Monday, December 5, 2011

~Review:Pink & White Beaded Bracelet from Charm Factory~

Hello Sweet Girls!
What comes into your mind when you say Beautiful!!Well Beauty doesnt only come with make up but it can be acquired by 1000's of different ways...Sometimes you stay simple yet you look beautiful Well I guess that is your inner beauty expressing itself:)
Ok lets be practical when you are preparing for a wedding/party/a night out what else is there that makes you look pretty other than Makeup! Yes it can be the way you dress ,the way you carry your accessories & what jewellery you are wearing..
As Jewellery is part of our daily beauty routine I am today reviewing a lovely piece of Bracelet for you.
 I recieved it in my mail a couple of days ago from the CHARM FACTORY for review.Here it is:
We feature almost 5000 high quality, unique sterling silver charms, bracelets, beads and more.Silver charm bracelets are so easy to personalize. Start by choosing a charm bracelet (or necklace). Then add as many .925 sterling silver charms as you like. Each charm comes with a free jump ring to attach it to your bracelet.
Our charms and beads are .925 sterling silver and manufactured in the United States, all lead and nickel free. Our pewter charms are also nickel and lead free. Charm Factory products do not contain cadmium, which is a concern with some products made in Asia. (The jump rings attached to our pewter charms do contain a small amount of nickel. A few imports that we do not make here, like some chains from Italy, are noted in product details.)

~The Pink And White Beaded Bracelet~
One end screws off
Material: Silver Plated Brass 
Lead free pewter
Assembled in the USA 
Pewter beads - Made in the USA 
Bracelet and glass beads - Imported
Bracelet Length: 8 inches (also available in  7 1/2 inches and 9 inches )
Price: $17.99
The service at Charm Factory is really good.I recieved this bracelet within 9 working days.The boxed bracelet was not only packed up in a usual brown envelope but then packed again in a customized shipping envelope.The bracelet comes neatly packed up in a white box.I can say that its packaging is so perfect for gift purposes.Anything from Charm Factory can make a great gift!

This bracelet is made of three kinds of beads Glass,Pewter & Enamel.I specially love the intricate flowers on the enamel beads.I chose this one out of their beaded range because I love PINK & I loved its combination.It can nearly go with any dress I wear because of its color combination.I would love to wear a silver watch to add some Chink to this Bracelet though it looks very pretty alone too.
Here is a shot of it on my hand:

My bracelet is 8" long but it is also available in size 7 1/2 " & 8".
I am seriously loving this bracelet.Usually when it comes to wearing jewellery I am more of a bracelet & ring person so I guess I would be wearing this bracelet very often.

The beads are looped on a silver tone chain with a clasp at one end to secure it together.
Charm Factory is a one stop online store for anything you want.It has European Style Bracelets & Beads,Charms,Chains,Rings,Necklaces etc.You can even design a personalized bracelet choosing different beads & also can personalize as a gift for someone special!
For more Details visit Charm Factory here:
You can also find them on Facebook,Twitter &Youtube.

I have a great news for you.
CHARM FACTORY was kind enough to sponser a New Year Giveaway for my blog.
So do you want to win a bracelet for yourself.Head on here to Enter my Giveaway!
All the best!!



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