Friday, March 7, 2014

~Review:Forever 21 Handbag Shopping at turns into a bad experience~

As online shopping is a trend these days there are many websites that are working on bringing the best for their customers.Some websites deliver what they show whereas on some websites you dont get what you see.Something similar happened with me some time back.I was offered a discount coupon on shopping from this website Pakistan based website has a huge variety of good looking designer bags and clutches.Some of the huge brand names they stock are ALDO,MANGO,KENNETH COLE,H&M,GEORGE,NINEWEST,ZARA!
I ordered this nice looking FOREVER 21 RED HANDBAG
Nice looking...Yes the bag that you see on the left side in the picture..Yes that bag does looks worth Rs.4000/-
But the bag on the right hand side that I got ...Does it look worth Rs.4000!
No...not at all.
Though the service of was very efficient and fast.On the Day that the order was placed my ordered was confirmed and I recived it within a day.Before placing my order I emailed them asking about the authenticity of the bags if they were first copies or original.Their reply was that the bags were original.I happily ordered this bag.
As soon as I recived my parcel and opened the personalized box I was depressed & down!This bag was nothing near the look of the bag on the website.
Its look was shabby and it appeared as if it was just starting to worn off..See the white spots near the brass locks,its where the material is tearing away.
Now this bag is much smaller in size than the usual hand bags that these designer brands make.
The opening of the bag is narrow as well.You can not easily open it,explore & get what you want without totally looking inside.This picture will help you understand what I mean to say.
Though on the price tag the price is $26.80 that is Rs.2776,I bought it for Rs.4000 & at the moment its priced at Rs.5000!Have some fear retailers!
If I had known what was coming I wouldn't have bought it for even Rs.500.Its pathetic quality.Looks like the people at Platinium were tired of their couple of years old stock & then suddenly some one came up with the idea of giving away vouchers that would attract customers.
If I was even 10 % satisfied with the quality of the bag I would have written atleast something positive.I have no plans of carrying it around because its quality really is not worth carrying.I even can't gift this to someone as I would be ashamed of giving a worn out looking bag to someone I know.It may be a copy but its definitely not original.
I personally know some girls who have bought at Platinium and have been happy with their buy.Most of them were the ones who ordered the clutches.
Thanks a lot for reading.
Any comments and questions are welcome.
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  1. only the clutch buyers r happy with the quality n all i guess .... feel sorry for u :(

  2. It looks like a knock off...definitely not worth 4000!! So sorry for u

  3. Not Worth it... Very honest review.

  4. Im shocked at how they increased their prices! Honest review Areej, the bag looks very cheap sad to say.

  5. This looks bad
    Thankfully mine turned out good, really good quality

  6. Awww! I initially thought that your bag might look better if stuffed, but after reading that it is worn out and tearing.. I feel so sorry for you! :( Never pay more than the voucher is the best way to save your bucks on such webs! :/

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  7. you are right only the clutch buyers are happy....I am really shocked to read that they are selling this in 5000 PKR now........:(

  8. awww that is bad =( i got a cross body bag of Forever New and it is good, the button is lopsided but it doesn't really show once i fill it up so it is all good. i did not know that they increased their prices =o

  9. selling fake worn out stuff is unethical n bad business, well done on the honest review Areej!

  10. shocked! cannot beleive it is that bad quality!

  11. ohh gosh ppl r not afraid at awl when they do cheat feel sorry for u as u did spend money for this kind of quality....


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  13. yuppie

  14. That's such a shame! I was lucky, I ordered a clutch, although I'm sure it was not original- as I think I am a bag fiend...and can tell fakes from originals, mine came in good condition!

  15. I also want to say, that I respect that you have given such an honest review! Not a lot of people are honest!!!

  16. Ahh i am sorry for what happened with you... but this is quite normal here. This is what the difference between a commercial and reality product.

    Any how its really bothersome to do shopping here until and unless you see the products with your own eyes and believe me still there are 50% chances of getting cheated. So pathetic...

  17. See if the sizee is available on the website and then you can complain to them about you dissatisfaction :) sad story i hate people who double the price :/

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