Saturday, October 19, 2013

A small Post EID Hello!

Hello Everyone!
How was Eid!
I have been busy with lot of stuff and have been missing posting.
I revamped my room for the winters and as soon as I was done Eid arrived!
Lots of posts are waiting to be worked upon.I hope I ll be back to work soon.
Here is a pic of me on Eid Day.Its not very clear but I like it:)
I also rearranged my vanity and put some lights to make things easier for me.
I ll be reading all the posts I have missed too.
Loads of love & prayers.


  1. Looking Nice! Hope you had a super Eid!

  2. looking lovely! belated eid mubarak!

  3. Hope you had a lovely Eid with your Love ones

    Maria Speaks Prada



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