Sunday, July 29, 2012

piCture pOlish blog fest :Creating a Scene Wearing "TEASE" & "MIRAGE" today!!

Hello Sweethearts!
So whats up!! I am so excited about today : Its PICTURE POLISH BLOG FEST !!

The reason for me being so excited is that I was part of the Picture Polish Blog Fest last year as well & so this is the 2nd time I have been given the opportunity to be part of the most colorful event on the blogosphere....Today various different shades of Picture Polish Nail varnishes are being swatched all over the world on different blogs.
Picture Polish is a renowned name among the make up & cosmetics brands of today.It doesnt need any introduction but to those who are new to this sphere of life here is a little introduction:

 is an Australian Brand & makes lovely nail colors of a wonderful quality.

Let's hear what  has to say about itself:

our nail polish is better than chocolate! It's Australian Made, 100% fat free and has no artificial fragrances or flavours! A week on your tips and never on your hips!
 piCture pOlish was created when two girls dream't of giving their family & friends a thank you gift that would capture a special occasion. What better way to relive a moment than with a personalised nailpolish, that was quirky & vibrant, that stands out from the rest!

I am swatching two of Picture Polish's shades today:
One of them is TEASE & the other is MIRAGE

Tease is a new MESH shade & Mirage belongs to Picture Polish's new CollOboration Collection

Tease is Sparkling bright Fuchsia shade with barbie pink glitter & thick silver micro Glitter.One coat is not enough to get the opaque shade so I have applied two coats.A clear top coat should be applied if a smooth feel is required otherwise it ends up acquiring a sandpaper feel that I liked for a change so I didnt apply a transparent top coat.
The microglitters appear to reflect the sunlight and sparkle in the sun & I am loving the effect.
I personally love the taglines that each Picture Polish bottle has.
The Picture Polish bottles are vey unique in shape & the brush and applicator are very easy to handle and firm to grip.

The bottles have unique QR Codes at the sides which when scanned take you to the website where you got them.
The next and second of my shades is MIRAGE that belongs to the Collaboration Collection & is jointly created by a well known & well followed fellow blogger & friend from Pakistan namely Sara Hassan.I am proudly presenting the swatches of this nail color and specially love the bottle as it has dear Sara's name on it <3 
Now this nail color is very true to its name.It certainly boggles your mind with the variety of colors that take shape from different angles and in different light scenarios.
At the tips and sides of the thumb nail there is plum purple 
at the rounded angle of the nails it is bluish silver and teal shade
Overall in the sun it appears very much a greyish silver with touch of ivory....Now that really covers a lot of shades...I wanna say Keep it up Sara & Picture Polish for creating such an outstanding shade.
The girls at Picture Polish advised me to use a black or dark blue base underneath Mirage & so I have used Opal from Picture Polish as a base.

For my review on Opal you can check out my post from Picture Polish Blog Fest 2011 here
Picture Polish can be ordered online for Australia here & for International buyers here.Mirage 11 ml bottle retails at AUD$11.50 & Tease 11ml bottle at AUD$9.50.
For more details and Nail Polish swatches you can check out their FacebookPinterest or Twitter.
A big Thanks to Picture Polish once again for making me & my blog a part of the Blog Festival this year as well.Its really an honour to be a part of such a huge brand.
Thanks a lot to all you lovely readers for reading.
Stay Happy Always.


  1. Really nice colors and review. :)

  2. WOW I love how Mirage looks on you :) xx Thank you <3

  3. thats are all collections of color really great and good , thanks for sheering this .

  4. Mirage is such an elegant color NP, worth a try. However, I don't like Tease as it's, you know, one of those colors that makes one's hand look dark!

  5. I Love sara's shade! its soo gorgeous

  6. I need this. It’s so sparkly and absolutely stunning. I love both polishes and I don’t have a shade like it. This is definitely finding a new home with me! Thanks for sharing Areej :)



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