Thursday, December 5, 2013

[Review]:Labato Magnetic Stand Smart Cover for iPad 4,3&2 Lbt-IPD-02H10 - Black~

Hey Lovlies
If you are a regular visitor on my blog you may be knowing that I own an Ipad 2 & I love to collect different protective cases.Recently when a social media advertising company asked me to review an I pad case of my choice from one of their clients Labato I agreed.The variety available made it difficult for me to choose one that I liked.I atlast picked this Black Beauty.

  • Soft internal lining providing a full protection.Curved fit on all edges and corners for full protection.
  • Magnetic smart cover design allows wake up and sleep instantly. Christmas gift.
  • Slim design, light weight. Easily assemble and disassemble. Perfectly fit for iPad 4&3&2
  • Premium Leather with strong tenacity and wear ability matches with contrast color stripes, infusing vogue into conciseness.
  • Free return of or replace the product within 90 days supported. If you are satisfied with our products, please kindly leave us a five-star positive feedback as well as your using experiencere
The packaging was very much Apple like.You can bring into mind the white casing and boxes the iphones usually come packed in.The case was packed in the white cardboard box seen in the above picture.Inside were two protective sheets one for the back and one for the front.Alongside was a simple satin wipe to clean off the screen.

I ordered black this time because black is my ever favorite color and this design appealed to me too.This black case comes with the signature Labato stripes.The stripes are red, white & blue on this case.This case is compatible with Ipad 2, 3 & 4.

As me and my baby share mutual love for the Ipad,I can only be seen with it while he is sleeping or playing.Therefore the protection of Ipad is very important as it is being handled by a toddler equally.The back is hard on the outside with a soft inner side to keep the ipad scratch free.Similarly the front is hard padded into four adjustable positions.This is a big help incase you want to type or you want to watch something only.
Soft insides of the Ipad Cover
One of the adjustable positions of the Ipad cover
Now lets get on the important stuff.
The cut outs and openings are quite comfortable to work out.Ports are easily accessible.The jacks can be plugged in and pulled out easily.The camera cut out is also clear and open.Pictures come out clear as well.
Sometimes it happens that the cut outs are small specially the camera ones and it effects the picture result.
The stitching of the material is also very neat and impeccable.This neat work overall improves the quality of the case and makes it more attractive and appealing.

How very neat ! I Love that Labato logo(Sorry my son pulled off the O )
The case has everything that a good I pad case must have.Compact and slim design along with the magnetic flip makes it a good deal.Extremely light in weight and offering full protection doesn't make it an offer to be missed.
Besides all these positive points the price is also very attractive.The astonishing thing is this case is available for different prices on different websites.
$19.99 on Amazon with free shipping.
$14.95 on
$14.99 on Ebay.
For more details visit Labato on Facebook & Twitter
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay Happy,stay blessed.


  1. my poor ipad is currently without a cover haha since my last one literally was in shreds

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