Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hello Lovlies

This is a post about SEDONA LACE Make up Brushes.

Sedona Lace makes & offers  very good quality Cosmetic Brushes & lovely Eye shadow palettes at affordable prices.

Have a look at this 12 Piece Professional Make up Brushes set:)

Aren't they pretty!! 

I am pretty sure that each pretty lady would want not one such make up brush but all of these to add beauty to their vanity tables.I also want to own these as this is a perfect kit and it includes all the essential brushes for the eyes,lips & face:)

The brushes included in this kit are as follows:

Powder Brush 376
This sculpted brush head with natural bristles, allows for more precise placement.
Great rounded top for "all over" application of loose powder.
Duo Fibre Brush 813
This brush is known to add the finish of an "airbrush look" when using liquid foundation, not the best brush for creme foundations.
The great natural bristles of this brush help with the application of blush, also used as a highlight brush.
Foundation Brush 727
The synthetic bristles on this brush are non-absorbing to help keep your foundation on your face and not on the brush!
Tapered Oval head gently helps to blend the foundation into place.
Works well with any Liquid/creme products, but works best with Sedona Lace's 10 color camouflage concealer palette.
Large Angled Contour Brush 850
This angled shaped brush works best when used for applying blushes.
Used to apply cheek contour, could also be used wet as a foundation brush.
These natural bristles are best when used with Sedona Lace's Contour and Blush Palette.
Concealer Brush 954
This Rounded flat shaped, thin precision tip brush with synthetic bristles allows flawless application of cream or liquid concealers underneath the eye or in hard to reach areas, like the inner eye or lash-line.
Medium Angled Shading Brush 407
This angled shape, yet flat with natural bristles brush, is best used underneath the eyebrow and inner corners of the eyes.
Also great use for blending shadows outwards.
Small Angled Brush 561
This stiff natural bristled brush is angled to help create the perfect eye brow when filling in.
This is an essential brush when applying gel or creme eyeliner.
Large Shader Brush 941
This flat shaped brush is ideal for applying eye shadow primer and creme formulas.
Could also be used for concealers in precise areas.
Natural bristles.
Tapered Blending Brush 863
This brush has a rounded and tapered top and a perfect size for applying and blending an all over shadow.
Packs color into the lip and also blends for a soft result.
These natural designed bristles are best when used with Sedona Lace's Ulta shimmer 88 palette/matte 88 palette and the 120 pro palette first edition.
Pencil Brush 904
This brush is name of natural bristles and is perfect for smudging out eye liner
Great for applying color in the crease and outer corner of the eye.
This brush can easily create a gorgeous 'smokey eye' look.
Eye Shading Brush 305
This brush has a soft rounded top to helps apply loose eye shadows and pigments.
Ideal for packing on a lot of pigment and keeping an intense color.
Natural bristles.
Eyeliner Brush 772
This extra fine brush with natural bristles helps give a precise line when applying liner.

This kit is so reasonably priced at $49 and you can order it here

For more details on brushes and other products you can also visit SEDONA LACE at www.sedonalace.com

On Face book you can visit them here & on Twitter here.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Stay Happy Always.



  1. These brushes look so cute :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. The set is so pretty =) I didn't realize they were $50.00 I'm going to have to look for a review on them and see if they're worth purchasing.

    found you via BeautyStat's self-promotion saturday =)

  3. Oh Thanks to BeautyStat then :)If you buy do share your experience with me :)



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