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~ Review: Mattify Mineral Cosmetics ~

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How have all of you been girls?
Today I have a review for you and its a mineral make up review.
These samples were sent to me by MATTIFY MINERAL COSMETICS for review.

First of all a little introduction to Mattify Cosmetics:
Oily skin requires products with built-in oil control.  Mattify! Cosmetics provide you with makeup for oily skin that contains an oil absorbent kaolin clay base - to continuously soak up oil all day long.  Kaolin Clay is a natural clay that absorbs an astonishing 3x its weight in oil.
Here are the products:

These are:
1.Mattify ULTRA tinted powder in Fair/Med (Left upper row)
2.Mattify Senstive transparent powder  (Right upper row)
3.Mattify sparkling eye shadow in Summer Storm (Left lower row)
4.Mattify sparkling eye shadow in Lucky Penny (Right lower row)

 ~Mattify ULTRA tinted powder in Fair/Med ~

Mattify describes it as:

Now you can control oil, whilealso concealing blemishes! Our tinted formulas contain the same oil absorbing ingredients found in Mattify! Ultra, with a hint of color, to give you a flawless & even complexion.Mattify! Tinted Powder for Oily Skin is one of the only tinted mineral powders available in a formula free of skin irritants such as Mica, Bismuth & Talc..

Mattify! Tinted Powder can be used in three ways:
  • As concealer: to spot-cover blemishes or freckling
  • Alone: to even out skin tone while blurring pores and fine lines
  • Over foundation: for long lasting makeup and poreless, even finish
What I have to say about it:
This is a tinted mineral powder that I applied here on my hand to show in a clearer way.Its purpose is to control shine.I have OILY SKIN thats why I have been able to analyse this powder in every perspective.It minimizes the appearance of pores and covers blemishes well enough.In this picture I have worn it over my entire upper hand portion and the difference that you see in the tone is because on the lower side I have applied the transparent powder & then the mineral tinted powder.To me it gives a better,clean and soft look when used with the transparent powder.If worn alone its coverage is buildable and though it appears light on the skin but still gives great coverage.Its staying power is around 2 hours but with the transparent powder it can last for a double period of time.I am overall satisfied with it.Its 30 gm jar is priced at $16.50 which is a bit pricier for me compared to other drugstore brands available in Pakistan.

~Mattify Senstive transparent powder~

Mattify describes it as:
We offer three different versions of Mattify! Transparent Powder for Oily Skin, to suit your individual skin care needs.  Choose from Mattify! Original, Sensitive, or ULTRA. Each of the 3 formulas will absorb oil from your face whileprotecting pores from foundation, and preventing makeup meltdown.   

The entire line of Mattify! Transparent Powder
can be worn four different ways:
*Alone to minimize redness, pores & acne, while also absorbing oil
*Before foundation as primer to prevent acne & protect pores from makeup
*After foundation to create an airbrushed poreless finish and help makeup last
*BEFORE  and AFTER foundation for maximum oil absorption and skin clarity
What I have to say about it:

I would rather say i Love this transparent powder better than the tinted powder.It provides for the need of a good primer prior to foundation whether liquid or powder.It appears very whitish in the sample bag and I was worried that how it would appear on the skin but I was surprised to see that when it blends well into the skin it not only appears as a base but adds glow to the skin.Here you can spot the difference on my hand with and without the transparent powder.It controls shine on oily skins like me and minimizes the open pores.When this powder is applied with a liquid foundation it gives a very matte look.It is highly recommended to people with oily skin looking for a good primer.This powder is priced at $10.99 for a 30 gm jar.

~.Mattify sparkling eye shadows~
Mattify describes it as:

Ever notice that your eyeshadow disappears half way through the day? If
you have oily skin, this is a common problem. Without the proper base,eyeshadow does not adhere to the skin & as a result, you get streaky shadow that fades fast. 
Mattify! Long Lasting Eye Shadows all contain the same Kaolin Clay mixture as Mattify! Original Powder - giving them a superb oil absorbing base and staying power. 
Long Lasting Eye Shadow can be worn as:
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye Liner
  • Lip Gloss
  • Nail Polish 

The shades sent to me for review are these:

These are priced at $4.99 for a 5gm jar.

~Mattify sparkling eye shadow in Summer Storm~

Mattify describes it as:
A hazy medium grey with bright sheen – creates a beautiful smoky eye when used dry, or an awesome foiled metallic liner when applied wet. 
What I have to say about it:
This is a metallic grey color & can be used both dry & wet for eye shadow purpose whereas can be worn wet for an eyeliner purpose.Here I have swatched them without an eyeshadow base and I would like to say that its necessary to apply a base to make them appear more pigmented and to make them last longer.

~Mattify sparkling eye shadow in Lucky Penny~
Mattify describes it as:
Metallic copper with gleaming hints of gold.  Trade in your boring brown shadow for this flirty coppery tint! 
What I have to say about it:
This is a copper shade with more of a orange hue to it.The sparkles in it make the shade shine in sunlight.It appeared to be very different when swatched than the color that appeared inside the sample bag.I thought it would be more of a copper but it turned out to be more orange for me.When used wet its better than dry version.
Here I have tried to use both the colors as nail colors using a transparent top coat nail polish mixed with a bit of eye shadow and it came out like this!
What do you think of it?I think I would better use them as eye shadows only :)

Overall I would recommened these mineral cosmetics to people with oily & senstive skin.You can visit Mattify Cosmetics here & on FB here.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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  1. Wow beautiful colors n <3 ur trick with the nails :)

  2. These colors are really beautiful, great review ^_^

    Love Christine ♥

  3. The swatches look lovely. Glad to know they really give mattifying results :) <3

  4. Lovely review Areej! Thanks :)
    Would love if you visited.



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