Friday, August 30, 2013

~Photographer & MUA for a day:Creating Red Lips & Smokey eyes~

Hey girls!
How are you all.
Whats going on?
I have had a busy day yesterday & so kind of tired today.
Sharing some pictures with you all of a make up look I did on my sister in law two days back.
She was free after two alternative night duties at the hospital & we wanted to have some fun.I did this look on her and then spent all evening taking some pictures and editing them.
Its a red lips & smokey eyes look.
Hope you all like it.

I am personally loving the Red Lips on this pretty doc MASHALLAH.
Shes rocking Red Lips I must say :)
What do you girls say?
I would love to hear.
Stay Happy,Stay Blessed.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

~Introduction & Discount:L'atelier, Pakistan's premiere Multi Brand Store~

Hello Lovely Girls
Today I am not just writing an introduction to another online store but it is L'atelier I am talking about.
Ofcourse L'atelier is a name much heard of.Those who are interested in the changing and evolving fashions know where to head.Besides opening two stores one after the other in Islamabad & Lahore they recently launched their online website where you can place your orders.For those who are living abroad,they can pay through  PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Maestro credit and debit cards.For the customers living inside Pakistan COD payment method is also available.
L'atelier has a variety of designer dresses,bags,jewelry,shoes and accessories to choose from.

~An Introduction to L'atelier~
L’atelier pronounced (la-tell-liyay), is Pakistan’s premier multi-brand storewith outlets in Islamabad,Lahore andonline at Since its inception in 2010, the trend-setting entrepreneurial team behind L’atelier, Ahsan, Sadaf, Sarah and Zahra Raza, have set a benchmark for state of the art stores at upmarket locations withan ambiance of luxury and indulgence premised on French interiors and design. L’atelier’s motto is to provide a personalised service, exhibit the highest level of professionalism and provide access to fashion suiting every budget and every occasion. Taken together their vision is to provide an altogether superior retail experience
                           The founders of L'atelier Sarah-Zahra-Sadaf & Ahsan Raza
Some of the well known brands they house are

                                                  Picture courtesy:L'atelier
Why is L'atelier the No.1 place to shop!
~Original Designer wear guarantee

~Price match

~Payment Methods:Variety of Debit cards & COD available

~Finding the perfect outfit is easy out of so much variety

~Easy Currency Conversion available online

~Understanding Sizing:Size chart available for each dress

~Postage costs can be calculated using Postage Calculator

~Alteration service is available

~Nationwide & Worldwide Delivery:They offer cash on delivery service across Pakistan and DHL World Wide

 ~Keep an eye on the status of order with the help of Tracker app

~Secure transcations:SSL certified website keeps personal & credit card information safe

So girls Give it a go & shop at L'atelier!

I am thankful to L'atelier for providing my readers with a Discount code " LoveLatelier " which when entered on check out provides 5% Discount on prices shown online & this also applies for ON SALE items.

You can find L'atelier on Facebook,Instagram & Twitter.
For more details visit their website here
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy,Stay Blessed.

Monday, August 26, 2013

~The Lipstick Tag~

Hi My lovely girls
Guess What!

Yes I am doing a tag post after quite some time
I was tagged by the lovely true lipstick lover Sarah Ali from Glossicious Beauty Blog.
SO this is is how it will work:
  1. TAG 3  Bloggers who will answer the mentioned questions in their blog
  2. Those bloggers will TAG 3 more bloggers of their choice with the same questions & rules
  3. Use the Lipstick Tag image I made in your Blog
No Tagging Back (mentions are fine)

~How many lipsticks do you own?
I was not a big lipstick lover until lately.When the lipstick lover mode got turned on!I used to be a total lipgloss girl & used to admire my lipgloss collection always.I have a very modest collection of 25-30 lipsticks.
~What was your first ever lipstick?
I really don't remember but it has to be some avon lipstick or may be many sample sized avon lipsticks because My friend's mom used to sell Avon stuff & we used to get tons of samples :) I loved those little lippies !
~What is your most worn lipstick?
There have been 2 lipsticks that I have bought 3,4 times in a row after it finishes
 ~L'oreal Color Riche Star Secrets AISHWARYA RAI

~ REVLON Colorstay Succulent Berry 300

~What is your favorite brand for lipstick?

I have lately fallen in love with MAC Lipsticks lately.Only this year I have added 3 more to my collection.Otherwise for drugstore brands I love L'oreal and Rimmel because of their availability in our local drugstores.Definitely Revlon & Sleek come in here too but that being not so available readily sometimes slips out of my mind.
~What is your favorite finish?
I love Matte finish for general lipsticks & amplified or cremesheen for MAC.
~What is the last lip product your bought?
Oh thats a nice question...Luckily this past weekend I bought 3 Lipsticks

  1. Color Studio Professional Pure Matt in LUST
  2. MAC Blankety
  3. MAC Chatterbox (That makes MAC Chatterbox the last lip product that I bought ;) )
~How many lip products do you currently have in your bag?
You can say 2-3 products First is my Sleek Lip Balm,Secondly Maybelline Baby Lips,Apocalips Celestial is third & usually the lip color that I wear that day for the evening etc is fourth,I carry it around in my bag for retouches.

~What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
The first Red lipstick that I loved was Rimmel Alarm but Now...Yes I have jumped into the same bandwagon as Madonna & Dita Von Teese.Yes its MAC's Russian Red I am talking about!

~How do you store your lipsticks?
I have these make up organizers that I love so much <3

~What lip products are you currently lusting over?
Nars Pure Matte Lipstick Bangkok

MAC Pink Nouveauo
kMy TAGGED Bloggers are:

  1. Rakhshanda Khan from The Fashion Personal
  2. Sara Hassan from Sara Hassan's Blog
  3. Sidrah Nayyer from Beauteous Blog
Looking forward to seeing some lovely posts from you people :)And yes please do tag my blog in the start.That would do.
Loads of love,

Thursday, August 22, 2013

~NEWS FLASH:Discount Code from for my readers~

Hello Pretty Ladies,
I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather & getting ready to say goodbye to summers soon.
I am sharing this small post with all of you today to share a little exciting news.
Those who love to shop online will be happy to know that has offered a discount code for my lovely readers.Yes now you can just mention and enter my name at check out and avail 10% discount.
This offer is valid for next three months & Yes the best thing about is there is no minimum ammount necessary to avail this oppurtunity.
You can even buy a pair of earrings for Rs.300 & get a 10% off straight on it!
Isnt that lovely.
Find best Fashion Apparel and accessories at Pakistan's Best Online shopping website in Pakistan
Lets thank for the lovely offer.
Just enter AREEJUSMAN while checking out.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy,Stay Blessed

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

~How to apply Tight lining technique to your eyes~

Hello Pretty Ladies
How have you been?
Today I am here neither to review anything neither sharing some travel pictures,but I am sharing a very important make up technique with all of you.
Recently I read an article about tightlining on the web,I apply tightlining in my daily routine so I thought why not share this easy yet dramatically changing technique with you all.

Though I don't know if many of you follow it or not but I think it really creates a lot of difference and emphasizes the eye.Though it may sound like a difficult technique from the sound of it but it is really easy to do.
If you use black pencil or liner to underline the lower lash line then it must be really easy to tightline your eyes.I may clear it here that lining the lower lashline or waterline is not tightlining.
Tight lining is when you define your upper lash line.In easy words marking the lashline from the lower side.It helps in defining the lashes as well.It at once gives an AWAKE look to the eyes.It is also really helpful in emphasizing a smokey or a natural make up look.There are days when you don't want to wear any eye make up at all.On days like this you can simply apply tighlining technique and for a complete look some mascara & Yes you are Great to go.
Now I am sharing before and after pictures of my eyes.

Can you see the visible difference...?Yes the upper lash line appears defined and lashes appear somewhat longer too.Overall the eye is now more lively!
I simply use my Diana of London black kohl pencil to tight line the eye.But if you are a newbie at applying eyeliner to waterline or upper lashline then you can also use gel eyeliner and a brush.A good suggestion for that is Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.It may be difficult in the start but with a few attempts you will learn it.The simple technique is to just hold the eye lid upwards and apply the liner to the lash line.The advantage of lining the upper lashline instead of waterline is that the eye shadow may get into the eye and merge with the lining but the upper lashline will always stay neat & clear.
We achieve a more complete look after applying mascara to the lashes.

And I totally love this simple and appealing look created only with an eye liner and a mascara.If you are in a lot of hurry but really have to give a complete makeup look just tightline your eyes,apply some mascara,some blush ,a lipgloss and there you are..Beautiful as ever :)
Do you use this technique in your daily make up routine.
I would love to know what products you use for this technique.
What are the other make up techniques you use to simplify or enhance make up looks.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy,Stay Blessed.

Monday, August 19, 2013

~My Big Collective Eid Haul from HAROON'S,DWATSON,JINNAH SUPER,DARAZ,JUST4GIRLS & some more~

Hello Ladies,
Happy Monday!
Whats new in life as the occasion of Eid is finally gone too.
What are you all looking forward to now?
Well I am here sharing with you what I hauled recently before Eid.Eid is a time when you are shopping a lot of stuff.This time when I went shopping,I had this post lined up in the corner of my mind.So now I guess is the right time to share what I bought prior to this Eid ul Fitr.

Ok so first of all let me show you stuff I got from HAROON'S
Slip on Sandals Rs.1125
Earrings Rs.350
Hair catchers Rs.60 each
Sandals from ARQ'S for 900/-
Sandals from METRO for Rs.800/-
Bag from OUTFITTERS for Rs.1800(after 10% discount at 2000)
L'oreal Vive Pro Glossy Curls ~RS.410
Stageline Professional Makeup Fixer ~Rs.575
L'oreal ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil ~Rs.1200
Nike Woman Basic Scarlet Deodrant~Rs.225
Diana of London Arabian Eyeliner~Rs.425
Random Shopping from Jinnah Super
Silver Hair Pins~Rs.120
Neon Ear Studs~Rs.30
Knuckle Rings~Rs.30 each
Hair bands~Rs.20 each
Catchers~Rs.20 each
Now lets proceed to the more exciting type of shopping!The online one.Daraz & Just4Girls were the two reliable stores I placed my orders at.
Here is what I got from Daraz
OPI Pirates of the Caribbean MINI Rs.1400
HAUL from Just4girls
Revlon Photoready Foundation ~Rs.1785
MUA Lip Trio~Rs.450
MUA Pro Blush Cream Blusher Dolly~Rs.350
MUA Blush Bubblegum~Rs.200
MUA Blush Bon Bon~Rs.200
MUA Blush Lolly~Rs.200
MUA Blush Cupcake~Rs.200
MUA Blush Candyfloss~Rs.200
So Girls what do you say about it?
What do you think is the best thing I shopped!
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Hapy,Stay Blessed.


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