Saturday, July 27, 2013

~Review:Hello Glow Whitening Plus Facial Polish ~

Hello Ladies!
While I was away on the vaccation,a product arrived in my mail.
It was waiting for me to be tried and tested when I returned.
I have seen this product making a lot of appearances of different national and international beauty blogs & today its here on my blog to be reviewed.Its the HELLO GLOW Whitening Plus Face Polish!

What is it?A luxurious hand blended silky powder, that glides over skin to 
whiten and brighten the complexion instantly.

What's in it?
100% natural combination of coconut milk powder, potato starch,
 milk, honey, rice and essential oils

How does it work?
Coconut milk contains natural silicones to create a very superior skin 

moisturiser. Combined with potato starch, which is a substantial source
 of Vitamin C, this product provides an amazingly natural bleaching 
effect. Honey acts as a natural humectant, attracting moisture to leave
 skin smooth and glowing.

How to use it?
Pour onto wet hands, rub palms together to create a smooth paste,
 gently massage onto skin for 20 seconds and rinse off with cold water
 to reveal a radiant complexion. Use twice a day for optimum results.


Ok so after reading so many positive reviews about this little magical product,I knew 
what was coming.I was absolutey sure that it will work for me too & Yes I was not 
wrong,it did!
I have been using it twice weekly since I laid my hands on it.It was mentioned that 
for best effects use twice a day.But as this is not the only product in my skin care 
routine I changed how I had to use it.Since it has a somewhat exfoliating effect 
I like to exfoliate only twice-thrice weekly.The texture of the product is chalky 
and upon mixing it with water it turns into a thick paste with which you can massage 
your face.

This product promises to whiten your complexion.But as for me I would rather say 
it brings out the best of your complexion.It at once brightens and brings a glow on 
my face that can usually be seen after a professional facial.It also helps in keeping
 my oily skin shine free for a good 3-4 hours.I love how it makes my skin visible
 smoother and softer to touch.I am sure that people with normal and combination
 skin would also not have any negative sayings about this product as the best thing
 about is that it is 100% organic with no chemicals.If you ask me it smells like some
coconut toffee and is quite strong.It goes away after a while of use.

Persons who have a fear of skin allergies due to the use of chemical included 
products can fearlessly use and include these products in their skincare regime due to the fact that they haven't any preservatives and are totally natural.While massaging 
the skin the exfoliation can be felt but after rinsing it with water,there is no irritation 
of any sort.At once after the product is used ,my face is slightly pink that changes into
 the brightness effect in a while.Yes you can say it polishes your skin and removes all 
kinds of makeup,dirt and impurities.If you want to look fresh & you hardly have any
 time on your hands then this is the product to grab and run into the bathroom.

The only thing that has to be compromised is the packaging.Its somewhat simple and not 
upto the mark for the wonderful product that it holds.The only suggestion that I would 
love to give the manufacturers is that please upgrade the packaging.Though the cap of 
the bottle is air tight and there is no fear of  accidently losing any product.The size that 
I have got is 30 mg,its travel friendly size.

Here is the comparison :)
This 30 mg bottle is available for order online at Rose Link UK at  ₤9.99 for
 International orders and   ₤4.99 within UK.
For orders within Pakistan go to and BeautyArena
You can also find them on Facebook
If you are in search of a gentle exfoliator without microbeads or granules,then
you may get this product as its formula is very chalky/powdery.Its light on the 
skin and makes it visibly smoother and softer.It may lighten or whiten your skin 
with continuous use.One month might be too early to say anything about complexion 


  1. I love this product a lot! Works great for me and my sisters. I'm glad you like it too. :)

  2. Nice review.. i too use it 2-3 times a week :)

  3. Seems like I'm the only person in Pakistan it didn't work for :( not fair!
    Love the comparison shot with your lil one's toy though :)

  4. nice review.i see that you r back in action.Love the shots
    PS:saw ur photos.It was good to see that you enjoyed :) seriously they made me want to go to skardu sooooo bad :(

  5. I think its about time I buy it too. Your review is very convincing Areej

  6. This is really on my wishlist. Love the size comparison! hahah

  7. Have read so many raving reviews about it, can't wait to order mine :)

  8. I want to get this from very long time and i dont know what i am waiting for..but since it brings out the best complexion as you said i am definitely gettng this now.

  9. Great review. They've upgraded the packaging now! It's so gorgeous - all gold and sparkly! I love this product, have been raving about it :) x

    1. Yes I have seen that new packaging too :) Its cute :)

  10. Great post you guy's must have a look on Massage Therapy for further beauty tips

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  12. I heard a lot of good reviews about this product and I want to try it for myself. What I heard is more that enough. Since I already have a pair coloured contacts this product is going to be an additional to my beauty collection.

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