Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Baby Started Solids !A special Order from Mady Bakes Cakes!

Hello Girls,
Hope you all had an awesome weekend!
Well I had one!It was a lot exciting for me as my baby turned 5 months old MASHALLAH & he hit another milestone................
Yay he started his solids........I think its one of the most important thing parents look forward to & likewise we had been very excited too.So to celebrate it we thought of doing something special.Luckily few days back one of my baby's & his daddy's pic was chosen as a thIrd winner in A Father's Day Competition & I had the option to order discounted cupcakes from the Lovely MADY BAKES CAKES :)
So I finally ordered from Sweet MADY :)
I asked her to make me 12 Cupcakes with the theme of Baby Weaning & Solid Foods...I was
surprised by the lovely cupcakes I got :)Here is what I got !

Mady Bakes Cakes is a home based business solely owned and operated by Madiha Usman. Mady Bakes Cakes specializes in customized sculptured cakes.

Cakes made for all occasions such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, groom, bridal showers etc
Discuss the design of cake you want and they will bake it for you.Cakes are made according to serving size

Here is my baby loving one of the cupcakes :D

Faris's Cerelac with bowl :)

Faris with his Cerelac :)

The cupcakes were as good on the inside as they were on the outside..I had ordered 6 vanilla & 6 chocolate flavoured ones.I will love to order again from MADY BAKES CAKES :)


Hope you enjoyed my yummy post.
Thanks for reading:)
Stay Happy Always!


  1. aww faris looks so cute with all the cerelacs surrounding him! haha

    1. I agree, that's such an adorable picture!! :)

  2. congrats honey! These milestones are so special :) Wishing you and your baby health and happiness <3

  3. WOW Areej wish him long and healthy life !

  4. Aww.. cute cupcakes and a cuter baby. MA, all the best of wishes for him :)

  5. It seems I'm on the right track, I hope I can do well. The result was something I did and was doing to implement it.



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