Monday, September 30, 2013

[Review]:JisonCase Quilted Leather Cover for Ipad~

The product that I am reviewing today is another Ipad case.
I was so excited when I got this chance to review an Ipad case of my choice from JISONCASE.

Designed to meet the needs of individuals across all interests, professions and passions, Jison Case products promote design simplicity while offering intuitive functionality and increased mobility for an enhanced user experience.Jison Case is driven by a passion for design and high quality craftsmanship and inspiration, ideation and implementation are the backbone of the Jison Case product development process. Jisoncase designs and manufactures high quality leather cases for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.leather case for iPad mini for sale.Their designers employ exacting design standards that ensure our products constantly evolve to meet the needs of emerging markets and an ever-expanding variety of Apple product experiences.

I was spoilt for choice among the variety available.

In the end I chose this pink Quilted Leather Cover for my Ipad 2.
100% HAND MADE. Made of 100% Genuine leather Thinner, lighter and safer. Wake-up and sleep function. Skin is like a premium leather glove for your iPad.

  • 1. High quality Genuine Cow Leather. Quilted style.
  • 2. Handcrafted with no stitching. For iPad 2, 3 & 4.
  • 3. Full edge mount on Top and Bottom edges.
  • 4. Curved fit on all edges and corners for full protection.
  • 5. Integrated stainless steel mesh protection for speaker. 
  • 6. Internal lining protects from scratches. 
  • 7. Integrated 2 position stand function to view/type in different angles. 
  • 8. Magnetic smart cover design allows wake up and sleep instantly.
  • 9. Covered power and volume buttons for better protection.
  • 10. Clear access to headphone jack, USB port, camera lens and mute button.
  • I love to track my parcels.Similarly when I came to know from Jisoncase that my parcel was with DHL I tracked it continuously and was excited by knowing when and where it was.It was a really efficient & fast service and withing a couple of days I was signing the DHL's Electronic Proof of delivery.I believe that the team at work at Jisoncase is a hardworking and efficient ones.Packed in its original box and then wrapped up inside a bubble wrap lined envelope I fell in love with the lovely pink case.
  • Lets see how I like it when I brought it to use.
  • I love Pink therefore when I was asked about which cover I would choose I selected this pink beauty.Therefore when I opened my package I was loving the pink case even more.Its a bright rose pink shade.This case is compatible with Ipad 2, 3 & 4.

  • This cover has a hard back and a quilted front that protects the screen.It gives full on protection to my Ipad as it covers the entire back and also the front of the Ipad.
  • You can see that the back is a hard one but the front side has a fold in it.It is there to turn it around and fold into a position where the ipad can be viewed in a standing position.
    There is a slot in the back where the cover fits in to make it a viewing stand.
    Sliding the Ipad in and out of the cover is really easy.The curved design fits all the corners and gives it maximum protection againist falls or scratches.At my place my baby is more of an Ipad user than me,therefore I am really happy with this Ipad case as it gives my Ipad all the protection it needs.The quilted pattern adds to the appearance of the cover.

    The cut outs are clear and open and all the ports are easily accessible.The jacks can be plugged in and out of the ports easily without any hassle.The power and volume buttons are covered but there isn't any problem in pressing them from above the cover.Similarly the camera cut out is also large and leaves some space around the lens so that pictures are clear otherwise if the camera cut out is small it gives problem while taking pictures.
    This is an ideal Ipad cover for anyone who wants full protection for their Ipads.The magnetic front cover helps in making sure that the screen is covered.The fact that it is handmade makes me admire the stiching of the quilted pattern even more.There are seven colors available from which you can choose from.The cover is very light weight and when you hold it,you can feel the luxurious softness and smoothness of the cover.The good thing about these covers is that they are not only compatible with the second and third generation Ipads but also the newest Ipad 4.
    I have added this cover to my collection of Ipad covers that I have bought since I started using my Ipad.I believe my Ipad will be seen in this Pink Quilted Leather cover mostly as I am totally loving the color and the protection that it is giving my Ipad.I can leave my Ipad without any fear in the hands of my baby.I can trust him with my Ipad with this cover on.
    Overall I really like the quality of the product and the product.The soft leather and the compact design wins my heart.
    The only thing one might think about before buying is its price.It is available for $89.99 on are some other lower priced options available as well.I would recommend you to have a look at their website.There are cases for Samsung and Apple products .They also ship worldwide.You can find them on Facebook & Twitter as well.
    Thanks a lot for reading.
  • Stay Happy Always.
  • Love,
  • Areej

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Review & Swatches]:Maybelline Color Show Nail color ELECTRIC YELLOW

Today I am here with a nail post.I wore this nail color on my recent trip to Lahore.

Our first transparent gel based formula combining bold, crisp color with a runway-inspired wardrobe for your nails.
Color Show is the new nail polish line that brings trend and color direct from catwalk to the sidewalk. Inspired by all that is the Big Apple and its global fashion credentials, Color Show brings an instant seasonal update to your fingertips.
Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish. Color that wont quit!
I am totally in love with this shade i.e bright yellow just like beautiful golden sunshine.This is the first shade that I have got myself from the many available shades.I am not a very huge fan of Maybelline nail colors but I really wanted this particular shade Electric Yellow.

The problem with this nail color is that it is very sheer.I have applied 3 shades in the pictures here & finally it looks opaque.The application tends to be streaky at times.The formula of this nail polish has disappointed me somewhat.Its been quite some time nail polish application turned out to be a very difficult task for me.The lasting power is quite good.5 days and no chipping and I took it off today.
The packaging is good.The shape is attractive and has a big lid that helps in a good hold.I also like the small compact brush.
Overall I still give it a yes.I ll try some other shades by Maybelline and see if they are also hard to work with!At the moment I am too in love with this shade so can ignore the negative points.
This and any other nail color is available for Rs.350 from any Maybelline counter nationwide.
You can also order it online within Pakistan from &
Have you tried any shades from Maybelline's Color Show line?
What was your experience?
Thanks a lot for reading.
Any comments & questions are welcome.
Stay Blessed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[REVIEW]:The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

Lets get to know what is MICRODERMABRASION then we will move further onto today's post.
Often called “microderm” for short, microdermabrasion is a procedure to help exfoliate or temporarily remove a few of the top layers of the skin called the stratum corneum. Much like brushing one's teeth, microdermabrasion helps to gently remove skin “plaque” and skin debris.Since human skin typically regenerates at approximately 30 day intervals, skin improvement with microdermabrasion is temporary and needs to be repeated at average intervals of two - four weeks for continued improvement. It may also be performed at home using a variety of products which are designed to mechanically exfoliate the skin.(Source:Wikipedia)
Fine exfoliating micro particles and crushed garnet stones remove dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion.
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Gives skin a brighter, more radiant look
  • Improves skin texture and tone
    Can you spot the Big C for Vitamin C series
    The ingrediants
    I had lately been looking for a product that gives you a mini peel at home.Around Eid time I went to The body shop tp pick some gifts for bloggers swap and picked up their free magazine.I then read about the products available.This product somehow caught my eye & it went up on my wishlist.Around 2 weeks ago I bought this product.I have used it twice uptil now.
    Its mentioned on the tube that this microdermabrasion technique should be used once or twice weekly.As this is actually a harsh procedure and gives effective results with use over a period of time,i personally don't use it twice weekly.I think in 10 days I ll use it once.
    The packaging is really nice.75 ml of product comes in this tube with a flip up lid that is secure on closing.

    The product has a moisturizer type of consistency.It is quite creamy with small fine beads to help scrub the skin.It has a light citrusy smell & I love any citrusy scent.It freshens me up!
    ~HOW TO USE~
    As it is an exfoliator/scrub it is advised to wet the skin prior to use.I splashed my face with water.Squeeze some product onto your palm.A little product is enough for single use.With the help of index and middle finger rub the area around your cheeks,nose and chin in a light circular motion.Just like this

    And this...
    And this...
    Splash and rinse with water.

    The light massage should be applied no more than 2-3 minutes.
    The scrub totally cleanses my skin removing any dirt or dead skin.The pores feel smooth.Overall my skin becomes baby soft.I love the way how this product actually removes blackheads from my nose area.As my skin is oily so over the period of some days it becomes dull and oil accumulates around different zones.A busy mom like me can not often take time out to visit the spa for a mini peel so I am very satisfied with the results after using this product in the comfort of my home.As microdermabrasion improves skin texture and appearence with time so I am looking forward to use this product in the coming months as well.If you may have very senstive skin this might not be the product for you as it may cause some slight irritation and breakouts.
    This product is on my good products list.I love the soft and smooth skin it gives me at the end.Its actually a mini peel for me.
                                                        Doesn't it feel ALL CLEAR!
    I bought this product from THE BODY SHOP outlet in Centaurus Mall for Rs.2390/-
    You can find it at any TBS outlet nationwide or from their official website.
    I ll recommend this to those who love to invest in quality high end products.It may be heavier on your pocket but it certainly has good effects on your skin.I love the fact that instead of getting a mini peel at the spa,I can achieve somewhat same results at home in lesser money.The body shop has a big range of skin related products that you can choose from according to your skin type as well.
    For more details you can visit them on Facebook
    Have you used any other TBS skin product.
    I am also a big fan of their body butters.
    Thanks a lot for reading.
    Stay happy.Stay blessed.

Monday, September 16, 2013

[Review & Swatches]:O.P.I Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides(MINI)

Hello Girls
Its a Monday & so why not make it a Manicure Monday as PBBC announced lately that Monday will be all about sharing Nail related posts.Its not necessary that it should be a new post.It can be a Blast from the Past too.But in my case today I am presenting a brand new post!
Have fun!
So here is my review and swatches from OPI Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (MINI)
The good thing about tiny nail colors is that they hold sufficient product that does not end up drying up like those normal sized bottles that we only use couple of times and forget.They then keep lying there in our stash of many other nail lacquers waiting to be put on again!
Recently I got a chance to shop from & seeing the OPI minis collecction so readily available I ordered these.I am a big fan of Disney movies and Jack Sparrow of course.
The mini bottle contains 3.75 ml of color compared to the huge 15ml regular sized bottle.
~What They Say about Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ~
"Get your sword and parrot ready for some swashbuckling style with the creation of OPI’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides inspired nail lacquers featuring limited edition cool pastel lacquer shades.
OPI’s The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides lacquers were inspired by a
world filled with mythical mermaids, gleaming treasure, and high-seas adventure, with shades ranging from sage and lavender to khaki gray and pastel pink, evocative colours within a tropical setting, with a classic nautical influence."

~What i have to say about OPI Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides~
This Mini set contains 4 3.75 ml bottles.
The packaging is really cute.These are a true miniature of the original OPI standard bottle.The only thing that is not right is the small brush that doesn't hold enough product for one decent application.Otherwise there is nothing wrong to own this collection and satisfying your lust for more OPI's.They come in a very chic box that is also perfect for gifting to someone.
Lets start with the swatches:

First comes the Skull & Glossbones:
Its my top favourite among all.I have it on my nails at the moment too.Its a lovely dull grey with shades of beige.I have applied two coats of the nail color.Though this nail color felt sheer but only 2 coats did a great job.It appears less greyish in the pictures may be due to the yellow light in the room.Its also very closer to the shade Stranger Tides in the same collection.One can't work it out at first.Moreover the bottles also appear the same.
Next is Planks a lot:
My second favourite among the bunch.Its a pastel lilac shade that I really like.It appears darker on the nails than in the bottle.2 coats are applied in the swatch.
Third up is Sparrow me the drama:
I am not a fan of light pinks.They make my hands look darker than usual.This is the perfect strawberry ice cream shade.Though I like it but still it isn't going to be in my wearable shades.2 coats of the nail lacquer are applied in the swatch.
Last in the line is Stranger Tides:
The perfect pistachio green.This is the too much like Skull and Glossbones.They trick you in appearing one.I love this one too.2 coats of nail color applied.In all 4 nail colors this is the sheerest when 2 coats are  applied.Can you have a glimpse of my nails!

Overall I really like the OPI mini collection.All are pastel shades and do well in the fall and winters.

I can see myself wearing a lot of Skull & Glossbones and Stranger Tides in the near winters.OPI as you all make up lovers know is the no.1 quality nail lacquers.They have a huge collection of nail colors one can go crazy about.I do not own many OPI nail colors but only few.I have some swatched on my blog.Check out No Spain No Gain & Purple with a Purpose
I would recommened the girls out there to get the mini collections.It may sound expensive when I say 1400 PRS for 4 3.75 ml nail lacquers.But the good thing abt mini collections is that you get 4 OPI shades for yourself.If you buy 4 regular OPI shades it may cost you around 32,00 PRS.So,why not get  4 shades for 1400!There is also a huge variety to choose from.
To order in Pakistan,check out, & Beauty Arena.
For more details check out OPI Pakistan & their International website
I bought this from for Rs.1400/-
Discount is available when you shop at this or any other item,enter AREEJUSMAN at checkout & get an instant 10% off on your purchase.
Do you like OPI?You love brights or pastels?
Do let me know.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy.Stay Blessed.

Friday, September 13, 2013

[Review & Swatches]:MUA Recently launched Blushers!

Hey this post has been pending for quite some while.I ordered these MUA shades around eid time.But I got my package after Eid.I have been using them for some time now.So I guess I still have time to review them.This is my first experience with MUA blushers.I had heard a lot about MUA products from fellow bloggers.But what I have to say about will know in a while.
MUA Describes these as:
Part of our amazing £1 line, our blushers come in six shades. They range from pink and coral to deeper plums and natural nudes so you’ll definitely find one that suits you the most! Although to be honest with you, at £1 there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own all six! Just simply sweep across the apples of the cheek and up to the brow bone to create a soft yet beautiful contour. Gorge!
The latest collection that was launched had 6 shades.It might look from the above picture that I ordered all the 6 but no ,they are actually 5,one is the creme blusher from their other range.I am in love with the shape of the packaging.How slim & sleek they are.Can fit anywhere small.Through the transparent lid we can easily identify the blush and use it without going into the hassle of opening up the lids and looking for the right shade.
The black screw like thing at the end of the lid fixes into this round slot with a TUCK sound.Therefore there isn't much fear of the product opening up & falling away.But still some care has to be taken while handling these products because recently on a trip I lost a lovely product from TBS & there the packaging was really good.

Lets move onto the quality of the blushers.I am highly impressed by these tiny beauties.They do very well.They aren't chalky at all.They are quite pigmented and the powder has the power to hold strongly and stay in place.If you want to feel the quality just slide your finger tip on the blush and you will feel the richness on your fingertip.They definitely give more than what they cost.
Lets move on to the swatches.
BUBBLEGUM is a lovely coral pink with a slight hint of shimmer.
CANDYFLOSS is a lovely rose pink with purple undertones.On applying to the skin you will find a slight shimmer.Its a very natural shade and great for everyday wear.
BON BON is to me a bright peach apricot shade.This is my second favorite among all.
LOLLY is my latest love in blushers.Its that lovely orange shade that may be many of us Asians are searching for.I must add that it also has small amount of shimmer in it.When I say shimmer I mean small nicely packed shimmer not those large glitter chunks that make you look like a glitterball.
Its my ultimate favorite among the set.
CUPCAKE is the nudest peach shade of all these blushers.Its got a slight hint of shimmer as well but when applied onto the skin,it doesn't show.So we can call it a very nude blush.
The blusher that I didn't order from the lot was Marshmallow.It was a Barbie Pink shade very close to Sleek's Pixie Pink that I already own.Instead I ordered DOLLY from the MUA Pro Blush Perfection Cream Blusher range.

Its swatched here.
DOLLY is a light coral blush that looks beautiful when blended to perfection.It gives you that natural flush.
Those were all the swatches.I must mention here that these all are single swatched.Off course when applied with primer and foundation beneath their pay off is greater.
The names for all the blushes are very appealing and they make the packaging a little more exciting when you turn it to confirm your shade.

I would recommend you girls to try these very cheaply priced blushesMark my words,their pay off and pigmentation is more than what you pay.
The Cream Blusher is for Rs.350 while the other blushers are for Rs.200 each.Wow!Isnt that really affordable!
They are available for online order on their website
& for order in Pakistan please visit
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay happy,stay blessed.


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