Monday, September 2, 2013

~A Bloggers Afternoon at Centaurus Islamabad~

Hi Girls
How are you all?
Usually I start a week by a review or something related to make up etc.But this Monday I thought about doing something different.
Last Thursday was when me & the sweet fellow blogger Nayab from Nayab Loves agreed to meet up!Yes! Bloggers Meeting up in Islamabad...Yes thats something new for us.First of all the thing is that there aren't many bloggers from Islamabad.Secondly there are some that live somewhat away from Islamabad & when asked to join couldn't due to different reasons.
Let me be clear,this Bloggers Meet up was in no way sponsored.I hope some company's or brand's PR says Yes to sponsor us few bloggers in the neighborhood of Islamabad in the future.Of course there are 5-6 bloggers who can definitely join if notified earlier.
So let me tell you details of me and Nayab meeting up.
The venue was Centaurus Islamabad.
We agreed to meet after 3 PM.I was the first one to arrive & Nayab was there soon after as well.We exchanged greetings & without wasting any further time took the capsule lift up to the 4th Floor(Yes!also the Food Court).As it was already lunch time we chose a nice table and settled in.Nayab went to get her food while I went to get mine.My baby and her nanny watched the table in our absence.
So after Nayab was done with her Chicken Pot Pie & I had finished my Mc Quarter pounder,we decided to explore more of Centaurus.We roamed around here and there.Visited Al Fateh Make up section & some other stores.It was great roaming here and there talking about cosmetics,brands & fake and original stuff.Any one who would have been a blogger could easily identify us both as we had some swatches on our arms and hands in the end;)
Here are some pictures and selfies we took during the roaming around.

After roaming around we were hungry again so decided to have some ice cream.Ended up having Cone Ice creams from McDonald's.My baby really enjoyed his ice creams!Nayab,you remember when he threw one onto the floor...Oops!
It was a lovely afternoon at the Centaurus & of course it was lovely meeting you Nayab.
I hope we manage to do it again soon.
Oh yes & if someone wants to sponsor a bloggers meet up in Islamabad please email me at with the details.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay happy.Stay Blessed.


  1. Aww you ladies look gorgeous! xx

  2. that's the best kinda meetup actually, when you roam around and window shop as well! both of you look gorgeous! So glad you got together! :) x

  3. Oh Gosh, lovely ladies :)

    Hope Faris enjoyed more than you guys :D hay na

  4. thats such a lovely day and your baby is a lil toddler now!! :)

  5. I am a blogger from the twin cities too and I would love to interact with fellow bloggers as well (be it an un-sponsored meetup too) so let me know when you have it next time and I would love to be there ( That is, if you want me there ;) lol )
    my email address:

    1. Yes I have u in my mind now :) Def yes :)

  6. oh that looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Both of you look lovely:) x

  7. Aww how fun!! You both look very pretty.

  8. Your baby is so cute! And you both look great!

  9. Oh no, i dont like how i look at all :p haha. Yes i do remember haha

    1. Nayab I am sure all these ladies are def not lying lol ;)



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