Friday, July 15, 2011

~ An Exciting Haul @ BeautyUK ~

Hello Girls,

Today I am sharing with you my recent online haul with you.

Its been quite a time I have did a haul post.Though I have been doing some mini hauls but this one is a huge one for me.This time its from BeautyUK & thats why I have to term it an online haul.

Ok here is what I hauled!!

The products are as follows:
1.BeautyUK Shatter polish in Punk
2.BeautyUK Shatter polish in Goth
3.BeautyUK Shatter polish in Glam Rock
4.BeautyUK Shatter polish in Night Fever
5.BeautyUK Nail Polish Set in Midnight Minx
6.BeautyUK Eye shadow palette in  Earth Child
7.BeautyUK Liplust in Playboy

Lets zoom into the products:

So what do you think.I am really excited to try out the products,do some NOTD's & EOTD's soon with these lovely colors.

You can order yourself at BeautyUK,they ship worldwide & the thing I loved best about them is that my package was delivered in 4 working days!

So girls what do you want for yourselves from this lovely & reasonable brand!!I would love to know!

Thanks for reading,

Stay Happy Always,




  1. Oh! I am so jealous. I badly want the shatter polishes. :| Cant wait for all your beautyuk chic NOTDs. =D

  2. wow thats quite a HAUL. :)BeautyUK Nail Polish Set in Midnight Minx look so pretty

  3. WOWWW!!What a superawesome getting J.

  4. amazing haul..... :d

  5. Lovely haul! Love everything you ordered. 4 working days? Really? That's awesome

  6. Thanks Rabeeyah ,Yes I was surprised too as I ordered on a Friday and on Tuesday I had it!

  7. Everything looks so cute :D :D Cant wait to see more off these products :)

    Love Christine ♥

  8. wao awesome too need shatter polishes... :( every thing is great

  9. Gotta love BeautyUK!! very awesome haul!

  10. Thanks a lot Girls yes I am in love with BeautyUk products as well:)

  11. I love it.. i think i will check their page too :)

  12. u look like a bg nail paint fan ..nice one



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