

Which MAC eye shades have you used and which are your favorites.My most fav shade is AMBER LIGHTS.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Stay Happy Always,




  1. carbon and humid are my all time favorite eye have a very nice collection.

  2. this is a lovely collection :)

  3. lucky girl for having such huge collection of MAC :)

  4. Beautiful colors :-) I have two MAC eyeshadows I bought at a blog sale, but I was not overly impressed, well, maybe the not so impressive pigment and staying power were the reason they ended up in a blog sale in the first place, so I will give MAC the benefit of doubt, LOL although the ugly truth is that I just can't afford MAC at full price ;-)

  5. Thank U Madame Hot Lips, Dalaluz & Sidrah

    DalaLuz I dont know y the MAC Eyeshadows behaved that way.Usually they have great staying power!

  6. Awesome! these swatches are great and the colors are beautiful!:)a very informative post along with pictures makes things much more clear and easier to understand.Love your choices!!!!Mac does a fantastic jobs showcasing beautiful highly pigmented eyeshadows.I am so tempted to buy it !! I love this post.:) Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. I love carbon, enjoyed the post =)



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