Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~NOTD :O.P.I No Spain No Gain ~

Hello Lovlies,

How have you girls been?I have been a little bit busy for some days.

Today finally I am here to share with you my latest NOTD.

So here it is:

                                                                 Taken in Day light

Its called No Spain no gain from O.P.I Spanish collection of Fall 2009 that celebrates the beauty of a country rich in art & culture.

Isnt it the season of plums so why not wear such a lovely plum shade on your nails mmm...

I am totally in love with this shade and I am impressed by the opaque texture of this nail color.1 coat is even opaque enough but two are always better for me.This color is very close to the color to the color of plum and berries.I didnt had plums or berries so I combined it with a pair of cherries :)
Taken in room light

O.P.I is always very durable and long lasting.The polish dries out really fast and survives even without applying a base or top coat for some days.Its applicator works out really smooth and the polish gets a great finish.As I mentioned in my earlier post it is expensive compared to other nail colors but then it is O.P.I ! I love it and am looking forward to buy a couple of more shades soon.

O.P.I is available at D.Watson in Islamabad,Naheed's in Karachi & some salons in Lahore.In Islamabad you can try the shades at the O.P.I counter at D.Watson Blue Area.Its priced at Rs.825/-

So girls what are your favorite nail colors these days?

Thanks for reading.

Stay Happy Always.




  1. Opi nail polishes are like my new obessesion . It's pity that in Lahore they are available at salons not store which makes them little hard to access . I might get some . Because we don't hve opi where I live . Love this shade :)

  2. WOW! this looks so pretty on you :) Love this shade

  3. thats a bright shade! nice! im actually not a nail polish person.. but its nice! wana try something like this on my nails too!


  4. so lovely and bright!! love it :)

  5. Nice color:) Pinks always make the nails look so beautiful:)



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