Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara

Hello Girls
How are you doing?
I am posting after a short absence today~Though I have been sneaking in and out into blogosphere & checking on all the posts that my lovely bloggers post but haven't had the time to do a post myself.
Anyways here I am again with a new review.
Today I am presenting a Mascara Review
Its the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara (BLACK) that was sent to me for review purpose.

Scandalous volume and lift, for lashes to really show off!
Breakthrough brush:
Flat side for volume
Ball tip for lasting lift
Fibre enriched formula for longer lashes
The packaging of the mascara is really funky in a fuchsia tube.I really loved the feel of it.When I first opened the mascara I was surprised!The tube felt as it was empty or used.The brush came out nearly dry as well.I assumed that the formula of this mascara must be dry.
Can you see for yourself how dry the brush is or how less product is there on it!
So I was right it has very dry formula and there is nothing in it that I am loving except the packaging,
Though they had put great effort in creating the wand.The ball like tip really helped to put mascara on my lower lashes like no other wand.
A closer look at the wand
I applied two coats to my lashes for a better result but I am greatly disappointed after even 2 coats.May be If I take out more time & apply 2 more coats it would look better.But what is in a mascara when you have to apply 4 coats!!
Now lets have a look at my lashes before and after applying the Scandal eyes Show off Mascara.
Ok so can you see a major difference?
My lashes are naturally curled so I never use a curler before applying a mascara.
Is there a visible lift: NO
Is there some visible volume after 2 coats : NO
what else the mascara claim!
Plus it says Lashes with no clumps
That's also a NO NO
My lashes were very clumpy.
I am simply liking my lashes without mascara then with 2 coats of this mascara.I am disappointed at Rimmel at making such an unworthy product.The last mascara I used from Rimmel was 123 Looks & I had loved it,
But this one is a total NO!
Have a look at my lower lashes.In the BEFORE Picture they are normal looking straight lashes,but in the after picture they are going different ways.I even tried to remove the clumps with a lash brush but to no use.I gave up in the end.
May be I ll use only the ball end of the mascara to apply mascara on the lower lashes from another tube!If you know what I mean...
The staying power is good though.It lasts around 7-8 hours on my lashes without coming down.But what to do with staying power when it doesn't apply decently.
Meanwhile if you want to cheer yourselves up & want to know about a mascara that I totally recommend Read here
I would say if you have time to apply 3 or more coats of a mascara you can give it a try.Otherwise I am sure there is a better & cheaper mascara out there that would work out for you..
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show off is retailed for Rs.850 nationwide.
Any comments and questions are welcome
Thanks for reading.
Stay Happy Always.


  1. ohh how dissapointing :/ i'd heard so much about these scandal eyes mascaras though!

    1. yeah big disappointment for me too :(

  2. seems like a worst mascara ever...

  3. ahhh thank god :) i know now :)

  4. Rimmel comes out with really good mascaras but yes this isn't one of them. x

  5. Oh so sad, :( very disappointing

  6. That's sad!
    Thanks for sharing the nice review :)


  7. I have the orange Rimmel one and it is equally disappointing! Thanks for sharing xx

  8. m surprised by ur views as m using it n loving it :)

  9. Im certainly not gonna try it now, thanks for your honest review!:)



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