Wednesday, May 9, 2012

~Back to Blogging with a Special Post~

Hello My Lovlies !!

How have you been?Its been long since I said HELLO!!
Some of you may have known the reason of my absence from the Blogging scene others may not...
Yes I have become a Mommy now MASHALLAH:)
I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy on the 26th of Jan 2012.

My world has become so beautiful since then filled with happy & joyful moments!Also I have been so busy with this new status as mommy that I havent had time to look back onto blogging.But now that my boy is a bit older I am thinking about returning to the Blogosphere!

We named our sweet bundle of joy Faris Rabbani.Faris means knight & the name is of Arabic origin.

I am sharing some pictures of him with all of you today as I have been asked by some of my baby's khalas(sweet aunts) to share some pix:)

So Girls how did you find the pictures.
See all of you girls soon with some new posts.
I wanna catch up with blogging soon.
Loads of Love
Stay Happy Always
Remember in Prayers
Areej Usman


  1. Congrats!! :)

    Lovely little boy!! just wanted to know does he enjoy sitting in this bouncer? My little one just hates it.. he hates sitting already lol nice to see you back! I think i had started my blogging properly after my boy turned 4 months though i did post my post delivery post in just 10 days or less! hehe im just so addicted to my blog.

    Welcome back!

  2. aww he is shoooooo chweeeeeetttttttt! Bless him and welcome back to blogging! :)

  3. He is SO adorable, MashAllah! Enjoy the mommy-hood and welcome back. xx

  4. Congrats for very cute baby and Welcome back <3

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  5. Aw! Faris is such a darling, Mash'Allah.
    It's so good to have you back. :)

  6. Masha ALLAH he is soo cute .. congrtsss dear ... may ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless you and your family always Amen :)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! Awww he is so adorable with his tiny little hands and feet! :p
    Your baby is so cute :)

  8. Masha Allah he is shoo him
    welcome back

  9. omg.. he's such a handsome baby... bless him and may he be successful and get all the bounties of this world and hereafter ...



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