Wednesday, January 8, 2014

~ [REVIEW] Winters & Hand Creams:Bath & Body Works,Soap & Glory,Crabtree & Evelyn~

Winters are harsh so we need some extra care in this season so do our hands.
I usually go gaga for hand creams and specially high end hand creams.
Recently I have bought these lovely goodies.
The first is the world famous HAND FOOD by Soap & Glory:
How I find it:
Its one of the best hand creams I have ever come across.Yes,you can say that this is my favorite these days.I love it with the bottom of my heart.It has a yummy candy smell that makes me want to eat it.Its texture is creamy and soft just like whipped cream.Absorbs quickly onto the skin without being greasy.The skin is baby soft after applying it and after continuous use improves skin texture as well.I must say its my HG product for winters.
I would stock on Hand Food if I had a chance thats why I also have a mini travel size tube in reserve as well.
I bought this at Shams for Rs.1295/-
Its also available online at Sephora & S&G & for ordering in Pakistan available at Wishlist & Lush Grooming Bargains

Second is Fresh Picked Strawberries by Bath & Body Works
How I find it:
This is from Bath & Body Works Fresh Picked line.It has that heavenly scent of strawberries that makes me want to keep smelling it.I am a lover of strawberry scented products so I just had to buy it when I saw it on one of the shelves.As compared to S&G Handfood,its texture is thick and rich.But it absorbs quickly onto the hands.It also has that not greasy finish.Due to the presence of different oils,its moisturizing effect is quite long lasting.This is my second favourite hand cream these days.Highly recommended to hand cream lovers who find strawberries enchanting.I would love to buy this again if still available at Shams.
I bought this at Shams Islamabad for Rs.1395/-

Third is Rosewater Age Defying Hand Remedy by Crabtree and Evelyn

How I find it:
This hand cream would be understood better if it was called a hand lotion.Its texture is more towards the liquid side and it tends to be a bit runny on applying.The smell is that of light scented roses and is not bad.When applied it feels like a bit greasy but absorbs quickly and ends up leaving non greasy skin.The thing that makes it greasy on applying is the presence of Glycerin that helps create moisture for the skin.Though its a nice hand cream but I don't think it would be worth buying again when compared to Soap & Glory's Hand Food and B&B Works Fresh Picked Strawberries.Its also expensive.It was being retailed at originally for Rs.2350 until recently they put half price sale on it.Still Rs.1175/- No Not worth buying again.

I really like the packaging of Hand food & Bath & Body Work's hand cream as they come in the usual flip out lid and tube.Crabtree and Evelyn on the other hand is lacking behind in this vintage style paint tube with a little round lid.I actually am not a fan of this type of packaging.
Top is B&B Works Fresh Picked Strawberries Hand & Body cream
Middle is S&G Handfood
Bottom is C&E Rosewater Age Defying remedy
As you can see the top & middle ones are creamier and the lowest one is towards runny side.
The Bath & Body works is the thicker and richer one whereas the handfood is like whipped soft cream.But upon smoothing they all spread like nice lather and leave the skin softer and non greasy. 

I hope this was a helpful post and you will give some of these a try.
Handfood is a must have if you are a hand cream lover and want to give your hands some real loving this winters.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay happy,stay blessed.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HNY 2014:My favourite Lip & Eye products from 2013!

New Year 2014 is here!
Its the first day already & its my first post with my own domain name
I was so happy to get this special new year present from my dear hubby!
2013 has been quite an year with lots of happenings,moods & developments.
I have seen a lot of Best of 2013 products posts but I am restricting my post to Lips & Eyes only!
Lets be precise..
These are also some of my post visited posts from 2013.

~ Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer : Review here

~ MAC Lipsticks : Review here

~ Maybelline Baby Lips: Review here

~Maybelline Colossal Kajal:Review here

~ Color Studio Professional Knock out Marker: Review here

~ Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyepencil: Review here

Oh yes...
I am thankful to all of you who were there to support me in 2013.I have managed to somehow keep a balance between different spheres of my life.But still being a mommy,a housewife and a blogger isnt easy altogether so I appreciate those who follow & read my posts.I am cheering for my fellow bloggers who in the busy everydays of routine life take out time and blog for their readers.
Keep up the good work ladies.
Happy New Year 2014 to all of you out there!
Thanks for reading.
Stay happy,stay blessed.


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