Friday, March 28, 2014

~[REVIEW]: RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash and Face Cream~

Sometimes its really fun trying out new products but sometimes its not that fun when the product doesn't suit your skin.
I recently tried these products by RSL.
This brand recently launched in Pakistan.
I was sent these as samples to try out and reveiw.
~RSL Hyrda Whitening Facewash~
Out of the three available ranges that are
1. Acne be gone - for acne prone skin
2. Hydra white - skin whitening treatment
3. RSL 7 - multivitamins treatment
I chose the Hydra White range as I thought that winters have been harsh on my skin and that my skin needed some brightening.
This facewash comes in a plastic tube with a flip top lid that secures it,making it a travel friendly product.I love how they have kept different colors for different categories.Its easily to spot them on aisle and pick them instantly.
Hydra white Whitening facewash is a skin whitener designed to remove dirt,pollution & oil buildup.Visible results in less than 4 weeks.
The texture of this facewash is not very thick neither very runny.Its somewhat like those liquid handwashes you find in hospitals or restaurants.Similar is the scent.I dont like the scent though.Its not very pleasant.
I love face washes that produce some lather.This facewash doesn't produce any lather as we massage in onto the face as told in the instructions.It feels a bit hard and dry to massage it on the skin therefore while massaging I like to include few drops of water to help it work.After rinsing off and patting dry my skin feels clean and smooth to look but when I touch it though its soft but there is a feel of dryness on the face.Usually I don't get that feel after washing with a facewash but feels like I just used some ordinary soap to wash my face.Its also not a good makeup remover.Usually when I wash my face with my everyday facewash my make up comes off,but not with this.There have been a couple of breakouts on my skin and feel like its the culprit because usually I don't get these.Though it has improved my skintone a bit but I am not very happy with the results asit causes dryness.
~Rsl Hydra White Whitening Cream~
Promotes Healthy glowing skin.Clinically approved to lighten skin ,reduce dark spots & even dark spots & evens skin complexion.
Though the texture of this cream is thick.It does't absorb very quickly into the skin.Feels like clinging on the skin like a layer for some moments.Maybe its because of my oily skin that this is happening,Once absorbed it does make the skin moisturised and supple.I wouldn't use it as a day cream but a night one.
I like the cream better than the facewash.But I would't buy them again until I have tried the other two options as well.It didnt suit me as I though it would.May be a person with a different skin type would have had a better experience than me.

                                   The consistency of the Facewash & the cream
Both of these products come in 60ml tubes.
The facewash is available for Rs.95 while the cream is for Rs.195.
This may be light on the pocket but its heavy on my skin.
I ll  want to hear reviews and experience from other ladies as well.
For online order check out & for more details check out their Facebook page.
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  1. Havent heard of this brand before.. too bad it didnt work on you.

  2. Thanks for sharing the review. sad it didnot work for you :(

  3. Nice and honest review....I love reading your posts...xoxoxo...^_^

  4. I like the face wash better. It will work out perfectly for my oily skin in summers. Great review :)

  5. I feel sorry about your experience but thanks for the honest review! :) x

  6. Never heard of this brand. My skin is oily and I use Clinique products now. It works good.



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