Monday, July 25, 2011

piCture pOlish blog fest :Creating a Scene Wearing "OPAL" today!!

Hello Lovlies

Well today is the day: PICTURE POLISH BLOG FEST !!

Let me introduce you to Picture Polish first of all:

 is an Australian Brand & makes lovely nail colors of a wonderful quality.

Let's hear what  has to say about itself:

our nail polish is better than chocolate! It's Australian Made, 100% fat free and has no artificial fragrances or flavours! A week on your tips and never on your hips!
 piCture pOlish was created when two girls dream't of giving their family & friends a thank you gift that would capture a special occasion. What better way to relive a moment than with a personalised nailpolish, that was quirky & vibrant, that stands out from the rest!

I have been very excited for a long time since I heard about this BLOG FEST !Today different shades of piCture pOlish nail colors are being swatched and posted all over the world.I am sure its a very bright & colorful day everywhere.
Ok so now lets get to the nail color by Picture Polish that I am swatching today.
Its called OPAL & this belongs to the family of metallic shades from Picture Polish.Here is a swatch for you:

Its a perfect Gunmetal Black shade with a decent spray of glitters to catch the attention of the eye.This spring and summer has all been about Neon and metallic shades in bronze,gunmetal gold etc.I have been looking for a Black nail color recently & thats why I was so happy when I came to know that I have been allotted this lovely shade I must say BLACK is the New BLACK!

This shade is very opaque & even when I applied a single coat it looked great but for a more dramatic effect I have applied two coats.The nail color dries really fast and thus a perfectly smooth finish is achieved.The brush and applicator are really light and easy to handle & provide a great grip.I have finished it of with a transparent coat to seal it and to let it stay longer.It does stay absolutely fine for 5-6 days :)Here is s swatch of the nail color in day light.This nail color is priced at $9.90.

Here is a closer look at the bottle .I specially love the cute tag lines on different nail colors by Picture Polish like the tagline of OPAL says THIS LITTLE GEM COULD BE YOURS OR MINE !!

You can visit Picture Polish here & on Facebook here.The good thing is this that they ship Internationally.

What do you say about this shade ?Which other shades do you like by Picture Polish?Keep an eye open for the other shades of Picture Polish being swatched today!

Would love to hear from you girls.

Thanks & Have fun!!




  1. very pretty.. looking too good

  2. lovely colour....very edge-y!!!

  3. Wow! Mystical black ♥ You got a great shade.

  4. shades of black in make up :)just too good

  5. This look absolutely gorgeous. I love the richness of the dark color.PP is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands! Thank You areej <3 it



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