Tuesday, June 11, 2013

~ Store Preview & Wishlist: Boticca ~

Hey Pretty Ladies!
How are you girls!I am so excited today!I am doing a very unique post today.
Some time back I happened to stumble upon a website that caught my eye.Its uniquenss & extravaganza on the first encounter was so much for me that I subscribed to it & since then I have been getting regular updates & newsletter in my inbox.Today I finally thought I would love to share it with you all.May be many of you are already swept of your feet by it!
Boticca is an online fashion house for all those who love to shop for uniqueness.It stocks simple to extravagant jewellery & accessories by professional or semi pro designers from all over the globe.They are people who are passionate about their livlihood,take pride in what they make & who love to inspire people by creating inspiring pieces.
Creativity & rarity are two of the things that you will notice about Boticca as you go through their designs and pieces.There are glass artists such asSari Glassman, eco-driven designers using reclaimed metal like Julia Failey, or mixed metal specialists like Rachel Dooley of Gemma Redux.
If you want to stand out of the crowd & want people to turn heads at you,you should definitely buy from Boticca.They have so many things that are on my wishlist.
As I am a person who loves bags I can spend hours on their website just looking and ogling at the variety available.Similar is the case with jewellery.The picture that you see above is a small wishlist of what I would like to have.
Some of my favourite designers from Boticca are Lamprini,Maya Magal,& designers Martin & Isabella from Roque bags.
Boticca provides a safe haven for customers & links them with hand picked designers from across the world making the shopping experience one in itself.
Some more hot items that I really like on Boticca are here for you:
Double round pendant with swarovski stones
Dangled Pyrith Gold Earrings

Bruna Kaaru Ring
Gold Midnight Necklace

Petit Fleur Necklace
So Girls what do you say about Boticca?Have you known Boticca before this?
Any shopping from there?
I would love to shop one day from Boticca,as they ship worldwide.
You dream of a piece you want to own & yes you will find it on Boticca
You can also find them on Facebook here.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy Always.


  1. WOW! It has some amazing pieces. I really like Petit Fleur Necklace. Do they ship worldwide? x

  2. Yes they do Rabeeyah & if you visit their website you ll be spoilt for choice seriously.

  3. They have some really exquisite pieces .

    1. Yes there is def one for everyone :)

  4. That necklace is soo beautiful! :)

    1. Thats by a greek designer Lamprini :)

  5. I want the necklace. Lustttttttttttt

  6. I m already lusting after so many pieces ;)

  7. WOW Magnificent pieces they have it and love their clutches amazing thank U so much for posting areej :)

  8. already know them...they have some stunning pieces in jewelry...

  9. Just superb necklaces... wow...<3

  10. I'm drooling over some of the pieces! love the post areej <3 :)

    1. & I am still drooling too :) Thanks :)



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