Wednesday, August 21, 2013

~How to apply Tight lining technique to your eyes~

Hello Pretty Ladies
How have you been?
Today I am here neither to review anything neither sharing some travel pictures,but I am sharing a very important make up technique with all of you.
Recently I read an article about tightlining on the web,I apply tightlining in my daily routine so I thought why not share this easy yet dramatically changing technique with you all.

Though I don't know if many of you follow it or not but I think it really creates a lot of difference and emphasizes the eye.Though it may sound like a difficult technique from the sound of it but it is really easy to do.
If you use black pencil or liner to underline the lower lash line then it must be really easy to tightline your eyes.I may clear it here that lining the lower lashline or waterline is not tightlining.
Tight lining is when you define your upper lash line.In easy words marking the lashline from the lower side.It helps in defining the lashes as well.It at once gives an AWAKE look to the eyes.It is also really helpful in emphasizing a smokey or a natural make up look.There are days when you don't want to wear any eye make up at all.On days like this you can simply apply tighlining technique and for a complete look some mascara & Yes you are Great to go.
Now I am sharing before and after pictures of my eyes.

Can you see the visible difference...?Yes the upper lash line appears defined and lashes appear somewhat longer too.Overall the eye is now more lively!
I simply use my Diana of London black kohl pencil to tight line the eye.But if you are a newbie at applying eyeliner to waterline or upper lashline then you can also use gel eyeliner and a brush.A good suggestion for that is Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.It may be difficult in the start but with a few attempts you will learn it.The simple technique is to just hold the eye lid upwards and apply the liner to the lash line.The advantage of lining the upper lashline instead of waterline is that the eye shadow may get into the eye and merge with the lining but the upper lashline will always stay neat & clear.
We achieve a more complete look after applying mascara to the lashes.

And I totally love this simple and appealing look created only with an eye liner and a mascara.If you are in a lot of hurry but really have to give a complete makeup look just tightline your eyes,apply some mascara,some blush ,a lipgloss and there you are..Beautiful as ever :)
Do you use this technique in your daily make up routine.
I would love to know what products you use for this technique.
What are the other make up techniques you use to simplify or enhance make up looks.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy,Stay Blessed.


  1. You are so right. It really does define the upper lash line :)

  2. i dont know for some reason, my eyes get really watery when i tightline, even though when im using the same pencil on my waterline, they dont! it soo weird. lol

  3. tight lining has always been my on the go thing as i am usually late every where :D

  4. i have read this somewhere and i do try it when i remember! its a handy tip definitely! and you got pretty eyes :)

  5. That's a very good tutorial. xx

  6. Oh its my daily go things, as its clearly define my eyes, i started this with Hashmi kohal stick, now whatever i am using as kohal just give some stroke on that area :)

    Nice Tutorial :)

  7. wow nice job.Waisey your eyes are so pretty they dont need alot of defining :) i do tight line my eyes but end up lining my eyes thoroughly :P like a winged liner :P

  8. I do tightlining everyday, makes my lashes look thicker. Great post:) x

  9. Great post!

    I follow you!



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