Saturday, July 30, 2011

~ Review:Sigma Travel kit Naughty in Black ~

Hi Girls

How are u doing! Are u planning any holidays soon.Its summer season so mostly people do plan a little vacation every now and then.Travelling is exciting but packing up stuff to be taken along can be difficult sometimes.I believe that for us ladies one of the most important stuff to be taken along is our makeup & make up brushes.I usually try to travel light but mostly I fail as I stuff my make up bag with loads of stuff and brushes.But now I am sure I can travel light with some make up & this beauty that I am going to review today!

Its the Sigma Travel Kit Naughty in Black!I was sent this by Sigma for review.

The Travel Kit Naughty in Black contains seven essential brushes to achieve a flawless look on the go. Take Naughty in Black to your favorite travel destination or keep it in your purse for a quick touch-up during the day or an evening out on the town. All brushes are individually stored in a stylish metallic black clutch equipped with a convenient pouch to carry all your must-have makeup items. 

First of all I really appreciate the packaging of the brush kit by Sigma.I loved the purple pouch with all the leaflets and care instructions for the travel kit.And to add to my happiness was a Gift i.e the Sigma F30 Large powder brush tucked up in a similar but small purple pouch.

The brush roll is made up of soft rexine leather like cloth with 7 individual places for the seven brushes that come with it.In the middle is a zipper section where you can stuff some make up essentials like lipglosses or kajals.I would love to store my Beautyuk palette in it though.The kit has a magnet inside the rexine stuff and it doesnt show up on the outside.We just fold it and there it is safe & sound!Its size is the same as a small handy clutch bag.Its material and magnet clasp makes it easier for us to pack it in our hand bag while on the go.

The three largest brushes come with brush guard while the smaller ones are easliy protected by the help of the rexine flap that covers the tops.

The gift brush also comes with a brush guard.

Lets get to the brushes:There are 7 brushes in it.5 of them are natural haired & 2 of them are synthetic.

Pencil - E30 - Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, and upper and lower lash line. Also ideal to smudge out pencil liner. Natural bristles. 
My thoughts about it: This is a wonder brush specially made for precise smudging of the eye shadow on the crease and outer V.

Tapered Blending - E40 - Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles.
My thoughts about it: Its natural bristles are very soft to work with & the trick is to blend a little eye shadow in first go and then build on.

Eye Shading - E55 - Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Natural bristles. 
My thoughts about it:The thing I love most about this brush are the short & neatly packed fine bristles.Good to be used with everyday eye shadows,eye pigments & loose eye shadows.It has a thicker handle as compared to the other smaller brushes in the kit.

Concealer - F70 - The rounded, tampered, flat shape makes this brush ideal to conceal the under eye area. It is also recommended for a precise application in small areas. Synthetic bristles.
My thoughts about it:This brush has the look of a mini foundation brush .Its very useful to apply and work on liquid or stick concealers.The soft bristles helps in great blending & smooth finish.This is the 2nd brush in the smaller brush lot with a thicker handle.A similar brush of The Body Shop is here for comparision.

Large Powder - F30 - Very dense with a rounded top. Ideal to apply powder products on face and body. Natural bristles. 
My thoughts about it:Its a mini sized Large powder brush.Though I would prefer to have a powder brush with a bigger handle still it will do to be used on the go.Here is a comparision with Revlon professional Large powder brush.

Large Angled Contour - F40 - The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades. Natural bristles. 
My thoughts about it: This is my favorite brush in the kit.This is also my first countouring brush.Firstly I was worried about using this brush but I noted that the angled side helps in precise application of the bronzer or the countouring powder.The bristles are very firm so try picking small amount of powder with it.

Foundation - F60 - Can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation. It is also recommended to apply moisturizers and conceal large areas. Synthetic bristles.
My thoughts about it:This brush is a very close dupe for MAC's 190 .I have placed them both together so you can have a better view.I can not say that its just as good as the MAC one but still it is a much affordable one.

 After using this kit for about a month I am really loving it.Its perfect for travelling and if I want I can remove a brush or 2 that I dont want and drop in some other brush I want to take with me.Its a great value for money product as it is priced at $49.I consider this very reasonable for the quality that Sigma is providing us with.Buy it once and you ll not regret your decision.

If you want to order click here.It is also available in a Pink shade.
For more information on Sigma click here & to find them on Facebook click here.
Thanks for reading.
Any comments & queries are welcomed.
Stay Happy Always.

Monday, July 25, 2011

piCture pOlish blog fest :Creating a Scene Wearing "OPAL" today!!

Hello Lovlies

Well today is the day: PICTURE POLISH BLOG FEST !!

Let me introduce you to Picture Polish first of all:

 is an Australian Brand & makes lovely nail colors of a wonderful quality.

Let's hear what  has to say about itself:

our nail polish is better than chocolate! It's Australian Made, 100% fat free and has no artificial fragrances or flavours! A week on your tips and never on your hips!
 piCture pOlish was created when two girls dream't of giving their family & friends a thank you gift that would capture a special occasion. What better way to relive a moment than with a personalised nailpolish, that was quirky & vibrant, that stands out from the rest!

I have been very excited for a long time since I heard about this BLOG FEST !Today different shades of piCture pOlish nail colors are being swatched and posted all over the world.I am sure its a very bright & colorful day everywhere.
Ok so now lets get to the nail color by Picture Polish that I am swatching today.
Its called OPAL & this belongs to the family of metallic shades from Picture Polish.Here is a swatch for you:

Its a perfect Gunmetal Black shade with a decent spray of glitters to catch the attention of the eye.This spring and summer has all been about Neon and metallic shades in bronze,gunmetal gold etc.I have been looking for a Black nail color recently & thats why I was so happy when I came to know that I have been allotted this lovely shade I must say BLACK is the New BLACK!

This shade is very opaque & even when I applied a single coat it looked great but for a more dramatic effect I have applied two coats.The nail color dries really fast and thus a perfectly smooth finish is achieved.The brush and applicator are really light and easy to handle & provide a great grip.I have finished it of with a transparent coat to seal it and to let it stay longer.It does stay absolutely fine for 5-6 days :)Here is s swatch of the nail color in day light.This nail color is priced at $9.90.

Here is a closer look at the bottle .I specially love the cute tag lines on different nail colors by Picture Polish like the tagline of OPAL says THIS LITTLE GEM COULD BE YOURS OR MINE !!

You can visit Picture Polish here & on Facebook here.The good thing is this that they ship Internationally.

What do you say about this shade ?Which other shades do you like by Picture Polish?Keep an eye open for the other shades of Picture Polish being swatched today!

Would love to hear from you girls.

Thanks & Have fun!!



Thursday, July 21, 2011

~ Review: Sweet Treat Cosmetics ~

Hello Sweeties !

So how is the week going on?

Well I am here to share something really sweet with all of you!

Its a review on Sweet Treat Cosmetics. I was sent this by the owner of the company herself for review & I must say she is a sweet lady.She packed this surprise for me and I loved it absolutely.
Here is what I got:

Here at Sweet Treat Cosmetics, we specialize in mineral make up and yummy flavored lipglosses to make you look your best!
Everything we 'bake up' here is named after your favorite delicious treats!
I was sent the following products:

Chocolate Lip Gloss
~ Icing Eye shadow 5gm jar
~ Blue Raspberry Eye shadow 5gm jar
Licorice Eye shadow Sample bag
Blueberry Tart Eye shadow Sample bag
~ Mochi Eye shadow Sample bag
~ Chocolate Mousse Eye shadow Sample bag


Sweet Treat Cosmetics describes it as:
A smooth, glittery lip gloss infused with lanolin and chocolate flavoring. This lip gloss will leave your lips feeling silky, but not sticky--and add a subtle hint of color, shimmer and a beautiful shine to your lips.
This product is VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE!

What I have to say about this CHOCOLATE LIPGLOSS:
This is such a gorgeous & heavenly smelling treat for the lips just like chocolate itself.Its a chocolate brown shade with glitter in it.When I apply it on the lips it feels like I have applied a coating of melted chocolate on my lips.It tastes a bit like chocolate as well.The size of the gloss is neither too big nor too small.Its quite reasonably sized at 5.9ml tube and priced at $5.
Here is a swatch of the Lip gloss

                          Doesnt it look just like melted chocolate!

Ok so now lets get to the eye shadows:
Sweet Treat Cosmetics describes these as:
Icing Eye shadow : A beautiful, softy rosy pink with tons of shimmer and dark pink glitter. This color is not vegan and is lip safe.
Blue Raspberry Eye shadow: A deep, crisp blue packed with shimmer. This color is vegan, and is not lip safe!
 Licorice Eye shadow: A smooth, charcoal black with holographic glitter. This color is vegan and is lip safe.
 Blueberry Tart Eye shadow : A softer, true blue packed with shimmer. This color is vegan, and is not lip safe.
 Mochi Eye shadow: A pastel, sparkly green with green and pink glitter. This color is not vegan and is not lip safe
Chocolate Mousse Eye shadow: A rich, deep chocolate brown with caramel undertones and gold glitter! This color is vegan and is lip safe.

 The eye shadows that I recieved in 5gm jars are Icing & Blue Raspberry.Icing is a soft girly pink shade with loads of shimmer & Blue Raspberry is Navy Blue shade with hint of glitter.The packaging of these 5gm jars is really cute.They are for $5 each.The name for the shade and ingredients are present in detail on the back of these jars.

The eye shadows that I recieved in sample bags are Licorice,Blue Berry Tart,Mochi & Chocolate Mousse.The Licorice is a charcoal black with glitter.Blueberry Tart is a lovely bright blue with shimmer.Mochi is a pistachio greenish shade with loads of glitter & Chocolate Mousse is chocolate shade with golden sparkles.These sample bags are for $1 each and they contain quite a sufficient amount for $1 .Out of these colors Icing & Mochi are the most sparkly.My favorite among these is Chocolate Mousse because of the richness of the color.The name & ingredients are at the front of each sample bag.

Overall all of them are very richly pigmented,smooth and soft to apply & full of different kinds of sparkles.As I always say they would do even better with a good eye shadow base.In these swatches I havent used an eye shadow base & still the pay off of the colors is so good & I must add they are all single swatched.

                     From L to R:Icing,Blue Raspberry,Licorice,Blueberry tart,Mochi,Chocolate Mousse.
                                  ( single swiped without an eye shadow base or primer)

I would recommend you to go get these little sweet treats for yourself & u ll definitely love them.Oh yes another important thing is that there is a weekly Flavor of the month where the original price of a chosen product is cut down into half & that special product is 50% off all week.Isnt that great!

You  can reach Sweet Treat Cosmetics here & on Facebook here.The good thing is they ship worldwide.

Any comments & queries are welcomed.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Happy Always.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~Review:Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser~

Hello Lovlies,
Well how are summers proceeding?
Summers are though enjoyable but there are some things that must be taken care of during this scorching heat.
Due to the heat one of the major effects is on our skin while we go out and wander around.Some important things to be taken care of for healthy looking skin in summers is a good sunscreen,tons of water to keep it hydrated and a good cleanser to remove all the dirt & impurities that clog our pores and keep them from breathing.
So today I am reviewing a Cleanser & it is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser.I was sent this by the company for review.


Our products really work on every skin type by harnessing the potent powers of the finest quality ingredients. They can really make a positive difference to the health and appearance of your skin.


We only make one cleanser because this formulation is the ultimate in concentrated yet gentle cleansing power and works on every age and skin type.
Our plant-based cleanser has a 2-phase action, phase 1 is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make-up, even stubborn mascara.
Phase 2 is the polishing. Polish off the cream using the pure muslin cloth to help gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.
Naturally active ingredients include eucalyptus and cocoa butter for smoother, clearer skin.

This is the starter kit that comes in a 100 ml pump bottle with two muslin clothes wrapped up neatly in a zipped pouch.I also recieved some booklets and brochures with it with details about other Liz Earle products and their prices.It also includes a cleansing guide with instructions.

I have been using this product since last week when I got it.The process is very easy.We pump some amount of the cream cleanser and massage it all over the face in a typical massage movement i.e small circular motions.This cleanser absorbs into the skin as it was never applied.The next step is to run Hot water onto the muslin cloth,rinse it and clean the face with the help of the damp steamy cloth,making sure that for each part of the face a fresh part of the cloth is used.Lastly when the face is wiped clean with the cloth let it dry naturally or towel dry it.

The result of this product on my skin has been excellent.The cleanser effectively cleanses the skin and it feels as a dead skin layer has been removed and a new layer has emerged from underneath.This cleanser has helped in removing some of my very stubborn black heads that had been hiding somewhere.Now when I have used it for some days the most important thing that I have noticed is that my skin is extremely soft to touch & the skin tone is even & smooth i.e no open pores are felt here & there.As promised this product removes all traces of make up and any dirt & impurities that clog the pores.The muslin clothes helps in exfoliating the dead skin cells as well.At first the cloth may seem a bit harsh to use on the skin but after washing it once it is softer and smooth on the skin.This cleanser has a very cool menthol like fragrance to it & after using it you feel like you had a mini spa treatment:)
My skin feels like breathing after using this product & when I say this I am not exagerrating.No wonder it is a multi award winning cleanser featured every now and then.
Here are some of the many awards this product has been selected for:

Here are the ingrediants that are present in the cleanser:
~ Cocoa Butter

~ Hops extract
~Rosemary Essential Oil/Extract

~ Chamomile Essential Oil/Extract

~ Eucalyptus Essential Oil

~ D-panthenol

~ Glycerin

~ Beeswax
I am overall in love with cleanser and its part of my daily routine whether I wear make up or not during the day its a must to use it once during the day.I think its worth a try.This will not disappoint you.All the natural ingrediants make this product a treat for the skin.Its available online & is priced at £13.25 for a 100ml starter kit.For rest of the prices and sizes click here .The good news is that they ship worldwide.

You can reach Liz Earle here & on facebook here

Any comments and queries are welcomed.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Stay Happy Always.



Friday, July 15, 2011

~ An Exciting Haul @ BeautyUK ~

Hello Girls,

Today I am sharing with you my recent online haul with you.

Its been quite a time I have did a haul post.Though I have been doing some mini hauls but this one is a huge one for me.This time its from BeautyUK & thats why I have to term it an online haul.

Ok here is what I hauled!!

The products are as follows:
1.BeautyUK Shatter polish in Punk
2.BeautyUK Shatter polish in Goth
3.BeautyUK Shatter polish in Glam Rock
4.BeautyUK Shatter polish in Night Fever
5.BeautyUK Nail Polish Set in Midnight Minx
6.BeautyUK Eye shadow palette in  Earth Child
7.BeautyUK Liplust in Playboy

Lets zoom into the products:

So what do you think.I am really excited to try out the products,do some NOTD's & EOTD's soon with these lovely colors.

You can order yourself at BeautyUK,they ship worldwide & the thing I loved best about them is that my package was delivered in 4 working days!

So girls what do you want for yourselves from this lovely & reasonable brand!!I would love to know!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Happy Always,



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~ Review: Sleek Mediterranean Collection:Monaco Palette ~

Hi My lovlies,

What a lovely day today & what a coincidence I am reviewing a lovely product today as well.

Any guesses about it ..Oh you lovely ladies already know what it is !! How clever :)

Ok its the Monaco Palette by SLEEK.As you all know that SLEEK is famous for its palettes.This was the first time I ever ordered Sleek & a Sleek Palette.The Mediterranean collection came out in June this year and it includes the Santorini blush, Monte Carlo lip conditioner and Monaco palette.I wanted to order the blush in the beginning but later on at a closer inspection I thought that it was a bit too bright for me.Anyways I ordered the Monaco palette and here it is.

First of all I am really in love with the packaging and the sleekness of the palette.I think it looks very elegant.It has Mediterranean collection printed at its top as well and for those who own a couple of Sleek palettes to find it without opening all of them ;)
The back of the palette is quite colorful though with the Sleek i-divine Insignia and some more info there.

Ok so now lets get to what lies inside of this palette.As it was a part of the Mediterranean collection,just having a look at the shades in there compel me to go to a holiday in the Mediterranean region and take this with me.The colors consist of blues, greens,browns & coppers & they all remind me of the Blues and greens of the water,browns of the beaches and the tanned skin & coppers for the sun shine!
There are 12 shades in the palette both matte & shimmery.Majority of them are matte.There is a large mirror set up inside like all the other Sleek palettes & also there is an applicator with it.I love the way all the colors are named accordingly.Lets have a closer look at the eye shadows.

Here are the swatches of the whole palette,these are without an eye shadow base and are single swiped.

Top Row(L to R) Bamboo, Aquamarine, Midnight, Garden, Sunset, Washed Ashore, Magenta Madness.

Bottom Row(L to R) Summer Breeze, Sand Walker, Kiwi Zest, Lotus Flower, Humming Bird, Moors Treasure
~Bamboo - Matte shade.Good for highlighting purpose,nearly same as my skin tone 
~Aquamarine turquoise green matte shade,good to be used as an all over eye color
~Midnight Gardennavy blue matte shade well pigmented and can be used best to add depth to the outer V 
~Sunset - Red with orange tone,nicely pigmented and great for all over eye color.
~`Washed Ashore - orange matte shade 
~Magenta MadnessPink matte shade a bit less pigmented than the others still pretty

~Summer Breeze -  turquoise matte shade,can be used to brighten the inner corner of the eye or lower lash line
~Sand Walker matte nude shade, still dont know how to make the best of it!I am not very happy with the outcome of this shade. 
~Kiwi Zest - lime green shimmery shade with great pigmentation
~Lotus Flower - lilac shimmery shade with great pigmentation
~Hummingbird -aqua shimmery shade great pigmentation
~Moors Treasure  wine colored matte shade with good pigmentation can be best used to create an outer V.
Overall I am quite satisfied by the colors and there pigmentation.Offcourse as all eye shadows they will do even better with a good eye shadow base and will stay longer too.I ll soon be doing some eye makeup looks and will share them with you.
I ordered it through International Makeup in Pakistan & am thankful to them that they provide access to those brands which are unavailable to our Desi Girls here.If you want to order it you can order through them and a safe and sound delivery is ensured as well.
Rest of you can order through Sleek website for $10.50 & they ship worldwide.

Tell me which Sleek palettes do you own & what you think about this one.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Happy Always.




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