Thursday, March 14, 2013

~Store Walk through: Al Fateh Shopping Mall Centaurus Islamabad(Make up Section)~

Hello Dear Girls!
As You know I am an Islooite & Love my city from the bottom om my heart!
Recently The Centaurus Mall opened in the heart of Islamabad.2 of the floors are open to public while the shops in the other 5 are to be open.Centaurus is all about grandeur & excitement for any shopper.You can say it is THE Shopper's Paradise now!
Al Fateh Shopping Mall is another Gem of Centaurus!
Today I am taking you all cosmetic & make up junkies to a virtual walk through the make up section of Al Fateh!
A Brief History about Al Fateh Store!
The journey of success began in 1941, when Al-Hamra Store was established in Tolington Market at Mall Road Lahore. It was refurbished to Al-Fatah Store, the prestigious super store of that era, in 1958. In 1974, the second branch of Al-Fatah was established in Liberty Market, Lahore
Al-Fatah kept on with its dedicated services, resultantly, in 2009 and new milestone was achieved with the inaugural of two branches, one in DHA Lahore and the other one in Faisalabad.
Recently in February 2013 Al Fateh opened up in The Centaurus Mall Islamabad!
Please note that this is only the cosmetic section we are going through today as I didnt have much time to wander among the whole store!My concentration was & is only Make up!

The entrance to the Make up section
Excited shoppers!
Testing & Buying!

La Prarie,CD ,Lamer
Luscious to Karaja!
Lancome & Clinique Skin Care!
More Dior!
MAC Archie Collection!
Clinique Make up!
Bobbi Brown!
More Clinique products!
Luscious newly launched nail colors!
Bourois Counter!
Rimmel Counter!
Lorea'l Counter!
Kryolan Counter!
Color Studio Counter!
Sweet Touch Counter!
Lorea'l Skin Care!
Neutrogena Skin Care!
Maybelline Counter(Sorry I forgot to take the counter pic!)
Various other brands
The extreme end!
The end~
So Girls what do you say :)
I guess its worth all the wait we Islooites did .
I am excited to do some lovely shopping on every trip from here(Hubby Dear!You gotta read this too !)
Thanks for reading
Stay Happy Always


  1. Omg..this place is heaven..The fact that they have latest Mac collection which is very rear to see at mac counters in Pakistan, is just awesome. I wish i was in Islamabad right now.

  2. lovely post,, cant believe that mac's Archie collection is available there..

  3. woww just love this post .. will defIA gonna visit it :)

  4. Pakistan's Sephora :-D Im lovin' it <3

  5. Great post, now I feel like I've been there:) how did they allow you to take pics though??

    1. Thanks :) I told them I was a blogger & wanted to do a post :)

  6. Wow Al-Fatah has the Archie's Collecion? That's so cool! x

  7. Wow that really nice, Is SIGMA and URBAN DECAY collection also available there. thanks :)

    1. No Sigma isnt available there were Naked Palettes bt i hvnt seen them lately!

  8. OMG, soo much makeup! Very tempting!

  9. Do u have rimmel apocalip lip gloss avaliable ..... n mac lipstick "kinda sexy".... plz reply
    N do tell me the prices of both if u have these with u ....

    1. Mehwish i hv apocalips bt its not for sale,you can check out my blog sale on my page & find items that suit u :)Thanks

  10. Oh my God!! i just can't wait to be back to my city isloo to explore this heaven!! i am a beginner to make up arena and exploring new products nowadays.However Areej are all these products real? i am afraid of the fake products out in the market these days and since you are an expert in this field u'd better know.

    1. I am sure that most of the make up is real :)

  11. WOW amazing i want to grab them all!!!!Wonderful

  12. Great post you guy's must have a look on Massage Therapy for further beauty tips

  13. Are there any bath and body works products?

  14. Can you give me the exact adress pliz pliz ?? and if you have an idea of de mac and bobi brown products prizes?

  15. Can you give me the exact adress pliz pliz ?? and if you have an idea of de mac and bobi brown products prizes?

  16. Can you give me the exact adress pliz pliz ?? and if you have an idea of de mac and bobi brown products prizes?

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