Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Guest Post:Fashion Speaks!

Ever heard a girl saying, don’t mess with me or my pants? I bet you did. Feminism is one thing a girl’s got but what she keeps as a secret is the slight ting of dominancy she admires over men. She likes to do what she loves, in full authority. Like with clothes, work & home. Women & fashion maybe considered old friends. And shouldn’t they? They have a love & hate relation with each other.

 In Pakistan, women trends have really turned massive statement tables when it comes to Pakistani dresses like Shalwar Kameez. In the last one or two years, it has met some drastic alterations with, the elongated & oversized Kameezes making its way into the fashion world. However, western wear was sparred this rashness, maintaining its work & game in the play, sticking to slim fits under jeans. This speaks authority & style all at the same time. Not only this, but these skinny pants uphold feminism to its divine grandeur.
Pakistani online shops like Daraz is helping prop up this revolution & is catering slim fits for almost all volumes sponsoring leading brands like Xtreme Wear, Yellow, Alizeh Pasha, Stone age, Todd Davis etc to show case these gorgeous artworks for you to try on.

Asian beauties have all assets needed to flash a fashion statement. Correct me if I am wrong but we have the looks, the body & the attitude to make almost anything seem attractive. The boys can answer this better though. Right boys? 
Pakistani dresses have the right ingredients of charm & sophistication, but a skinny pair of jeans can do wonders. Slip them on & see for yourself..
Pakistan maybe lacking behind in many genres, but our fashion industry has gone miles & is standing poles apart from where it stood yesterday. With the evolution & progress of Pakistani online shops, buyers & sellers have met a level of mutual contentment. 

Jeans is such a piece of cloth that is stitched for everyone & for every occasion. Besides, what can work better than a slim fitted skinny pant for a spontaneous concert night or for an all girls shopping spree!
Pakistani Urban apparels are not only known over the country but perhaps, over the globe. Not everybody can resist the Asian temptations. Now can they, girls? 
PS:This is a guest post by Shaheen Chisti for Areej Usman's Blog.


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