Wednesday, November 20, 2013

~Dupe Alert! MAC Rebel Vs Wet n Wild Megalast LipColor Sugar Plum Fairy~

Hello Lovlies,
As the fall approached lately & fashion needs changed I wanted to get hold of some lipstick shades that will help me look upto date with the fashion and make up trends.
This fall oxblood and plum is the shade to wear on your lips.Now plum also comes in a lot of varieties.Be it wine,berry,burgundy or fuchsia its a shade that will look good on anyone.Once you make up your mind that you are to rock bold lips this year its definitely the shade for you.
This post is not only a Dupe post but it is also a slight comparision between these two lipsticks I got lately.

The first one that I got was MAC Rebel & the other one is Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy.
Though they look almost the same they may not be 100% same.The main difference is in the formula.
When worn on the lips they look the same as well.MAC Rebel has a satin finish and is termed a creamy plum lipstick whereas WnW Sugar Plum Fairy is a semi matte finish& is a tad bit brighter.Both of the lipsticks are long lasting.Offcourse there is no comparision to the long lasting ness of the MAC lipstick but Wet N Wild Megalast also stays true to its name and lasts quite some hours on my lips.Both of these lipsticks leave a light stain on the lips.
Though Mac Rebel looks darker in the tube and may give the wrong effect of being a vampy shade but no it actually comes prettier on the lips.The natural color of the lips may change the shade of lipstick so it may be slightly different for different people.
Here are the swatches:
                                        Sugar Plum Fairy:A dupe good enough to be bought

Wearing MAC Rebel

Upper lip:MAC Rebel
Lower lip:WnW Sugar Plum Fairy
I must say its a really good dupe.It looks like I am wearing the same color on the lips though they are actually two lipsticks.
As there is a whopping difference in the price of the two products.There is also a lot of difference between the packaging of the two.
Sugar Plum Fairy comes in this plastic packaging and a cap that has to be placed upon it with care or you may end chipping the sides of the top.Apart from this,the look of the lipstick is nice.The packaging and quality of the MAC lipstick is known to everyone & there is no need to brag more about these loveable bullets.
I ordered Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy from Lush Grooming Bargains for Rs.520/-
I bought MAC Rebel from D.Watson Blue Area Islamabad for Rs.2150/-
Have you been craving for MAC Rebel lately?
If you are a true MAC lipstick lover invest in MAC Rebel,otherwise Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy is the best alternative and dupe you can go for.Both are nearly the same when it comes to shade & long lasting ness.


  1. I love Sugar Plum Fairy! I just recently got it since I was craving Rebel for the longest time.

  2. Thanks for sharing nyc dupe love it <3

  3. Thats lovely! Well i am never a fan of such bold shades.. i dont think i can carry them off that well

  4. thanks for sharing ......bold but very beautiful shade

  5. thanks for dupe info... i think i know where from I can buy now... it is such a nice color.

  6. aray waah. great steal and an exact dupe!

  7. Wow they look exactly the same. Nice find. x

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  8. i enjoyed the thoroughness of your review. i own a sugar plum fairy but recently bought mac heroine (my first experience with either of the two brands) and i can attest to what you said of the long lasting ness of the mac brand. wow! when i tell you it stayed on ALLLL day even after i had kissed several sets of cheeks in my house (children lol) and drank from this cup or that. I still had it on by the following morning, almost 24 hours later lol. it still barely wanted to come off even after i washed my face and rubbed at my lips. i'm in love, but i gotta say, this sugar plum fairy by wet n wild is my favorite lipstick, which is saying a lot considering how much i love the heroine color by mac. I'm thinking about getting mac rebel, but at that price point, that wish might hafta come true much later when i've got some funds. for now, sugar plum fairy will do!



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