Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~Review: Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Black Noir~

Hello my pretty Girls!
As you must be knowing I recently made a trip to Al Fateh Store Centaurus Mall Islamabad.So who could return from there after not buying a single thing!Its got tons of brands & make up products.To see my post on Al Fateh store click here!
Among my some shopped items was this Kajal I was waiting for a long time now!
Yes its none other than the Maybeline Colossal Kajal in Black Noir!
 This product has been the talk of the day lately & much hyped about.In this review we ll know why it is so!
Our deepest black pigments + unique tip deliver the blackest black shine ever. Color glides on smooth and so intense. Formula enriched with Vitamin E soothes the eyes. Never before 6H of smudge resistant wear. Our exclusive color fix formula guarantees intense color results that won't smudge, budge or fade. No more touchups.”

Eyeliners & Kajals are my favorite products when it comes to the make up products I buy most.It is not that I dont like buying lipsticks,lipglosses.blushers,mascaras etc but I definitely will choose an eyepencil over a lipliner or lipgloss.I dont know if that has to do with me being an eye make up lover.
Ok so I already own the Colossal Mascara & this was on my Wishlist as well & luckily its available now.So as soon as I spotted it I bought it.
I love the packaging of the Kajal.The bright yellow Colossal trademark color is very eye catching.It is a pen shaped kajal with a tight cap & a twist & turn Kajal in it.

The tip of the kajal is very soft & it glides very easily on the skin.The amount of the kajal is nearly as much as the length of the cap.I think thats a fairly reasonable quantity.
Here are the swatches for you!
The left one is a singly swarched while the right one is a double swatch.It obviously builds up with more product.
Now to talk about how it works on the eyes:
I love to underline my waterline with kohl and kajal liners.Therefore I am always looking for stuff that is great for the waterline.So lets see what effect Colossal Kajal has on the waterline.
Before applying the Colossal Kajal
With single stroke of the Kajal  on the waterline
Both eyes with single stroke Kajal on waterline

Couple of more glides on the waterline n upper eyelid
The complete look with the Colossal kajal & Mascara
Closer end result
Ok so now to talk in detail about the kajal.I agree to the fact that the application is very easy & the soft tip of the kajal glides on easliy on the waterline and the upper lid.I dont use the same pencil or kajal to draw the upper lid usually but here I used the same kajal to try.Normally these days I use a gel eye liner or Color Studio Knock Out Marker review here.
The only negative that I found about this kajal was that a person with oily skin or eyelids should not apply this to the upper eyelid as it leaves a thin line on the crease area after some time.
I dont know whether a primer would help but overall in summers I ll not use this on my eyelids but only to darken the under eyes n waterline.I love the effect this black color has given to my eyes.The black is enhancing the natural color of my eyes.The staying power of the kajal is really good.I was so tired after my day that I went to sleep with it but the next morning it was there though somewhat smudgy!After all it was a NIGHT!
The kajal was very comfortable to wear & also when I wore it with my lenses.it neither caused irritation nor made my eyes watery( My eyes are super senstive & become watery v easily)
I bought it for Rs.375 at Al Fateh Centaurus Mall.It is also available at all leading drugstores nationwide on the Maybelline counter:)
Have u already bought urs!How was your experience?
Thanks for reading.
Stay Happy Always


  1. Wow I think Kajal really suits you, brings out he brown eyes! :)

  2. Looks good.. Does it smudge around the eye corners or bleed??

  3. It would transfer to oily eye lids but doesnt appear to smudge from afternoon to evening.Though after a night of wearing it was smudgy.

  4. im also getting this now...very nice review

  5. i swatched it on my hand and it stayed put for 6-7 hours! stayed well on the lids too however on my waterline it smudged within an hour maybe! i love how you've lined your eyes with it! :) xx

  6. it is looking so nice on your eyes...

  7. I read a few reviews about this and almost every one had issues with the staying power of this kajal.It looks really nice on your eyes though:) thanx for sharing.

  8. The 4th image with liner is stunning . I was thinking to buy this kajal but after reading your review i am thinking to skip it.

  9. I swatched it at the store too and LOVED it. But, I already have 3 pencils to finish :D Great review xx

  10. I was waiting eagerly for your review about this kajal,I got it too and as after reading your review I am surely going to skip the application on my eye lids.your reviews always give the true picture of the products.and it really suits you, love your 4th image.keep it on.

  11. want to have one now after ur review

  12. If theres no smudging then great product! good review:) I'm following you on bloglovin now. xx

  13. Love this one..it does smudge though when applied on the waterline! :)

  14. is it any better pigmented than "hashmi kajal" ?:p

  15. Wow!I recently buy colossal and loved it <3 I love ur eye makeup i really need to learn from You :)

  16. i love this kajal, but there are so many varients of this, the original one has made in london or paris written on the back i think, i bought this kajal from al fateh again, and it was made in pakistan, is that original too?

  17. Followed you from
    Do check it out and follow back :)



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