Monday, August 12, 2013

~Eid's Somewhat Understated FOTD~

Hey Lovlies
Welcome back to the blogging world!Yes we were away on Eid holidays after all ;)
How have you all been?
How was Eid!
It must have been bright and full of colors!
On every Eid I love to wear bright colors and bright make up but this time I chose to go understated.I don't know if I succeeded in that as far as the make up is concerned.Anyways It was a lovely Eid day with my family & here I am sharing some of my pictures with you ladies.Will soon visit your blogs & see what you girls have been upto as well.

~Oil of Ulay Moisturizer
~TBS Concealer
~MAC Studio Fix Foundation
~MAC Studio Fix Powder
~Stageline Professional Makeup Fixer Spray
~Essence Miami roller Blush(wondering what happened to it..long story;) )
~Essence Blusher Brush
~Eyes & Brows~
~Essence I love Stage Eyeshadow Base
~Essence Brow Set
~Sleek Showstopper Limited Edition Palette
~Maybelline Colossal Mascara
~Diana of London eye pencil
~TBS eye shadow brush
~TBS eye shadow blending brush
~CSP Lip Glaze in Glam Shine

~For My Hair~
I simply Plopped my hair & used
~L'oreal Hair Mousse Curl power
~My only accessory..Oh yes there was a ring too!
Cant help but share a pic of me & my baby <3
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay tuned for a haul post and a grand Eid Swap post soon.
Stay happy,Stay blessed.


  1. I love the fact that you embrace your curls with such confidence. You have the cutest baby :)
    Check out my eid post too :)

  2. nyc post Thanks for sharing you look so nyc :)

  3. oh my! the poor blush haha. you look very glowy and radiant :) btw did you get the makeup fixing spray from isbd? im looking for something like that, is it any good?

  4. Awww.. cute baby MashAllah. You both look lovely I love the lip colour you are wearing. .

  5. aww your blush! I love that blush. You and your baby look so cute:) xx

  6. Your baby is so cute MashahAllah.Eid Mubarak:)

  7. great post you and your baby look too cute :)

  8. Nice post, love your last pic <3

  9. I love ur curly hair and just noticed that ur baby has curly hair too. Adorable xoxo

  10. lovely post the way u carry your curls they are so adorable <3

    visit me sometime too !



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