Monday, August 19, 2013

~My Big Collective Eid Haul from HAROON'S,DWATSON,JINNAH SUPER,DARAZ,JUST4GIRLS & some more~

Hello Ladies,
Happy Monday!
Whats new in life as the occasion of Eid is finally gone too.
What are you all looking forward to now?
Well I am here sharing with you what I hauled recently before Eid.Eid is a time when you are shopping a lot of stuff.This time when I went shopping,I had this post lined up in the corner of my mind.So now I guess is the right time to share what I bought prior to this Eid ul Fitr.

Ok so first of all let me show you stuff I got from HAROON'S
Slip on Sandals Rs.1125
Earrings Rs.350
Hair catchers Rs.60 each
Sandals from ARQ'S for 900/-
Sandals from METRO for Rs.800/-
Bag from OUTFITTERS for Rs.1800(after 10% discount at 2000)
L'oreal Vive Pro Glossy Curls ~RS.410
Stageline Professional Makeup Fixer ~Rs.575
L'oreal ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil ~Rs.1200
Nike Woman Basic Scarlet Deodrant~Rs.225
Diana of London Arabian Eyeliner~Rs.425
Random Shopping from Jinnah Super
Silver Hair Pins~Rs.120
Neon Ear Studs~Rs.30
Knuckle Rings~Rs.30 each
Hair bands~Rs.20 each
Catchers~Rs.20 each
Now lets proceed to the more exciting type of shopping!The online one.Daraz & Just4Girls were the two reliable stores I placed my orders at.
Here is what I got from Daraz
OPI Pirates of the Caribbean MINI Rs.1400
HAUL from Just4girls
Revlon Photoready Foundation ~Rs.1785
MUA Lip Trio~Rs.450
MUA Pro Blush Cream Blusher Dolly~Rs.350
MUA Blush Bubblegum~Rs.200
MUA Blush Bon Bon~Rs.200
MUA Blush Lolly~Rs.200
MUA Blush Cupcake~Rs.200
MUA Blush Candyfloss~Rs.200
So Girls what do you say about it?
What do you think is the best thing I shopped!
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Hapy,Stay Blessed.


  1. Love the Palazzo print and blushers look nice.

    1. This is my first time with MUA blushers....lets see!

  2. Love the mua blush collection! I have a few i. The old packaging, as soo as i hit pan ill be getting ones in the newer packaging. How is the loreal oil? Im looking for a replacement for my moroccon oil.

    1. Nayab i like the feel of it as i m allergic to normal oils like mustard etc so i dont feel like this is oil bt has the effects of oiling:)

  3. Great haul. LOVE the sandals and the bag x

  4. I love your yellow bag! Its soo cute.

  5. lovely shoes and lovely everything :P

  6. lovely haul <3 i just ordered MUA blushers for myself :)

    do drop by

  7. Haroon's is my favorite place, can spend hours there :p Love the palazzo print :)
    Drop by my blog sometime :)

  8. Wowww great haur, loving the yellow bag, blushers, Sandals and yellow ear studs :) waiting for blushers reviews :)

  9. oooh so many blushes!! Enjoy your haul:)



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