Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My June Haul!

Hello Girlies!
How are you!
Today I am here with my latest shopping.Now who doesnt love going shopping!
I am sharing my haul with you people today.Its not a very huge one but has some good items.I bought these from D Watson & 4 Square Islamabad.
These are:
~L'oreal Super Liner Gel INTENZA~Rs.1800
~ Sapil Chichi pour femme~Rs.1050
~ Bourjois So Laque Nail Color in 24~Rs.715
~Avon Nail Polish in 154~Rs.195
~Avon Nail Polish in 134~Rs.195
~ DMGM Even Complexion Powder Shade 2 ~ Rs.1050
~ FREEMAN Papaya Curl Enhancing spray~Rs.315
~ FREEMAN Clay Mask Mint & Lemon~Rs.310
~ FREEMAN Barefoot revitalizing Foot Balm~Rs.310
Lets have a closer look at these items............
                                               L'oreal Super Liner Gel Intenza
                                               Chichi perfume by Sapil
                                              Bourjois & Avon Nail Colors

                                        DMGM Even complexion compact powder
                                               Other FREEMAN Products      

So Girls what do you say?Have you tried or bought any of these products?What are your thoughts,would love to hear your experiences:)
Thanks a lot for reading:)
Stay Happy Always.


  1. i want to see the swatches of super gel eyeliner please msg me whenever you post about it

  2. Nice haul :) It's so good to have you back .... :)

  3. nice haul. I have used chichi too. It's quite nice.

  4. I love buying freeman foot products:-), do tell us how the foot balm is,once you use it!

  5. Great haul! I like the nail colours. :)

  6. Its a great haul...I really need to get a foot cream,It would be nice to hear your thoughts on the foot balm.

  7. Nice haul. I own Chichi and its one of my fav day perfumes. :)

  8. Please do review the Loreal gel liner! :) great purchases!

  9. Do tell whether the curl enhancer works and if it banishes frizz

  10. hey is this curl enhancing spray really worth a buy?



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