Friday, July 19, 2013

~Haul from Gilgit:Precious Stone Jewellery~

Hello Ladies!
How are you all doing?
Hows the Holy Month proceeding:)
Its already time to start preparing for Eid.What have you girls got on your shopping lists that you have to buy!Jewellery,Make up,Clothes,Shoes etc etc.
I am here to share my latest jewelry haul with you~Its a very special haul as it contains precious stone jewelry.I was always amazed looking at the stones and admiring their beauty.
To add to your information the Northern Areas are famous for mining of precious & semi precious stones as well.
Well this time when my hubby offered me to shop whatever I liked I couldn't stop myself buying this stuff !

Awesome ~Isn't it:Lets find out the details
7 Row Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald & Topaz Necklace worth Rs.32000/-

Tourmaline,Jade & Sapphire Bracelets
Tourmaline Bracelts Pair 8000/-

Sapphire Bracelets Pair 5000/-
Jade Bracelets Pair 1500/-
Multiple Rings
Tourmaline Ring 3000/-
Ruby,Emerald & Sapphire Ring 2000/-
Sapphire Ring 2000/-
Jade Earrings 500/-
Blue Quartz Earrings 500/-
Red Quartz Earrings 500/-
I love the Necklace,the Tourmailne & the Jade Bracelets the Best <3
What do you like the most out of my picks?
Do you love stone Jewelry?
Whats your birthstone,mine is Emerald .
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Blessed & Happy.


  1. I am droooooling, The necklace is such a statement piece that would compliment many of your summer outfits!

  2. One generous hubby you got there mashallah lol. Love all your picks. The necklace is stunning! I'm an avid collector of stone jewllery. Don't like wearing gold much. My birthstone is aquamarine and I found some gorgeous jewellery in that. There's a shop in super market that sells Nepali stone jewllery. I forgot the name of the shop But its a big shop right next to illusuions. It's truly beautiful, you must check it out.

  3. Superb all are so lovely Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Brilliant pieces! and you have certainly spent a lot on them:)

  5. Look at the 7 Row Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald & Topaz Necklace <3 it's gorgeous areej .

  6. Those are so beautiful! Where exactly is this place...I'm in love!!

    check/follow my blog:

    1. Thanks :)I bought these from Gilgit Northern Areas Pakistan dear :)

  7. Omgg! The first peice is such a statement necklace.. Love yourpicks!

  8. I like rings these are gorgeous but a bit pricey..

  9. These are lovely and fascinating accessories. The colours are playing with my eyes. Lucky you to have these beautiful things.
    Precious stones are so adorable. Great photos!



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