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Hello Ladies,
I have been MIA for over 2 weeks now as I was enjoying a lovely holiday in the north of Pakistan.
In this time I was contacted by HEALTHLINE.They were interested to post an article on my blog.As its related to skin and summers I am sharing it here with you all today.

Sunny summer days are beautiful and fun, but the skin can easily be damaged by ultraviolet rays from the sun. You can end up with sunspots, sunburn, wrinkles and even skin cancer.
The damage that the sun can do is something that you need to protect your skin from but it can be expensive to obtain this protection. It is possible to protect your skin from the sun while saving money. Here are some strategies that will allow you to save money on sunscreen and skin protection to reduce the costs of summer.
Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun
Sunscreen should be worn each time that you go outside. Protect your skin from the sun by combining sunblock with other things that will keep your skin protected. You can protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun while saving money with these methods.
Limit Your Time in the Sun
The time spent outside in the sun should be limited to a couple of hours instead of all day. Instead of continually reapplying sunscreen, go inside at that point. Not having to put on more sunscreen will save you money while you save your skin by going inside.
Wear a Sun Hat
Wearing a hat will help to block the sun.  Men can wear either a Panama hat or a bucket hat, while women can wear something with a wide brim that is stylish. The neck and face have a higher risk of skin damage; a hat gives these areas extra protection while protecting the top of the head where sunscreen cannot be applied. You will get the best prices by buying sun hats during the off-season from discount department stores.
Cover Up with a UPF Shirt
My son likes going to play in water fountains at the city park. I like the protective swim shirts that kids at the park wear. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun are blocked by the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of the shirts. Ninety-eight percent of the sun’s rays are blocked by a UPF of forty to fifty.
Stay in the Shade
Your skin will be protected by shade. Take an oversized umbrella with you if you go to the beach during the summer. It will give you a place where you can cool off after being in the hot sun.
Eat More Antioxidants
There is some protection against the rays of the sun provided by eating antioxidants. Maximize the skin’s protection by drinking lots of green tea and eating vegetables and fruits during the summer.
Go Outside Early Morning or Late Afternoon
From 10 am to 4 pm is when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Avoid overexposing yourself to the sun by limiting the time spent outside to late afternoon or early morning.
Wear Sunglasses
Sunglasses should be worn by everyone when the sun is shining, though the sensitivity to the sun is greater for light colored eyes. Vision can be blocked by pterygium and cataracts caused by sun damage to the eyes. Ensure full protection by wearing sunglasses that wrap around your eyes completely. The sunglass should have both UVA and UVB protection of 99 to 100%. Use sales and off season deals to stock up and make sure you always have an extra pair of sunglasses.
Wear Thick, Dark Clothing
While you will feel warmer wearing thick, dark clothing you will let in fewer of the sun’s rays than if you were to wear material that is thin and light-colored. Exercise caution on especially hot days, you can become overheated by wearing this clothing. Time outside should be limited and you should drink lots of water when clothing is heavier.
Have Fun at Night
Some neighborhood pools stay open late in the evenings, making it possible to swim at night. Waiting until the sun goes down to cookout or go to the pool will prevent you from becoming sunburned.
Tammy Mahan is a registered nurse with 20 years of experience. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with readers of .

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