Tuesday, February 11, 2014

~[Review]:Skin+i Mini Hand & Foot Spa Ritual~

This is a really interesting post that I am sharing today.Actually its a product review but it feels like I am about to review some spa or saloon!
Its Skin+i that I am talking about.

“Choose a Ritual today to reveal a brighter, fresher-looking you.”

Inspired by traditional spa treatments the Mini Hand Spa Ritual and the Mini Foot Spa Ritual revive, renew and hydrate the skin.Quick and convenient, you can use our rituals every day whether at home, at the office or on the move, whilst freely using your hands and feet. You will be surprised at how easily these Rituals begin to fit into your daily routine.Using natural fruit and plant extracts, the formula has beauty-boosting infusions that instantly hydrate and protect, helping the skin regain its natural radiance and beauty.Designed to deliver maximum results in minimal time the Mini Spa Rituals are great before a social engagement or when you just want a little ‘me-time’. They’re the perfect pick-me up!
The results: silky soft hands you can be proud of and feet that will look and feel fabulous in your favourite designer heels or sandals.
Well for a person/mommy like me who doesn't has enough extra time to spend on manis and pedis at the spa regularly this was a great oppurtunity to try these products.The products had a very professional appeal and offcourse by the look of them I was expecting great results.The instructions and the how to use tips were helpful and easy.Within a matter of minutes I was in a refreshing spa at home!
Let me explain with pictures now.
Just have a look at the list of ingrediants up there...every ingrediant is screaming skin food!
I was so excited to try them.

These gloves actually have two layers.One is the outer layer and then there is an inner layer.We have to put our hands inside the innermost layer that is soaked in this light scented liquid.Dont worry the liquid doesnt spill.The gloves are only soaked and after wearing them and massaging them the liquid is transferred onto your hands.Massaging them for a minute or two and them leave on for 15 minutes.
Remove the hands from the gloves and massage any more oils on the hands.

And Ta-Daaa look at the difference...My hands were super soft ,smooth,supple and even the skin tone was improved.My hands looked brighter than usual.I used these gloves in the mid of last week and believe me still my hands and feet look better than their usual self.
Now lets move onto the foot spa ritual:
Same lovely nourishing ingrediants
The socks -Aren't they cute!
They are also similar to the hand gloves and have two layers and the innermost layer is soaked in wet liquid.
Put these cute socks on and massage them for a minute or two.Then leave  on for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes remove them from the socks and rub any remaining liquid onto the feet.

And Ooo-Lalaa what a difference.My super happy feet.I wanted to walk on the clouds only that day and didnt want my feet to touch the floor or any substance that could destroy the look of my super clean and soft feet.
I am totally impressed with the results.
And as they said feel fabulous in your favourite designer heels or sandals here I am showing off my feet and designer heels!
These are a dream come true for a busy mommy like me as they are super convenient to use at home without any hassle.Perfect for flaunting perfect feet in summers or at a wedding or a party.
One sachet is for Rs.495 and the box that contains 5 are for Rs.2000/-
I dont think they are expensive as a manicure or pedicure at the salon can cost you more than that!
For details visit www.skinandi.com .
You can also find them on Facebook
For any questions and queries email me at itsme_jeejo@hotmail.com or drop a message on my Facebook page
Thanks a lot for reading.
Stay happy Always.



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