Monday, July 29, 2013

~Visiting Shigar Fort along with some Cherry picking~

Hello Ladies!
Happy Monday!
Hope you all have a lovely week ahead:)
I am back with another travel post today.Who wants to join me in exploring the classic Shigar fort!
Let hear about it!
Take a step back in time and indulge yourself in the culture & history of Baltistani royalty!
 Located on the legendry route to the world’s second highest mountain, K-2, and known as Fong-Khar, which in the local language means the “Palace on the Rock”, Shigar Fort Residence is a unique 20 room heritage boutique hotel that offers guests the opportunity to experience the restored original architecture of the 17th Century Raja’s fort palace and previous home of the 20th ruler of the Amacha Dynasty whilst enjoying the modern amenities and services of an up market boutique hotel.
 Shigar Fort Residence is an award winning heritage conservation project restored by the Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan and managed by Serena Hotels, both apart of the Aga Khan Development Network. The project combines the preservation and re-use of a significant historical and architectural site with a commitment to socially responsible tourism promoting economic development in the Shigar Valley.(

                                                 The Shigar Fort  means The Fort on Rock

 It was built in 17th century by the Raja of Amacha Dynasty of Shigar.

You can stay a night there too!

                                                                              The souvenir shop
                                       Relaxining in the large acred lawns at Shigar Fort
After sweeping through history and spending some good 3-4 hours at the fort we were off to see this lovely orchard located in Hashupi village & my we enjoyed the Cherrypicking !

                                                                               So Girls did u have fun?
                                                                       Till Next Time
Stay Blessed & Happy
Thanks for reading


  1. Amazing photos . And cherry picking looks fun

  2. Lovely place! Loved the pictures.. and you look really pretty <3

  3. aww lovely pics :) wud love to go there

  4. Beautiful place i want to go there Thanks for sharing :)

  5. How magical to spend a night in that fort sigh lovely post. The last pic is too cute for words :)

  6. This is my hometown =) so happy that you visited.

  7. Thanks for the free trip to Shigar fort. This is just amazing and hey! loved your cherry picking pics.. :)

  8. I'm happy about everything you bring it very interesting and helpful, thanks

  9. Very helpful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the largest changes. Thanks for sharing!



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