Monday, March 31, 2014

~Bring on Some Bling:Confetti NOTD~

Its Monday so why not do Manicure Monday!
This weekend I paid a  trip to Al-Fateh Centaurus Mall Islamabad.There was nothing specific I wanted to buy.Just looking around there make up section.
Ended up buying this cute bottle filled with happiness.
Yes its a chunky glitter nail polish.
I am not sure but I think its a Korean brand PE Beauty.
After quite some time I came across a Chunky glitter nail polish that I really love.I bought one long ago that had dots type glitter but I didn't like it much.Now this one here is really interesting.Feels like partying after applying this nail polish.Its filled with beautiful multicolored chunks of confetti glitter.
Its the best thing to start Spring with.One can apply any nail color and apply this on top and the Bling is there.
I have applied Jade is not my name by Catrice as the base for this NOTD.
Here are some more pictures I want to share.

I bought the PE Beauty Nail polish from Al Fateh Centaurus Mall Islamabad for Rs.295
Happy Spring Time Girls
Enjoy every moment of this beautiful season.
Do you love confetti nails?
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Friday, March 28, 2014

~[REVIEW]: RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash and Face Cream~

Sometimes its really fun trying out new products but sometimes its not that fun when the product doesn't suit your skin.
I recently tried these products by RSL.
This brand recently launched in Pakistan.
I was sent these as samples to try out and reveiw.
~RSL Hyrda Whitening Facewash~
Out of the three available ranges that are
1. Acne be gone - for acne prone skin
2. Hydra white - skin whitening treatment
3. RSL 7 - multivitamins treatment
I chose the Hydra White range as I thought that winters have been harsh on my skin and that my skin needed some brightening.
This facewash comes in a plastic tube with a flip top lid that secures it,making it a travel friendly product.I love how they have kept different colors for different categories.Its easily to spot them on aisle and pick them instantly.
Hydra white Whitening facewash is a skin whitener designed to remove dirt,pollution & oil buildup.Visible results in less than 4 weeks.
The texture of this facewash is not very thick neither very runny.Its somewhat like those liquid handwashes you find in hospitals or restaurants.Similar is the scent.I dont like the scent though.Its not very pleasant.
I love face washes that produce some lather.This facewash doesn't produce any lather as we massage in onto the face as told in the instructions.It feels a bit hard and dry to massage it on the skin therefore while massaging I like to include few drops of water to help it work.After rinsing off and patting dry my skin feels clean and smooth to look but when I touch it though its soft but there is a feel of dryness on the face.Usually I don't get that feel after washing with a facewash but feels like I just used some ordinary soap to wash my face.Its also not a good makeup remover.Usually when I wash my face with my everyday facewash my make up comes off,but not with this.There have been a couple of breakouts on my skin and feel like its the culprit because usually I don't get these.Though it has improved my skintone a bit but I am not very happy with the results asit causes dryness.
~Rsl Hydra White Whitening Cream~
Promotes Healthy glowing skin.Clinically approved to lighten skin ,reduce dark spots & even dark spots & evens skin complexion.
Though the texture of this cream is thick.It does't absorb very quickly into the skin.Feels like clinging on the skin like a layer for some moments.Maybe its because of my oily skin that this is happening,Once absorbed it does make the skin moisturised and supple.I wouldn't use it as a day cream but a night one.
I like the cream better than the facewash.But I would't buy them again until I have tried the other two options as well.It didnt suit me as I though it would.May be a person with a different skin type would have had a better experience than me.

                                   The consistency of the Facewash & the cream
Both of these products come in 60ml tubes.
The facewash is available for Rs.95 while the cream is for Rs.195.
This may be light on the pocket but its heavy on my skin.
I ll  want to hear reviews and experience from other ladies as well.
For online order check out & for more details check out their Facebook page.
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

~NOTD:Turning the Mood on for Spring with Flormar Plus Quartz 058~

The weather is changing & I am loving the thought of a it.
Its spring and therefore I am spotting some new flowers budding everyday in my garden.
This inspired me to paint my nails the color of the flowers.I painted them Pink!
The shade is Flormar's 058 from their range Plus Quartz.I have already used a couple of Flormar nail colors & like the formula.Though the texture is thin but they are smooth to apply.The wand is really good.Two or three coats and you are good to go.Best thing that I like about Flormar nail colors is that they don't need a top coat for a finished look.Their finishing look already has a gel like shine that I love.
I am loving this Neon Pink shade from their range.Though I know we have the pastels for spring this year but still Pink shouts Spring and Life!Sometimes when you are feeling low Pink Nail color is enough to lift your spirits!Am I not right !

                         I got this from Enem Lahore on a recent trip for Rs.250/-
                                        Have you tried Flormar nail colors before?
                                      What shade are you wearing at the moment?
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

~[Review & Swatches]:Revlon Photoready Foundation in Medium Beige 006~

Summers are almost around the corner.As we update our wardrobe so must we update our cosmetics.The main problem that we face during summers is the heat and the fear of runny make up due to sweating.I have oily skin and therefore as summers approach I want to use less foundation due to the fear of it melting away in the sun!But recently(last summers) this thought of mine changed as I was using Revlon's Photoready foundation.
Though I equally love my MAC Studio Fix but on a usual day out like shopping or a family dinner I wear Revlon's Photoready.Saving MAC Studio Fix for parties/weddings or special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.
Looking for that dewy glow? This lightweight, non-greasy foundation by Revlon goes on smooth to hide your imperfections. It has light coverage, but is buildable for a more full coverage. Contains sunscreen.
Revlon PhotoReady - For poreless, airbrushed skin in any light.
Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish.  

  • - Oil free
  •  Fragrance free
  •  SPF 20

As I told before I have oily skin so I was looking for a foundation that would be good for my oily skin.As this is oil free I wanted to give it a try.I have heard a lot of good things about Revlon's Colorstay but still I wanted to try this.And I must say I am completely happy with the results and since I started using this I have used no other foundation except MAC Studio Fix.
The packaging of this foundation is pretty awesome.The foundation comes in a 30 ml glass bottle with a pump dispenser that is covered with a lid.Overall its better than many other high end foundations as well because of the pump.It doesn't create a lot of mess and assures that required amount is being pumped out.Full marks for the packaging.
There are around 8 shades available in this range.Mine is Medium Beige 006.Though I ordered this online without testing but luckily it suited my skin tone as this is the one for medium to fair skin with yellow undertones.
The texture of the foundation is kind of runny.Its not very creamy and thick.It blends well.Its best blended when with a brush or fingers alone.Don't rub like you would rub a cream but using a dabbing motion blend it into your skin.This foundation has very light shimmer in it.It is there to give you that natural glow that everyone wants.This foundation gives a matte finish.The foundation is best to give you medium to full coverage.I love medium coverage on a normal day.But its buildable for maximum coverage.I finish it off with a face powder for a more complete look.
You can see that the foundation is runny.Notice the burn scar on top of the swatch.Now lets see how it is after it is dabbed with my Sigma F80.
                                           I love how well and quickly it blends.
Its extremely light wear & the skin feels like breathing.The foundation is also fragrance free.
It doesn't appear cakey due to its blending power.Sometimes I set it off with a finishing spray.
See the difference
Here are couple of pix where I am wearing Revlon Photoready Foundation.

(Sorry for this bad quality selfie! )
This product is available at for Rs.2155
Its worth the price considering the packaging and the product you get.
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

~[REVIEW & SWATCHES]:Sleek Blush by 3 Palette in Californ.I.A called Newport Peach,The Surf & OC~

Hello Girls
Spring is here!Time to update our wardrobes,shoe racks and offcourse makeup!
Luckily I ordered this Sleek Blush by 3 in Californ.I.A.These palettes have made a big name in the blush industry recently specially I have read beauty bloggers raving about them.Lets have a look at this beauty.
What SLEEK says about the product:
The ultimate cheeky palette offering you three times the impact. Includes three complementary shades, each designed with its own distinctive finish, from rich shimmers to intense matte shades.

  • Available in six unique colour combinations designed to suit all skin tones
  • Each shade can be used alone, or layered for a unique look
  • Each palette has a versatile selection of shades to take your makeup from day to night and keep it    on trend from season to season
  • Set in a mirrored compact, ideal for touch-ups throughout the day
    This is the newest addition to my collection of blushes.Oh Yes & its my first Blush Palette.Uptil now I have bought blushes but never have been too impressed by a palette that has all shades that I like.But Sleek made me go crazy for this as soon as I saw its shades.I would also like to mention that this is a palette that has all cream blushers & I have never been a big fan of Cream blushers.Always have bought powder blushers except once or twice because there are only two cream blushers in my stack.One is MUA Cream Blushers DOLLY & Maybelline Mousse Blusher that I don't use a lot.So basically I ordered this knowingly that all were cream blushers.I wanted to give them a try.
    Lets have a look at the palette again.
    Details on the back of the cover also mentions that this palette consists of three cream blushers.
    As Sleek is famous for designing sleek & compact products,this palette is also very sleek.
    It comes with a full large sized mirror that makes it really easy to do touch ups.You don't have to worry about carrying an extra small mirror in your bag if you have this sleek palette or any other sleek palette as even the individual blushers by Sleek have mirrors!
    The names of the three shades are 
    ~Newport Peach
    ~The Surf
    NEWPORT PEACH is a very light Coral Pink shade that is easy to work with.It is easily blended due to its creamy consistency.Its not dry at all.Has a very dewy touch to it.It has a touch of beautiful shimmer in it that leaves the skin glowing after its applied.
    THE SURF is a peachy shade with golden shimmer in it.I would love to use this as an highlighter because it has all the qualities of a highlighter.Its finish is dewy and blends easy leaving a natural glowing shade on the skin.
    OC is a orange coral shade.I am wondering what OC stands for though!Its also has the same glitter effect that Newport Peach has.It looks slightly darker than when applied and blended.OC is also very creamy and dewy.Blends very easily as well.
    Here are some swatches for you.
    & here are how they looked when all three shades were put together to create this lovely shade on my face.

    a closer look

    & the complete look
    You can see that it gives a glowing complexion to the cheeks.Its because of the presence of small glitter in all the three shades.These shades can be worn alone as the individual shades can be build up with more layering.All the three can be worn together to achieve the shade I got there on my cheeks.I have tried to capture the shade closely in the face pictures.

    All the shades as I mentioned already are very creamy and buttery in texture.I had a fear of cream blushers being dry but that fear is wiped out now.They are very pigmented and workable.You can use a blusher blush or fingers to blend the shades.I have used my fingers for this purpose.
    The blush was still there when I returned from my evening/night out with family that would categorize the blush as longlasting.It stays there for atleast 6-7 hours without touchups.
    Overall its a great palette for those who want to give cream blushers a try & perfect for those who already love cream blushers.Its a must have for this spring as all the shades are gorgeous.I think these will be my go to blushers this spring/summer.I loved wearing them together.I yet have to try wearing them alone.

    For orders within Pakistan you can order yours just like I ordered mine for Rs.1700 from
    For more details visit Sleek's Website.You can also visit them on Facebook.
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    Thursday, March 6, 2014

    ~Review:Forever 21 Handbag Shopping at turns into a bad experience~

    As online shopping is a trend these days there are many websites that are working on bringing the best for their customers.Some websites deliver what they show whereas on some websites you dont get what you see.Something similar happened with me some time back.I was offered a discount coupon on shopping from this website Pakistan based website has a huge variety of good looking designer bags and clutches.Some of the huge brand names they stock are ALDO,MANGO,KENNETH COLE,H&M,GEORGE,NINEWEST,ZARA!
    I ordered this nice looking FOREVER 21 RED HANDBAG
    Nice looking...Yes the bag that you see on the left side in the picture..Yes that bag does looks worth Rs.4000/-
    But the bag on the right hand side that I got ...Does it look worth Rs.4000!
    No...not at all.
    Though the service of was very efficient and fast.On the Day that the order was placed my ordered was confirmed and I recived it within a day.Before placing my order I emailed them asking about the authenticity of the bags if they were first copies or original.Their reply was that the bags were original.I happily ordered this bag.
    As soon as I recived my parcel and opened the personalized box I was depressed & down!This bag was nothing near the look of the bag on the website.
    Its look was shabby and it appeared as if it was just starting to worn off..See the white spots near the brass locks,its where the material is tearing away.
    Now this bag is much smaller in size than the usual hand bags that these designer brands make.
    The opening of the bag is narrow as well.You can not easily open it,explore & get what you want without totally looking inside.This picture will help you understand what I mean to say.
    Though on the price tag the price is $26.80 that is Rs.2776,I bought it for Rs.4000 & at the moment its priced at Rs.5000!Have some fear retailers!
    If I had known what was coming I wouldn't have bought it for even Rs.500.Its pathetic quality.Looks like the people at Platinium were tired of their couple of years old stock & then suddenly some one came up with the idea of giving away vouchers that would attract customers.
    If I was even 10 % satisfied with the quality of the bag I would have written atleast something positive.I have no plans of carrying it around because its quality really is not worth carrying.I even can't gift this to someone as I would be ashamed of giving a worn out looking bag to someone I know.It may be a copy but its definitely not original.
    I personally know some girls who have bought at Platinium and have been happy with their buy.Most of them were the ones who ordered the clutches.
    Thanks a lot for reading.
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    Saturday, March 1, 2014 Website & products:Bag & Accessories~

    So Girls
    Weekend almost here.
    Loads of people dedicate their weekends to spending some time shopping & I am telling you if you click this website link I am about to mention,you will spend all your weekend shopping online and will never know how your weekend passed!
    The site is got loads and loads of men and women's & accessories at unbeatable low prices.The products are priced so low that it makes you wonder what you will get once your product is with you.Luckily I got a chance to try some products from Rosewholesale.I was asked to pick whatever I wanted ranging upto $20.The moment I had a look at their website I was in love with so many pieces that I didn't knew what to order & what to leave.I usually don't shop clothes online so my first option was bags & accessories.I picked this bag & some accessories.

    The total price of all these products was ofcourse slightly more than $20 but still the management had no problem with that and said YES to my order.Another important thing to mention here is that the shipping was free for me.It was shipped within the next 3-4 days.After some days I forgot about this order because it didn't arrive soon.And when after a month on a sunny winter morning it arrived I at once knew which package it was.To my surprise my address firstly was of Poland!Later cut out & mentioned Pakistan!Maybe that was the reason of delay or secondly return address was of Malmo Sweden where the whole sale items from China were brought and then shipped to their particular destined address.
    All of the products were individually packed in layered bubble wrap.While the bag came in a usual dust bag and this air filled bag inside the bag to maintain the shape.
    This bag is called Vintage Women's Tote With Solid Color and Coining Design on their website.It has this design embossed at the front of the bag.Their are two zippers on extreme sides of the bag that helps in opening it up.Inside of the bag is also quite spacy.It has one mobile and two card slots.
    All of my stuff fills in.Well its not all that you are seeing.Lots of more stuff is in there too.The quality of the bag is excellent considering the price tag that it has i.e $12.11.The finishing is also extremely neat,the zippers are perfect too.
    Lets have a look at the small things closely.
    The zippers slide up and down without any hurdle and the stiches are very neat in appearance.Overall its a Yes to me!I am loving the uniqueness of the design.I didn't expect the quality to be this good honestly as sometimes the stuff you see order online is different from what you get.
    I am looking forward to the season of Lawn frenzy & imagining pairing it up with different lawn suits.
    It also has a strap so you can wear it crossbody or on your shoulder.
    Next is a hair accessory I am reviwing.
    Its the Europe Style Elegant Openwork Braided Flower Shape Hair Band.
    As soon as I spotted it I knew I wanted this for my hair,as in Pakistan I don't come across much stylish and adjustable hair accessories.It looks very fragile but no its quite well made and won't break easily if handed well.As I usually open my hair at weddings and parties,its the perfect thing to embellish my hair with.The black band is stretchable.
    See how it looks on my hair.

    With a price tag of $2.97 isnt it a deal!Love it absolutely!
    Next are two jewelry items that I picked from among a thousand pieces & believe me it was really a tough time finalizing what I wanted.
    One is this Owl Shaped Quartz Pocket Watch with Golden Hanging Neck Chain.I am obsessed with owls not only in jewelry but also in real life I adore owls.I also have a door stopper in the shape of an owl that I bought way back in 2006 from Lake District,England.This watch was calling my name & asking me to take it home so I did.Though after pulling out the stopper & setting the time,after some hours passed the time hadn't moved further.I believe for a price of $3.65 its not bad being used for ornamental purpose only.Nowadays everyone owns a mobile to see the time.So for me this owl watch is only an accessory to be worn.
    Isnt it cute!
    The chain that comes with it is quite large but its not golden but kind of bronze shade.

    Its one of the pieces that I own that I really love & cherish.My baby loves it as much as I do & wants it for himself whenever he sees it in his momm'y neck!
    Not bad---
    Last is this two finger ring called Vinatge Style Teacup Rhinestone Embellished Ring .
    Rings are my first choice when it comes to jewelry.This antique looking ring caught my eye & I just ordered it for myself without any further thought.It was as beautiful in real as it looked on their website.The only bad thing that happened to me was that I wanted to adjust it to fit my finger.In the process it broke!Its not adjustable!I had it mended & now whenever I wear it I I wear it in my last two fingers i.e ring and little finger.Couple of times I worn it and I have had sneaking glances from girls at my ring!Love it.
    It comes with a price tag of $3.25.
    Here it is resting on my hand.
    Love the minute details on the ring and that blob of sugar in the spoon!Absolutely a winter favorite item.
    Overall I like all the items that I chose from the website.They are exclusive and very low priced.Yes they are whole sale prices.
    Will you be ordering anything from them!
    The good thing is that they ship to Pakistan as well.
    For more details visit them on Facebook or visit their Website
    Thanks a lot for stopping by.
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