Monday, June 17, 2013

~Review:Switcheasy's Iphone 4S case Imelt~

Hello Girls
Its the start of a beautiful week.
And I am expanding my blogging horizons.As my blog is related to beauty & fashion so today I am reviewing a poduct that adds to how you accessorize and complete your outfit look.
These days mobiles and smartphones have become a part of daily life.Life is incomplete without them.Nowadays people judge others by the phone they keep!
I am a proud owner of Iphone 4S.I love it from the bottom of my heart.I love to buy cases to match my outfits and moods!
Recently I got the oppurtunity to review an Iphone case from Switcheasy.

SwitchEasy was first conceived in January 2005 to create the best accessories for computer products. We knew then that as time went on, the way people accessed the web and communicated with each other would be changing. The days of bulky desktop PCs were coming to an end. Instead of laptops, more people began using their phones to connect to the internet. With the smash success of the iPhone, a need for attractive iPhone cases began to grow. Not only did the cases protect customers' devices, but they added a sense of uniqueness to each phone. 
Of course, we eventually expanded to iPad cases and iPod Touch cases as those products were released and became popular. With an ever expanding mobile device lifestyle, we knew that someone had to provide people with the high quality accessories they need. 
Our mission is to provide more reasons for PC users to "Switch" to a better digital lifestyle through our innovative little add-ons. That is why we have chosen the name "SwitchEasy" as our trademark. We love what we produce and we hope you'll love our products as well! Stay tuned for more surprises from us in the near future! For inquiries, contact us by here , feel free to write us anytime!

If you are a lover of iphone cases you will be spoilt for choice while surfing their website like me.I requested to review Imelt series for the Iphone 4S.The customer service is really effecient.Their shipping was also great.They shipped in a day after I chose the case and gave me a tracking number as soon as one was available.Within a week I was holidng my package as it was Fedex-ed :) I am really happy with all the experience I had with Switcheasy.
Ok now we proceed to the Imelt case that I am reviewing today.
SwitchEasy™ launches Melt™ for iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S, the most fascinating textural design protection solution for iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S.
Our product features the following:

  • Duo UV scratch resistant gloss coating
  • Unique detachable slider design for easy installation
  • Fascinating special design and texture for the ultimate grip
  • Durable polycarbonate casing and inner felt placement for ultimate all round protection

Our Melt™ product includes:
  • One Melt™ Unit
  • Two anti-static Screen Guards
  • One Microfiber Wipe
  • One Squeegee Screen Guard applicator
  • Two Universal Dock Adapters (Pearl White and Piano Black)
  • One Video Dock Stand
  • Two Power Jack Connector Protectors
  • Two 3.5mm Headphone Jack Protectors

SwitchEasy™Melt™ for iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S comes initially in 5 fantastic colors (Sesame, Vanilla, Caramel, Lime and Berry) which complement any fashion needs.
Okay to start with the look.Its completely cute.I loved it at first sight.Specially it gave me the look of an icecream & in summers who will not want an icecream hence Imelt!& offcourse its very girly!

I have used this case for 2 weeks now.I have been loving it uptill now.It changed the look of my iphone completely.Its a one of a kind case.I am not exaggerating but I have got some really nice remarks from friends and family:)Its 3D design and glossy finish makes it special.It gives quite good protection to the phone itself.
The flaws that I have found in this case are not much.One disdvantage is that it takes a bit of time for a person like me to take off the cover with a little bit push.Another flaw is that the case is NOT Scratch or Chip Resistant.My baby has dropped off my iphone with the Imelt case & it has chipped from a corner already & I am sad at that.
The imelt case is really easy to put on.I have explained it in 3 easy steps with pictures down here:
Have a look:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
End Result
The cut outs at the sides and bottom for the startup,headphone and power jack are quite big.They dont interfere with plugging or unplugging the headphones or charger.
Similar is the case for the volume up down buttons & Silent button.
There are also 2 power jack protectors & 2 headphone jack protector inside.
For me these protectors are not much helpful as when I take them off I have to take extra care as where I put them so that they stay out of reach of my little one.Otehrwise they are best to use,as they keep the dirt & dust particles out.
I really like the Video Dock stand as I can turn the Iphone into a small LCD anytime I want :)
There are also 2 screen protectors and a soft wipe for some screencare.
Overall I really like this unique Iphone case.
I only wish it was scratch and chip resistant so that it would last longer.
Now I usually put it on while on a day out or when it goes with my dress color.
The Imelt case is available in 8 eye catching colors.
I will recommend you to have a look at Switcheasy & get a case for your iphone.The good news is this that they also have lovely cases for Samsung Galaxy Series.
Another important thing that I will like to mention is that they ship to some countries & luckily Pakistan is one of them.
It is available for US$ 34.99
You can also find Switcheasy on Facebook here.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy Always.


  1. Wow! amazing I just love dis case u did a grt job Thanks for the review <3 it

  2. Exactly, i agree. The new cases gives new look to same phone and it feels good to keep changing the colorful cases every time :)

  3. looks lovely kinda pricey though.. anyways i got note 2.. let me see if they got cases for that :):)

  4. aww love the combo of red n white :)

  5. I've been shopping around online for an ipod touch case and a screen protector because I destroyed my last one when I left it laying around with out any kind of case or protector on it. I like how you can personalize many of these covers, but I'm not sure how good they are at protecting the iPod it'self. I feel like I need one that is bullet proof considering how accident prone I tend to be!

  6. Exactly, i am agree with your comment. The new cases gives new look to same iphone and it feels good to keep changing the colorful cases every time.
    cover iphone

  7. Your contents are too simple to read and easy to understand.
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  8. This is looking so lovely. I like it, but i have never use any case for my iPhone. I think it does not affect anyone's personality. en ucuz iphone 5

  9. looks good



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