Wednesday, July 31, 2013

~My Online Shopping Experience at

Hey pretty Girls
Its that time of the year again!Yes Its Shopping time of the year as definitely we prepare to celebrate the joyous and festive Eid!In the mayhem of online shopping these days there are so many websites that offer retail and home delivery of your shopped packages whether free or paid.You may have had good or bad experiences with some of them lately.I recently shopped at & I am sharing my experience with you all today.

                                                     Invoice & Shopped products
Okay so is a fashion portal all in one place where you can shop for men and women clothing,handbags,shoes,accessories & some cosmetics even.They are hopefully extending their boundaries and adding up more brands and categories soon.I luckily got a Rs.1000 voucher to shop at Daraz.I literally spent a whole morning and afternoon going through their website and look for what I wanted.The collections were so huge that I was really confused on what I really wanted in the end.
The website is very user friendly where you can search for anything at the top & when you want to see the products you can just hold the cursor on top of the product and it automatically zooms in!
Some of the brands that they have are

In the end I decided to order some jewellery.I placed the order and within minutes of checking out I got a telephone call from customer care.My order and address were confirmed.As I had to travel in a week I told the person to make sure I get it before my flight that was in a week.I was surprised when only after 3 days I was holding my Daraz Package!Good Job Daraz!I was very happy.
The good thing is that you dont need any money in a bank to shop at Daraz.You can go for Cash on Delivery and just pay the delivery guy whatever you were charged in the invoice.
Here is what I ordered.

They also have a 7 day return policy where they send you a form and you can fill it up with reasons for your return etc.
These days they have lovely Ramadan Deals going on.Please make sure that you do not miss the oppurtunity of shopping with Daraz this Eid.The Eid Collection is here too.I am sure you will be as happy as I was.
I am leaving you with a link to their website .You can also find them on Facebook
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy Stay Blessed.

Monday, July 29, 2013

~Visiting Shigar Fort along with some Cherry picking~

Hello Ladies!
Happy Monday!
Hope you all have a lovely week ahead:)
I am back with another travel post today.Who wants to join me in exploring the classic Shigar fort!
Let hear about it!
Take a step back in time and indulge yourself in the culture & history of Baltistani royalty!
 Located on the legendry route to the world’s second highest mountain, K-2, and known as Fong-Khar, which in the local language means the “Palace on the Rock”, Shigar Fort Residence is a unique 20 room heritage boutique hotel that offers guests the opportunity to experience the restored original architecture of the 17th Century Raja’s fort palace and previous home of the 20th ruler of the Amacha Dynasty whilst enjoying the modern amenities and services of an up market boutique hotel.
 Shigar Fort Residence is an award winning heritage conservation project restored by the Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan and managed by Serena Hotels, both apart of the Aga Khan Development Network. The project combines the preservation and re-use of a significant historical and architectural site with a commitment to socially responsible tourism promoting economic development in the Shigar Valley.(

                                                 The Shigar Fort  means The Fort on Rock

 It was built in 17th century by the Raja of Amacha Dynasty of Shigar.

You can stay a night there too!

                                                                              The souvenir shop
                                       Relaxining in the large acred lawns at Shigar Fort
After sweeping through history and spending some good 3-4 hours at the fort we were off to see this lovely orchard located in Hashupi village & my we enjoyed the Cherrypicking !

                                                                               So Girls did u have fun?
                                                                       Till Next Time
Stay Blessed & Happy
Thanks for reading

Saturday, July 27, 2013

~Review:Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish ~

Hello Ladies!
While I was away on the vaccation,a product arrived in my mail.
It was waiting for me to be tried and tested when I returned.
I have seen this product making a lot of appearances of different national and international beauty blogs & today its here on my blog to be reviewed.Its the HELLO GLOW Whitening Plus Face Polish!

What is it?A luxurious hand blended silky powder, that glides over skin to 
whiten and brighten the complexion instantly.

What's in it?
100% natural combination of coconut milk powder, potato starch,
 milk, honey, rice and essential oils

How does it work?
Coconut milk contains natural silicones to create a very superior skin 

moisturiser. Combined with potato starch, which is a substantial source
 of Vitamin C, this product provides an amazingly natural bleaching 
effect. Honey acts as a natural humectant, attracting moisture to leave
 skin smooth and glowing.

How to use it?
Pour onto wet hands, rub palms together to create a smooth paste,
 gently massage onto skin for 20 seconds and rinse off with cold water
 to reveal a radiant complexion. Use twice a day for optimum results.


Ok so after reading so many positive reviews about this little magical product,I knew 
what was coming.I was absolutey sure that it will work for me too & Yes I was not 
wrong,it did!
I have been using it twice weekly since I laid my hands on it.It was mentioned that 
for best effects use twice a day.But as this is not the only product in my skin care 
routine I changed how I had to use it.Since it has a somewhat exfoliating effect 
I like to exfoliate only twice-thrice weekly.The texture of the product is chalky 
and upon mixing it with water it turns into a thick paste with which you can massage 
your face.

This product promises to whiten your complexion.But as for me I would rather say 
it brings out the best of your complexion.It at once brightens and brings a glow on 
my face that can usually be seen after a professional facial.It also helps in keeping
 my oily skin shine free for a good 3-4 hours.I love how it makes my skin visible
 smoother and softer to touch.I am sure that people with normal and combination
 skin would also not have any negative sayings about this product as the best thing
 about is that it is 100% organic with no chemicals.If you ask me it smells like some
coconut toffee and is quite strong.It goes away after a while of use.

Persons who have a fear of skin allergies due to the use of chemical included 
products can fearlessly use and include these products in their skincare regime due to the fact that they haven't any preservatives and are totally natural.While massaging 
the skin the exfoliation can be felt but after rinsing it with water,there is no irritation 
of any sort.At once after the product is used ,my face is slightly pink that changes into
 the brightness effect in a while.Yes you can say it polishes your skin and removes all 
kinds of makeup,dirt and impurities.If you want to look fresh & you hardly have any
 time on your hands then this is the product to grab and run into the bathroom.

The only thing that has to be compromised is the packaging.Its somewhat simple and not 
upto the mark for the wonderful product that it holds.The only suggestion that I would 
love to give the manufacturers is that please upgrade the packaging.Though the cap of 
the bottle is air tight and there is no fear of  accidently losing any product.The size that 
I have got is 30 mg,its travel friendly size.

Here is the comparison :)
This 30 mg bottle is available for order online at Rose Link UK at  ₤9.99 for
 International orders and   ₤4.99 within UK.
For orders within Pakistan go to and BeautyArena
You can also find them on Facebook
If you are in search of a gentle exfoliator without microbeads or granules,then
you may get this product as its formula is very chalky/powdery.Its light on the 
skin and makes it visibly smoother and softer.It may lighten or whiten your skin 
with continuous use.One month might be too early to say anything about complexion 

Monday, July 22, 2013

~NOTD:Catrice 590 Jade is not My Name~

Hello Lovely Ladies!
Starting the week with some color today!
Here is a simple NOTD post for you all.
I want you to fall in love with this shade as much as I do.
Bought a couple of nail colors on the weekend & liked them so much that swatched them instantly to share with my lovely readers.
Here is 590 Jade is not my name by Catrice swatched for you.
This is my first experience with Catrice Nail color.I have put on 2 coats without a top coat.The nail shade is nothing near to sheer.Gives a good result on the first coat too.So achieve the perfect results I have applied two coats.
I am loving this shade .

in yellow light
590 Jade is not my name
So girls have you tried Catrice nail colors?
I got this from Hayee's F-7 Islamabad for Rs.490/-
I am loving it.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy Always.

Friday, July 19, 2013

~Haul from Gilgit:Precious Stone Jewellery~

Hello Ladies!
How are you all doing?
Hows the Holy Month proceeding:)
Its already time to start preparing for Eid.What have you girls got on your shopping lists that you have to buy!Jewellery,Make up,Clothes,Shoes etc etc.
I am here to share my latest jewelry haul with you~Its a very special haul as it contains precious stone jewelry.I was always amazed looking at the stones and admiring their beauty.
To add to your information the Northern Areas are famous for mining of precious & semi precious stones as well.
Well this time when my hubby offered me to shop whatever I liked I couldn't stop myself buying this stuff !

Awesome ~Isn't it:Lets find out the details
7 Row Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald & Topaz Necklace worth Rs.32000/-

Tourmaline,Jade & Sapphire Bracelets
Tourmaline Bracelts Pair 8000/-

Sapphire Bracelets Pair 5000/-
Jade Bracelets Pair 1500/-
Multiple Rings
Tourmaline Ring 3000/-
Ruby,Emerald & Sapphire Ring 2000/-
Sapphire Ring 2000/-
Jade Earrings 500/-
Blue Quartz Earrings 500/-
Red Quartz Earrings 500/-
I love the Necklace,the Tourmailne & the Jade Bracelets the Best <3
What do you like the most out of my picks?
Do you love stone Jewelry?
Whats your birthstone,mine is Emerald .
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Blessed & Happy.


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