Saturday, November 30, 2013

~NOTD: Flormar Neon Colors N009~

Sweet November is coming to an end today.
Leaving behind only one month more to start a new beginning..2014!
Its been quite a while I did a NOTD post.Have been wanting to share this nail color for quite some time.
As you fashionistas already know plums and purples are the hues to rock the fall & winters this year..why not wear a matching purple nail color.
I am wearing Flormar N009 on my nails today.

Its from the Flormar Neon Colors Range.Its not a very neon purple though.
The formula is nice.I applied 2 coats without a base or a top coats and I love the results.If you are in a hurry and still have to apply this color,only one coat is also enough.

Purple is the shade of the royalty and really you get this feeling of royalness while wearing this lovely purple on the nails.Purple is used a lot in meditation and it is known to give you peace of mind.
I love the triangular handle of the applicator.It makes it easier to hold between the fingers while applying.The nail color is also very quick drying.While I applied on the second hand the first hand was absolutely dry.
I got this nail color from Al Fateh Centaurus mall for Rs.250/-.
Have you tried Flormar nail colors.
What nail color are you wearing on your nails today.?
Comments and questions are welcome.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay happy,stay blessed.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

~[REVIEW]: Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Pink Punch ~

Hey Lovlies,
Winters are already at its zenith.
Our skin,hands,feet and lips need extra care in this harsh weather.The cold makes our lips chapped and cracked.To help them get better there are so many products out there in the market.One of the products that recently caught our attention was Maybelline's Baby Lips.Though there are newer versions added in the line now but I am reviewing this one that was first in the line when they got introduced.It is the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Pink Punch.

The packaging is really cute.Its not at all boring like those other lip balm tubes out there.The colors are really funky and eye catching.This shade that I have got is Pink Punch.All the shades are mentioned on the side of each tube.

I am a hardcore fan of Labello as it was the first lip balm that I owned as a kid.I believe it is the very best lip nourishment available but still we can try other options that are fun and cheap.This Pink Punch is a neon pink tinted lip balm.It has little freckles of shimmer in it that makes it look lovely in the tube.Upon opening the tube just before applying you can smell the delicious raspberry flavored bubble gum aroma.The shade looks really pigmented in the tube but its different when applied on the lips.
Here is how it looks when swatched on the hand.
It does look wonderfully pigmented with that slight shimmer
Now lets see how it appears on my somewhat pigmented lips.
Here a single application of Baby Lips - Pink Punch
I am not really a person who would go out wearing only lip balms so I really don't care how it looks on my lips.These days in winters I am seen wearing this lip balm all the time while I am home because I am having seriously dry lips these days.It is very light on the lips and makes them super soft as soon as its applied.Its not waxy or sticky.Like all other lip balms this one also has to be reapplied after few hours.It is good to go for those girls who only want a hint of color on their lips.
The bullet is pink itself and shelves inside a bubblegum pink tube as well.
The cap is transparent with Funky yellow writing that makes it altogether a fresh combination.
For the price tag that it supports its actually a good product.It doesnt stay true to its claim of 8 hours of moisture as it has to be reapplied after few hours again.
The bullet is quite huge in size as well.Its a handbag & pocket friendly product.

If you love tinted lip balms with fruity smell and softening quality,then don't miss this range.There are many options to choose from.I am actually looking forward to buying something from their new neon black Electro range.
Lip balms are a must for winters,so why not try something new this time!
You can get yours today from any Maybelline counter for Rs.350 & it is also available for online order at
For more details visit Maybelline on Facebook
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay happy,stay blessed.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

~Dupe Alert! MAC Rebel Vs Wet n Wild Megalast LipColor Sugar Plum Fairy~

Hello Lovlies,
As the fall approached lately & fashion needs changed I wanted to get hold of some lipstick shades that will help me look upto date with the fashion and make up trends.
This fall oxblood and plum is the shade to wear on your lips.Now plum also comes in a lot of varieties.Be it wine,berry,burgundy or fuchsia its a shade that will look good on anyone.Once you make up your mind that you are to rock bold lips this year its definitely the shade for you.
This post is not only a Dupe post but it is also a slight comparision between these two lipsticks I got lately.

The first one that I got was MAC Rebel & the other one is Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy.
Though they look almost the same they may not be 100% same.The main difference is in the formula.
When worn on the lips they look the same as well.MAC Rebel has a satin finish and is termed a creamy plum lipstick whereas WnW Sugar Plum Fairy is a semi matte finish& is a tad bit brighter.Both of the lipsticks are long lasting.Offcourse there is no comparision to the long lasting ness of the MAC lipstick but Wet N Wild Megalast also stays true to its name and lasts quite some hours on my lips.Both of these lipsticks leave a light stain on the lips.
Though Mac Rebel looks darker in the tube and may give the wrong effect of being a vampy shade but no it actually comes prettier on the lips.The natural color of the lips may change the shade of lipstick so it may be slightly different for different people.
Here are the swatches:
                                        Sugar Plum Fairy:A dupe good enough to be bought

Wearing MAC Rebel

Upper lip:MAC Rebel
Lower lip:WnW Sugar Plum Fairy
I must say its a really good dupe.It looks like I am wearing the same color on the lips though they are actually two lipsticks.
As there is a whopping difference in the price of the two products.There is also a lot of difference between the packaging of the two.
Sugar Plum Fairy comes in this plastic packaging and a cap that has to be placed upon it with care or you may end chipping the sides of the top.Apart from this,the look of the lipstick is nice.The packaging and quality of the MAC lipstick is known to everyone & there is no need to brag more about these loveable bullets.
I ordered Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy from Lush Grooming Bargains for Rs.520/-
I bought MAC Rebel from D.Watson Blue Area Islamabad for Rs.2150/-
Have you been craving for MAC Rebel lately?
If you are a true MAC lipstick lover invest in MAC Rebel,otherwise Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy is the best alternative and dupe you can go for.Both are nearly the same when it comes to shade & long lasting ness.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

~ Weekend Splurge at VINCCI ~

This weekend I payed a visit to Centaurus Islamabad(umpteenth time..)
It has never happened that I visit Centaurus & come back empty handed.
There is always something that catchces my attention.This time I indulged in a splurge at one of my favourite stores i.e Vincci.
As many of you may be knowing that Vincci is one of Malaysia's top brands that creates lovely bags,shoes and accessories.
Lets see what I splurged at Vincci this time!
Guess whats inside!
Yes a pair of heels and a bag for upcoming winter season
Let me show them beauties to you.
Some more close ups of the bag
The front side
The back side
Pockets and inside view
More pockets
Now the heels

I am loving my heels and bag.
Did you like my splurge !
The bag is for Rs.6100 & the shoes are for Rs.5300.
I bought these at the Vincci outlet in Centaurus Islamabad.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay happy,stay blessed.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

~Review:Essence Eau de Toilette Like a First Day in Spring~

Its Weekend already!
I am already feeling a freshness in the air.
Guess what it is:Yes,Its the smell of my new perfume Essence Like a first day in Spring Eau de Toilette.
I got this a couple of days ago as a sample for review purpose.
As its a perfume & I don't need much time to test & try it.
Here is the review:
Essence like a first day in spring – warm rays of sunshine on your skin, the fresh scent of blossoms in the air. it’s finally time to head outside. you feel so alive!
Like a First Day in Spring - warm rays of sunshine on your skin, the fresh scent of blossoms in the air. It’s finally time to head outside. This fruity, floral and radiant fragrance makes you feel so alive! 
Top notes: pineapple, orange juice, tangerine.
 Middle notes: praline, dewberry, rose.
 Base notes: sandalwood, musk, vanilla. 
As always Essence is on top of all brands when it comes to cutesy packaging.It does win the heart of teenagers as well as all ladies who still got that little girl somewhere inside them.I am always excited by their names and extraordinary description of the products.
Unpacking a new product is always exciting & that first look!

The perfume comes in a transparent round shaped bottle with a lid on it.A lilac ribbon knotted around the neck of the spritzer makes it attractive and more girlish.The pink butterfly printed upon the bottle makes it a true spring perfume.
The bottle is made of glass but the cap is plastic but looks good enough on top of the bottle.
Upon the first spritz of the perfume you can feel the citrusy smell of tangerine/oranges.I am already in love with the perfume as anything citrusy is enough to make me buy it or love it.
I seem to miss the middle or heart note and then in the end I feel the base note of vanilla & musk.
The perfume has a good staying power of 4-5 hours.Though it is a summer perfume but I think its not good to stick to a certain fragrance according to the weather.I feel we should wear perfume according to our mood or instinct.
Those girls who love higher end perfumes may not like it as its a very budget friendly perfume but still its good for daily use,where you need something to refresh and uplift your spirits.
The perfume is from a range of perfumes with similar names and fun & lasting perfumes.
You may find one that is your kind.
This bottle holds 50ml of perfume.These are also available in 10ml bottles.

This is the typical 50 ml bottle.
Its available for Rs.1230 on all Essence Counters at drugstores nationwide.
For online orders check out Just4girls.
For more details check out Essence Facebook Page
I would recommend you to check out the range of perfumes from Essence.You will definitely get yourself one.Its reasonably priced for a daily use perfumes.At least it has a good staying power so it can be given a try.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay happy,stay blesses.

Monday, November 4, 2013

~Soap & Glory & Other hauled Stuff~

Its already November!
As the start of November came with a family wedding..I have been unable to post.
In the end of October I hauled some stuff,so posting it now.
Let me know what you want to be reviewed first:)
Here are the details:
The haul contains my first Soap & Glory buys
Soap & Glory Hand Food : Rs.1295/-
Ah....& this tube is finally mine!
Soap & Glory Foamy Moisture Facewash: Rs.1995/-
Bremod Leave in Conditioner:Rs.350/-
I had been looking for a leave in conditioner for my curls for long

Garnier Fortyfying Conditioner:Rs.350/-

MAC Lipstick (REBEL) :Rs.2150
Thats my 5th MAC lippie :)

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal :Rs.850
My fellow blogger Nayab Najam recommended me this...Got it after lot of wait!

The S&G products were bought at Shams whereas all the other items are from D Watson Blue Area Islamabad.
What do you like best in my haul.
Aren't hauls exciting!
Thanks a lot for dropping by.
Stay Blessed.


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