Thursday, April 18, 2013

~Review:Uniqso Geo Xtra Diamond Series Grey Circle Lenses~

Hello Beauties :)
How have you been & whats up lately?
Today I am reviewing my latest pair of lenses that I got from UNIQSO.If you are still oblivious to this lovely online lens store that sells Big Eye Circle Lenses please check my introductory post here.
These are the second pair of lenses that I have recieved from Uniqso for review purpose.The previous ones that I got were from the Ifairy series and were reviewed here.I have been wearing these for some 10 days now and so after having some experience want to review them :)
I liked the look of the model wearing these from many different options so in the end I finalized these.

The previous ones were 16mm in diameter ,so this time I went for 15mm diameter.


My previous experience with Uniqso lenses was very good so when I got a chance to review for Uniqso again I was indeed very happy.I spent 2-3 days searching on their website for a pair that I really like.To be honest I chose a couple of other pairs before ordering this one because I have weak eye sight and I wanted prescription,but the ones that I chose before these were not available in my precription power.
Anyways In the end I was lucky to get prescription in another pair that I liked so I went forward & ordered it.
My order was processed really quickly & I got my lenses after 4-5 days of shipping.
They are also a lovely team and always promtly reply any queries via email.
Here is what I recieved.

A cute little Red Box with Thank You wrtten on it in various languages,a lens case and a bud!
The lenses carefully bubble wrapped and placed tightly  in the box.
These are how they look inside the vials.
opening the sealed vials
Out of the vials and into the case :)
The comfort level of the lenses is awesome.I have been wearing these for different time spans like some days for 4-5 hours and sometimes around 8-9 hours.
Yes they feel like my own eyes.No feeling of lenses,neither any irritation nor dryness.
The special thing about these large diameter lenses is that they give the user a doll eye effect that I think is cute in a way.It looks different when worn with a little bit eye makeup.These 15 mm diameter lenses are not too large.The look good to myself.
I have been wearing contact lenses for many years now,but I didnt feel any major difference in these lenses and the normal contacts.But to be careful and taking precaution lenses should be worn with a lot of care.Cleaning them should be taken care of.Eyes are a very essential and most important body part so one has to be very careful.
Ok so now lets the before and after pictures of the lenses!
And here are a couple of Complete look pictures

Another closer look at my eyes
I love how the natural brown of my eyes has merged with the grey diamond shapes.
So far I am loving these new lenses by Uniqso.
This pair is available for 21.9$ as a pair though Uniqso also sells by piece.
I would definitely recommend these lenses or any other from UNIQSO if you want to dramatise your eyes because they have a really huge variety of lenses available with different diameters as well.
For more details you can also find UNIQSO on Facebook.
I hope you liked these lenses and will avail the wonderful oppurtunity to try for yourselves.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Comments & questions are welcomed.
Stay Happy Always.


  1. your eyes are shinning with them....really like them.i am not really a lens person but they are looking nice

  2. These are looking Epic and quite natural <3 Lovin' it girl xxx

  3. The lenses look so cute on you! xx

  4. i am so shy towards lenses. but i really want to try. these are super amazing on your eyes. simply wow. making your eyes bigger and shiny

  5. Areej! You look like a baby doll :)

  6. Thanks for sharing!lenses Looks Good on You :)

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